8 Best Archery Target: Top Bow Target Of Today’s Market

We can all agree that no one becomes a pro at archery overnight. Mastering the bow and arrow takes time and lots of practice. And this is where the best archery Target comes in handy.

Needless to say, there are fairly decent archery target options out there, which makes for an overwhelming shopping experience. Speaking of shopping, there are certain features you need to consider when purchasing a Target. These are the things I will be discussing in this article.

In addition to reviewing some of the best crossbow targets. But first, here is a table of how the archery targets on my list compare.

best archery target

How To Choose A High-Quality Bow Target For Your Archery Practice

What are some of the things you need to consider when buying an archery target? Well, there are several things to consider, but we are going to focus on the main ones.

Type of target

There are three main types of archery targets. The three are bag, foam, and 3D targets. Bag targets are usually target filled with synthetic materials and are the most common. But, due to their design, they do not do well with broadheads. Broad-headed arrows tend to stick in the target and end up ripping the outer layer of the target.

best bag archery target

On the other hand, foam targets feature a layer of foam. These types of targets work best with light bows. Foam targets struggle to cope with the power of bows with heavy draw weights. Additionally, just like bag targets, they do now work well with mechanical broadheads.

3D targets come in the form of real-life replicas of animals such as deer. Due to their life-like nature, they are not portable. However, they offer a more realistic target practice experience. Furthermore, they can withstand broadheads. These are the ideal targets for use with compound bows that are even less than $500.

If you are using a compound bow, I recommend going for a 3D target. On the other hand, if you are a beginner or using the best crossbows for deer hunting, a lightweight foam target will do fine.

The Color

Color is another important factor to consider. Given that you will be using the target for practice, you will need one with high-contrast colors. You cannot aim at what you cannot see clearly. Thus, a good archery target should be visible from a significant distance.


Archery targets come in all sizes, with 3D targets being the largest of them all. And ideally, you will want a target whose size matches your bow. If you use a recurve bow or a traditional bow, I recommend going for the biggest target you can find. Recurve bows are difficult to shoot accurately. On the other hand, compound bows tend to be easier to shoot due to their having bow sights and bow stabilizers.

Weather resistance

Chances are you will be leaving your archery target outside, meaning that it needs to be tough. The toughness of a target, of course, has a lot to do with its material. The tougher the target, the better it is. Thus, the best bow target for the money needs to be tough, durable, and sturdy.

Best Archery Targets Reviews

Now, let us jump straight into the reviews. I have grouped the targets into different groups based on how well they perform.

Top Rated Best Bag Archery Targets

The first group of archery targets will be bag targets. In this group, I picked four targets that I believe are the top. I chose these targets based on their performance, toughness, and what users had to say.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Supreme 3 Field Point Bag Archery Target

If you know anything about archery targets, then you have probably come across this Morrell Yellow Jacket target. It is one of the most popular archery targets out there, and for good reasons. This American-made accessory can take arrow after arrow without getting damaged. Additionally, it is designed for portability and ease of use.

Durable construction

Morrell Yellow’s Internal Frame Technology guarantees years of use. Also, its multilayered design means it can withstand multiple arrow shots. And when it comes to weather resistance, it is 100% waterproof. Thus, rain will not damage it.


While it is visibly small and lightweight, it also comes with a tote-carrying handle. With the latter, you can easily move it around. And that is not all, as it also features grommets. The grommets give you the option of hanging.


The target has a bright yellow and black color combo. These bright colors are visible from quite a significant distance. The targets also feature a black color over a yellow background, making them visible.


Sure, it is designed for portability, but that does not mean it can be used as a free-standing target. This archery target can be used either standing or hanging.

  • Has a multi-layered design for improved durability
  • Comes with tote handles for easy carriage
  • Maintains its shape even after taking in multiple shots
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • Offers excellent arrow-stopping power
  • There is a noticeable smell when an arrow hits the target

This archery target was designed with fast arrows in mind. That being said, it works well with both compound and recurve bows. It is one of the best bag targets for domestic use as it offers portability, durability, and ease of use.

Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Archery Target

Morrell is a company that excels at making archery targets. Thus, it should not surprise you that the second target on my list is also from Morrell. Dubbed the Double Duty 450 FPS point bag target, it is one of the top bag targets. As its name suggests, it is capable of stopping arrows that are flying at speeds of 450 FPS. I got to try out this target for myself, and here is what I think of it.


The first thing I noticed about this target is that it is quite small. Also, it is not the heaviest bag target I have ever carried. But what really impressed me was the tote handles. Located at the top side of the target, they make it easy to carry.

Durable and stable

I used my compound bow on this target, and I have to say it was very tough. It did not show any signs of breaking even after hours of use. Moreover, its square shape gives it stability. When you set it on the ground, it does not move about.

Easy arrow removal

One of the things I was worried about was being unable to remove arrows from the target. But surprisingly, removing arrows was easy. The target does not hold your arrows, which makes them easy to remove.


This target features Morrell’s iconic bright yellow and black color combo. This color combination is visible for long distances. I did not have any visibility problems when using this archery target.

  • It is extremely durable
  • Can be used with fast compound bows
  • It is easy to remove arrows
  • Can be used as a free-standing target
  • It is easy to carry thanks to tote handles
  • It needs additional target tips
  • Only works with field point arrows only

The Double Duty field point archery target is designed for fast bows. Its durable and tough construction can withstand speeds of up to 450 FPS. As such, it can be used with traditional, compound, and crossbows. In a nutshell, it is the perfect bag target for powerful, fast bows and arrows.

Morrell Yellow Jacket YJ-350 Field Point Bag Archery Target

Another tough bag archery target from Morrel is the Yellow Jacket YJ-350. This target can take a pounding from fast crossbows without damage. With four bulls-eye included, it is one of the quality bag targets on the market.


As with the other Morrel targets above, this target can be used with Crossbows or compound bows. This means it is versatile and can be used for multiple archery disciplines. This versatility also means that it works with bows of varying draw weight and speeds.

Stopping power

Also, as with the other Morrell targets on this list, this target has an impressive stopping power. It can stop arrows flying at speeds of up to 350 FPS. Of course, this is not as impressive as the Double Duty, but it is still impressive.


The bright yellow and black color combo is what you get with this archery target. It is, therefore, very visible from a long distance. The four bullseyes are black in color with a yellow background. Thus, they are still very much visible.


Tote handles on the top side of the target make it easy to carry around. The targets also feature grommets that make it possible to hang.

  • It is extremely durable
  • It is easy to carry from one point to another
  • Can be used as a free-standing target or from a hanging position
  • It is easy to remove arrows from the target
  • Can only be used with field points arrows only

The simplistic design of this target makes it the ideal choice for beginners. However, this is not to say it is of inferior quality. It is built at the same standards as all other Morrel bows and brings the same standard of quality. Furthermore, it is lightweight and portable, which makes it an even better option for home use.

Hurricane Bag Archery Target

Another company that is famous for its bag targets is Field Logic. And one of the company’s great offerings is the Hurricane Bag archery target. This bag has a two-sided design that is ideal for both archers and bow hunters alike. One side is for archery practice, while the other is for bow hunters.


The Hurricane feels very sturdy and is capable of stopping arrows at speeds of up to 300FPS. The outer cover is made from a tough material that is weather-resistant. In this regard, you can leave it outside and not worry.

Ease of use

The high-quality bag target needs to make it easy for you to remove arrows. And this is exactly what the Hurricane offers. It is very easy to remove arrows from the target. There are also handles that make carriage easy. On top of this, you get two metal holes for hanging when you need to.


The bright green color of the target is very visible. The Bull’s eye features a black and red color combo, which adds to the high contrast. In essence, you will be able to see your target very easily.


One side of the target features a broadside image of a deer with all the vitals clearly displayed. This side is built for bowhunters. The other side has four bullseyes for archers and target practice. This two-sided design makes it versatile.

  • It is a versatile target with two different sides
  • It is a durable target
  • It is easy to carry thanks to its handle
  • Can be used standing or hanged
  • It is rigid and maintains its shape even after multiple arrow shots
  • The image of the deer vitals is upside down, which can be problematic when used from a hanging position

It works with field points only


The Hurricane target is actually two-in-one. It can be used as a 3D target and a bag target. Thus, with it, you can prepare for the dear season and your archery competitions. Thus, despite its few drawbacks, it is worth it.

The Best Foam Block Targets

Foam block targets are some of the most lightweight targets out there. As such, they are normally used with light bows. And unlike bag targets, they stop arrows with friction, not force. Below is my pick of the two best foam block targets.

Block Classic Archery Target

If you ask many who have used the Block Classic archery target, they will tell you it is the best archery target for the money. As its name suggests, this target is block-shaped. It is black in color with four large white bullseyes. So, what makes it such a popular block target?

Easy to use

The white targets on the black background of the target are easy to spot from a long way out. Also, thanks to its lightweight, it is easy to move around. This is in addition to its block design, meaning it can be used as a free-standing target.


Being a block classic foam target, the block classic features a foam layer. This foam layer stops arrows by friction and not force. And the good thing is that this foam layer is changeable. Furthermore, the target is two-sided.


One of the awesome things about foam targets is that they are portable, and the Block Classic is no exception. Without the layer of foam, it weighs 11 pounds, and with the layer, it weighs 16 pounds.

Varying options

The Block Classic comes in three sizes, with the smallest measuring 18 x 18 x 13.5 inches. The other options measure 20 x 20 x 14 inches and 22 x 22 x 14 inches. Thus, you can choose the size that suits you the best.

  • Is available in three sizes
  • It is a lightweight archery target
  • Has high-contrast colors for visibility
  • Can be used by both adults and children
  • Only two sides with target points
  • It is not ideal for broadheads

The Block Classic is the archery target you get for you and your family. Its lightweight and high-contrast color combo make it ideal for professional use as well. Therefore, it is a versatile archery target. And it is important to note that you can use broadheads on it. However, continued shooting of broadheads will lead to damage to the foam layer.

Rinehart 18 – 1 Broadhead Target

Some have called it the best archery target for broadheads, but is it really? While foam targets are not suited for broadheads, this one does a pretty good job. This is because it features a self-healing foam.


As with other foam targets, this one is incredibly portable. Weighing only 2 pounds, it is easy to transport. Also, it comes with a handle on one side. This makes it even easier to carry.


As already mentioned, this target is known for its self-healing feature. What this means is that it can take arrow after arrow without damage. When you remove an arrow, the hole left closes itself within minutes.

Ease of use

Unlike other targets on this list, the Rinehart features a unique cube shape with targets on all sides. As such, you can set it up however you want and start shooting. The targets have a bright light green color set on a black background. Thus, they are very much visible.


Thanks to its self-healing factor, this target is exceptionally durable.

  • It is a lightweight archery target
  • Can withstand both broadheads and field point arrows
  • It is a versatile archery target
  • It is not ideal for newbie shooters
  • The self-healing factor has a breaking point

If you are new to target shooting, this target will be a bit out of your range. It is relatively smaller than other targets. However, if you want to improve your archery skills, this is the target I recommend. Its cube design will give you quite a test. Thus, if you are preparing for an archery competition, this is the target for you. In essence, it is one of the best foams for archery targets.

Best 3D Archery Targets

On to our last category, 3D archery targets. The latter are targets designed to look like different animals. Some are life-like replicas of deer, while others look like stuffed wolves. The best thing about them is that they give you a more realistic experience, especially if you are a hunter.

best 3d archery target

Field Logic GlenDel Buck 3D Archery Target with Replaceable Insert Core

The GlenDel Buck 3D archery target is designed to look like a 200-pound deer. One of the great things about it is the replaceable vitals that act as the target. Due to its size, it gives you a bigger surface area to shoot at than other targets.

Durable and tough

This GlenDel target is built for toughness. Its outer exterior can withstand arrows traveling at speeds of up to 400 FPS. And unlike other targets on this list, it can withstand both field points and broadheads without any problems.

Ease of use

For ease of use, it comes with four-sided vital inserts. As such, you can set the target in any direction you want. This gives you a chance to practice in different real-life scenarios. Also, the inserts are replaceable and of high density.

Arrow easy removal

In the making of this target, Field Logic opted for a Polyfusion core. This makes it easy to remove arrows from the target. Also, since it has four sides with targets, you can alternate to extend the life of the target.

Uniform surface

The target’s internal layer is fused with the target wall. This gives you a truly realistic target as all parts of the target are properly aligned.

  • Offers a bigger surface area to aim at
  • Gives you a more realistic experience
  • It is durable and built to be weather-resistant
  • Can be used with crossbows and compound bows
  • It is too big and thus not portable
  • The plastic legs can become difficult to attach after long usage of the target

For bowhunters looking for a more realistic experience, this is the best option. It is designed to be tough, durable, and weather-resistant. Thus, you can leave it outside after a practice session. Thus, despite its minor drawbacks, it is right up there with the best 3D archery targets.

DIY Archery Targets

Sometimes, spending $100 plus on an archery target might not be ideal. Thankfully, there are a ton of DIY archery targets you can opt for, which are free. However, while DIY targets are free or considerably cheaper, they might not offer the same quality you get from other targets. Therefore, before opting for a DIY target, consider the wide array of options available in the stores.


Archery targets have been around for quite some time now. In the early days of archery, homemade targets were the norm. Today, however, thanks to technology, you have a huge variety of options to choose from. Nevertheless, not every target out there is built to suit you. As such, it is important that you invest in a high-quality archery target that suits you. And this includes doing extensive research on what different targets offer. This article is a great starting point.

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