5 Best Reloading Kit For Beginners And Pro Users

We all love going to the range to improve our aim or simply blow off some steam. The only downside to this is that we use up a lot of ammo, which isn’t cheap. It is for this reason why over 5 million shooters reload their own ammo and why you should to.

When you decide to join the ammo reloading bandwagon, you will need the best reloading kit. Finding the right reloading kit that fits your needs can be tricky. To help you with your search for the best ammo reloading kit, we have rounded up five of the best.

These five we picked based on build quality, ease of use, production rate, and price. Based on our analysis, the RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit was our top pick. And for good reasons.

It was the most versatile reloading press on our list. It is followed closely at number two by the Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron Reloading Press Kit. The latter is an excellent single stage reloading press that scored highly in our books.

However, so did all the other reloading presses on the list, so it will be wise to check them all out.

Best Reloading Press Kit

RCBS 9354 RC Supreme Master Kit

  • Rock chucker supreme press
  • M500 mechanical scale
  • Hand priming tool
  • Debur tool for .17 to .60 rounds
  • Hex key set
  • Powder funnel

Another reloading kit that gives you all the tools you need to start reloading your own ammo is the RCB S 9354 RC supreme master kit.

At the heart of this master kit is the rock chucker reloading press. This press is extra long to allow for easy reloading of modern cartridges. What we particularly loved about this press was the ambidextrous handle.

This makes it easy to use for both pros and beginners. But that’s not the only great thing about this reloading kit. It comes with all the necessary tools you need to get started including a hand priming tool and a universal case load block.

Another great thing about it is that it works with other manufacturer’s dies. Thus, you are not limited as to the kind of cartridges you can reload.


  • Comes with most of the tools needed to start reloading ammo
  • Works with dies from other manufacturers
  • Comes with a mechanical scale included in the package
  • Thanks to its ambidextrous handle it is easy to use for both beginners and professionals
  • Is designed to work with modern longer cartridge design


  • Does not have the accessor blade plate included
  • A digital scale is better than the included mechanical scale.


Overall this is an excellent rcbs reloading kit. It has all the tools you need to reload your ammo. Also, it is simple enough to use for both beginners and professionals alike.

Hornady Lock-N-Load Iron Reloading Press Kit

  • 1-⅛ inch steel ram
  • Automatic priming system
  • Lock-N-Load bushing system
  • Accessory mounting deck
  • Bench digital scale
  • Cast iron frame

We recently got our hands on the Hornady Lock-N-Load iron reloading press kit, and we must admit it is pretty great. This kit has all you need to get started on your ammo reloading.

The first thing we noticed about this reloading press is how heavy it is. This is a 26-pound tool, that is not only heavy but rigid as well. It is made from cast-iron instead of cast aluminum as some of its competitors.

As mentioned above, the kit comes with a plethora of useful tools. One such tool is the Hornady Lock-N-Load Bench Scale. The latter scale is particularly great because it comes with an AC adapter; thus, you do not have to worry about running out of batteries.

Another thing we loved about this reloading press was the 0-6 inch caliper with extra-large numbers. The numbers on this caliper were easier to read than the numbers on most other digital calipers.


  • Is made from cast iron making it one of the most rigid reloading presses
  • Comes with a bench-scale included with an AC adapter
  • The digital caliper that comes with this kit has large easy to read numbers
  • The kit comes with a Chamfering and deburring included
  • It has Ambidextrous operation


  • This reloading press is quite heavy.


If you are looking for an all-rounded bullet making kit, this is the right tool for the job. This reloading press may be substantial, but it’s also very rigid. It also has an ambidextrous operation.

Lyman Ultimate Reloading System

  • Gen-6 powder system
  • T-mag II reloading press
  • Pro 1200 turbo tumbler
  • Stainless steel clippers
  • Quick slick case lube

The Lyman Ultimate reloading system is one of the most complete reloading kits on the market. This system has virtually everything you need to get started on your ammo reloading journey. So what exactly does it have?

Included in this package is the T-mag II reloading press and a gen six powder system. There is also a universal trimmer and a pro-1200 pro turbo tumbler.

Also included is a handbook on the use of this reloading system and a universal loading block. This means you can reload virtually any type of ammunition out there.

There is also a calibration check weight and a case-prep multi-tool. This makes prepping your spent up cartridges for reloading easy.


  • It offers excellent value for its price
  • There is a mail-in rebate for free die-set
  • Comes with a handbook included
  • Included in the package are stainless steel calipers
  • There is also case lube included


  • There aren’t dies, and shell holders included


This is an all-rounded reloading system. It offers the complete suit of reloading equipment necessary. And at its price, it is hard to match its value.

Lee Precision Load Master Reloading Rifle Kit

  • 1 ¾ inch diameter RAM
  • Five stations
  • Removable turrets
  • Loaded round ejector
  • Automatic tube case feeder
  • Quick change shell plate

The Lee Precision Loadmaster reloading rifle kit is perhaps the best 223 reloading kit on the list. This versatile reloading press can be used for reloading rifle cartridges as well as pistol rounds.

With a 1 ¾ inch ram, it has a big enough clearance to accommodate magnum rounds. And other of the best things about this press is its versatility. You can use it either as an automatic indexing progressive press or a single-stage press.

It has five stages and accepts most popular dies. A detachable turret holds the latter, thus you can remove them and re-insert without adjusting.

At a slow rate, this master reloading kit can churn out between 200 and 300 rounds per hour. This is a pretty decent number for a reloading press in its class.


  • This reloading press can accept most common reloading dies
  • Can accommodate big magnum rifle rounds
  • It is possible to remove and re-insert the dies without adjusting
  • The press is a versatile tool 
  • Can be used to reload both pistol and rifle rounds


  • Can be a bit challenging to put together
  • It is not ideal for decapping and you may to do this on another press.


This lee precision reloading kit is an excellent choice for the .223 cartridge. However, you can also use it to reload handgun rounds. In essence, this is a highly versatile reloading press.

90859 Lee Precision, Single Stage Press

  • 4-inch ram stroke
  • 1-⅛ inch diameter Ram
  • Cast iron frame
  • Three mounting holes
  • 50 BMG die set
  • Case lube

One of the cheapest reloading kits is the 90859 Lee Precision, a single-stage press. This reloading press lives up to Lee Precision’s reputation, and there is a lot you can expect from it.

In terms of construction, the frame of this reloading press is made of cast iron and has an “O” design. This gives it exceptional rigidity. It also has a large opening as well as a 4-inch ram stroke.

With this press kit, you get both large and small primer cups included. When it comes to dies, you can use either a 7/8 “-14 threaded dies or the larger 1-1/4 “-12 threaded dies.

The interrupted three-start thread ensures that dies will return and lock into the exact same position.


  • The reloading press has a rigid construction
  • Is relatively easy to use for beginners
  • This reloading press is offered at an affordable price tag
  • It is a versatile press
  • Comes with both small and large prime cups


  • It is time-consuming to use
  • The handle is weak


This reloading press is perfect for anyone looking for a cheap, reloading press for occasional reloading of ammo. It is affordable enough for most people and easy to use.

Single-stage vs. progressive vs. turret reloading press

A progressive reloading press has a shell plate that can accommodate multiple cases at once. Turrets reloading presses are similar to a single stage. However, unlike single-stage presses, they can hold multiple dies.

A single-stage press can only hold one die at a time. They are easier to use, and less expensive and are thus the best reloading kits for beginners. Turret presses are also easier to use and are faster than a single stage but less accurate.

Progressive reloading presses are more complex and expensive. They are best for people who want to reload large amounts of ammo. 

How To Choose The Right And Best Ammo Reloading Kit

Type of gun

different Types of Gun

The type of gun that you mostly fire will also matter when purchasing a reloading press. If you are looking to reload your handgun ammo, a high clearance may not be necessary. A high clearance will be important if you are reloading rifle cartridges that are typically longer.

A press such as the RCBS Rock Chucker is an ideal option for anyone looking to reload rifle cartridges primarily.  

Production rate

How many rounds do you need? This is a question you should ask before settling on a reloading press. If you want to produce large amounts of ammo, you will be best served by a progressive reloading press.

production rate of reloadin KIT

However, if you have limited experience with reloading presses, a turret press may be a better choice. Turret presses can produce anywhere between 100 and 500 rounds per hour. This output is sufficient for most average shooters.

Single-stage presses have a very low production rate and are best suited for beginners. 


Expensive is not always better when it comes to reloading presses. If you are new to reloading presses, a $1000 progressive reloading press may be a bit of an overkill. That being said, it would be wise to stick to cheaper options.

cost effective

Most of these pricey options have features that you probably don’t need and will never use. As such, it will be a waste of money to go for an expensive model. Single-stage presses are the cheapest reloading presses out there.

Construction material

Materials such as cast-aluminum and cast-iron are the most commonly used in the making of reloading presses. Aluminum is lighter, but the cast-iron is heavier and more rigid. When you decide on buying a single-stage press, go for one made from cast-iron.

Ease of use

ease of use

Ease of use is more in regards to what components are available with the reloading press. It can be frustrating having to purchase extra tools to use your reloading press. Therefore, it will be wise to settle on a press that has all the tools needed out of the box.

This way, you can get started right out of the box. Not all models come with all the extra tools, such as scale, priming tool, among others.


There are many different reloading presses on the market, and most people have their preferred choice ultimately though the best reloading kit will depend on your needs as well as on the type of ammunition you want to reload.

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