The Best Biometric Gun Safe: My Top 8 Picks

Guns, we love them, and some of us can’t live without them. But whether we like it or not there are times when we have to put them away. And where we put them really matters, considering all the bad things that can happen when you don’t keep your guns properly.

Obviously, some of us may be a bit hesitate towards locking up our firearms, but it’s the right thing to do. Besides with the best biometric gun safe, your gun is just as reachable as if it weren’t locked up.

When your firearm is locked up in a gun safe chances of it ending up in the wrong hands are greatly reduced. In addition, due to their rugged construction gun safes also keep your gun protected from the elements.

In a nutshell, biometric safes make it easy for you to access your firearm while restricting access to unauthorized persons. So if you do not have a biometric gun safe, it is time to get one. Here are my top eight best biometric gun safe picks.

But before we get into the reviews, it is important to know some of the factors to consider when shopping for a gun safe. In this next portion of the article let us look at some of the important factors to consider.

Best Biometric Gun Safe Buying Guide

There is no one fits all gun safe and each safe is suited to different users and purposes. When shopping for a safe, you will want to ensure the one you buy is right for you. Here are some of the things you will need to pay attention to.


The one person who knows your needs is you. In this regard, you are best suited to decide the size of your gun safe. If you have a handgun and a handful of ammo to store than you will be looking for a small pistol safe.


However, if you have several guns, you want to store you might want to go for a long gun safe. The only thing you should note is the changes in price. If money is not a big deal get a high quality biometric long gun safe under $1500.

Ease of use

Some gun safes come with a lot of features some of which you really do not need. I always insist on simplicity. Having too many features on a safe can be overwhelming to figure out what each feature does.

biometric gun safe ease of use


Sometimes you will have to access your firearm from the bedside in the middle of the night in darkness. In such instances how accessible your gun safe is, will make a big difference. Interior LED lighting is an important feature that makes retrieval of firearms in darkness possible.

Battery type

All biometric gun safes are battery powered; the difference is in the type of batteries used. Most use AA batteries. But there are those that feature a rechargeable battery, which cost more. However, they offer more convenience.

The rechargeable battery saves you time and money as you do not have to worry about constantly having to replace the batteries.


Lastly, the number one reason we buy safes is to keep our valuables protected. So it is important to check how safe a biometric gun safe is. Almost all safes are constructed using steel and the higher the gauge, the more secure and robust the safe.

Best Biometric Gun Safe Reviews

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock One Handgun Capacity

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With a capacity of one handgun, this is one of the smaller models on the market. Its size aside, it offers a secure place for storing your handgun. Moreover, despite its size, it can comfortably hold a standard pistol without it feeling cramped.

The biometric scanner

Opening this handgun safe is quick and easy using the available biometric scanner. In total, the scanner can store up to four fingerprints. The only drawback I noticed is that the scanner becomes slow as more prints are added.

Quiet opening mechanism

If you have used gun safes before then, you know some make some noise when being opened. The SentrySafe handgun safe is not among them. It opens up quietly and is equipped with gas struts that keep it open until you close it.

Backup mechanical lock

Sometimes due to one reason or the other, you may be unable to open a safe using your fingers. When such happens, this safe comes with a backup mechanical lock and keypad. Thus, you have additional options for opening it.


  • Does not produce a sound when being opened
  • Can be opened conveniently with one hand
  • Comes with multiple access options including a keypad and a mechanical lock and key
  • Fast reading of fingerprints


  • The keypad is a little complicated to operate which can slow down accessibility to your gun in case the biometric isn’t functional.
  • The fingerprint scanner becomes slow with multiple prints programmed.


The SentrySafe handgun safe makes it to the top of our list thanks to its portability, convenience, and affordability. It can be an ideal biometric gun safe for the car as well as being one of the best cheap biometric gun safe.

Vaultek Essential Series Quick Access Handgun Safe

Last update on 2024-06-14 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Vaultek makes some pretty awesome handgun safes, and one of the company’s best sellers is the Essential Series Quick access handgun safe. Though it is not a biometric safe, it offers quick access to your firearm.

Illuminated LED keypad

At night and in total darkness it can be difficult to open a gun safe. Not this one though as it comes equipped with proximity sensors that illuminate the keypad in low light.

The keypad

The keypad itself is quite impressive and can accommodate up to 40,000 combinations. It also features hotkey shortcuts that make the process of opening the safe easier.

14 gauge steel construction

It has a robust uni-body design crafted from 14 gauge steel. The unibody design makes it secure and virtually impenetrable. There are no welds with any of 220v mig welder, which further improves the strength of this handgun safe.

Rechargeable battery

There are no AA batteries here as Vaultek opted for a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery can stay for up to 3 months and takes about two and a half hours to charge. There is a micro-USB cable included for charging.


  • Has a LED-lit interior for easy access of valuables in low light
  • Is powered by a rechargeable battery thus no need of frequent replacing of batteries
  • The keypad lights up in low light
  • Has a uni-body design for strength and durability


  • It’s not possible to adjust the brightness of the interior LED light
  • There is some noise produced when it is opened


Vaultek opted to leave out the Bluetooth connectivity and biometric reader from this safe in a bid to make it simpler to use. While they definitely did achieve their objective, a biometric scanner would have been a welcome addition. Nevertheless, it does make up for this with its many high-end features.

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Biometric Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Heavy Duty Biometric Safe...
  • 🌟 HIGHLY SECURE 10" x 14" x 10" BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE - Unlocks Fast by Registered Fingerprint or PIN Code
  • 🌟 FAST ACCESS PERSONAL SAFE FOR HOME & OFFICE DEFENCE AND PROTECTION – Upgraded 500 DPI Optical Sensor, Motorized 20mm deadbolt locking mechanism with 2 pry-resistant insertion slots, 5mm door,...
  • 🌟 EASY TO SET UP & SIMPLE TO USE - Scan & Save up to 32 Fingerprints for Multiple People or 1 PIN Code, All Carpeted interior with Build in LED Light, 1 FULLY ADJUSTABLE shelf to organize your...

Last update on 2024-06-14 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

A quick access biometric pistol safe, the Viking Security VS-25BL biometric safe is a solidly build a gun safe with several access options. I got to put this biometric safe to the test recently, and the results were impressive.

Fingerprint scanner

Being a biometric safe the first thing I wanted to know was how fast the fingerprint scanner was. Compared to others I have used the scanner on this one was relatively quick and took seconds for the safe to open.

The heart of the scanner is a 500DPI optical sensor. With it, you can input up to 32 different fingerprints.

Digital keypad

The biometric scanner is not the only means of opening the safe. Also includes is a digital keypad with an LCD display. This digital keypad accepts 4-8 digital codes, and I found it opened within the same time as it did with the fingerprint scanner.

5mm steel door

One the safe’s description, the manufacturer, points out that it has a 5mm thick steel door. The door itself feels very secure and has two anti-pry insertion slots. There is also a motorized deadbolt locking mechanism.

Unlock warning

In case you don’t lock the safe properly it produces a warning sound. This I found to be a handy feature as it ensures you never leave your safe unlocked.


  • This gun safe is very secure and almost impossible to pry open
  • Getting access to the safe is easy and quick
  • The door is very well built and keeps your valuables well protected
  • The interior of the safe is carpeted, and features LED lighting


  • Uses four AA batteries which will require frequent changing
  • The bolting mechanism requires some getting used to as it does not always close properly


There will always be a biometric gun safe pros and cons, and no safe is without cons, the VS25-BL included. But even with its cons, it does offer great value for money. It is very well made and easy to access.

Verifi Smart.Safe. Biometric Quick-Access Handgun Safe

Not many gun safes can claim to have an FBI certified biometric scanner. Which means the Verifi SmartSafe is in a very special category of biometric gun safes. It does offer some other interesting features.

The fingerprint scanner

Given its manufacturer, Zvetco Biometrics, this safe’s best selling feature is its biometric scanner. Instead of a traditional optical sensor, they went for a hi-tech silicon fingerprint sensor. The latter has a large surface area guarantee accurate and faster scanning of your fingerprint.


It is easy to assume that the manufacturer focused solely on the biometric scanner and forgot about the other aspects of a safe. However, you would be wrong as it has one of the thickest doors out there.14 gauge steel is what is used to make this safe. On top of that, it has a 4mm thick steel door which is well beyond that of other similar products.

Enrollment setup wizard

What separates this safe from others is its unique features one of which is the enrollment setup wizard. There is no user manual here as it is replaced by this setup wizard that helps you adjust settings and store fingerprints for the first time.


  • Has one of the largest fingerprint scanners on the market
  • The fingerprint scanner is certified by the FBI
  • Comes with a backup lock and key
  • There is an auto-lock feature that locks the safe automatically


  • The interior light stays lit for only five or so seconds
  • Does not spring open when it is unlocked


Without a doubt, this is probably one of the quality safe. The unique and large biometric scanner gives it an edge over the competition. In that, it is more practical and easier to use than the scanner found on most gun safes.

Viking VS-12BL Biometric Fingerprint Wall Safe Gun safe pistol safe

Viking Security Safe VS-12BL Heavy Duty Biometric...
  • 🌟 HIGHLY SECURE 14.5" x 11.75" x 5" 23lbs. BIOMETRIC FINGERPRINT SAFE - Unlocks Fast by Registered Fingerprint or PIN Code. Retains memory even if batteries are removed
  • 🌟 FAST ACCESS PERSONAL SAFE FOR HOME & OFFICE DEFENSE AND PROTECTION. It can also be used as Narcotics safe, Medicine Cabinet Safe, Narcotic Storage, Medicine storage. Upgraded 500 DPI Optical...
  • 🌟 EASY TO SET UP & SIMPLE TO USE - Scan & Save up to 32 Fingerprints for Multiple People or 1 PIN Code, All Carpeted interior with Build in LED Light to easily see your Handguns, Jewelry, Cash,...

Last update on 2024-06-14 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Viking security has some of the best biometric gun safes on the market. Its catalog of pistol safes includes the VS-12BL biometric wall safe. While it is designed primarily for storing handguns, it can also store valuables and documents.

Fingerprint sensor

This gun safe has two primary modes of entry a fingerprint sensor and a digital keypad. The fingerprint sensor uses a 500DPI optical sensor and can store up to 32 fingerprints. In terms of opening speed, it takes only a few seconds for the safe to open.

Roomy interior

The inside of this safe is carpeted and features key hooks and a removable shelf. In addition, it has an integrated LED light. It can thus be used to store a wide assortment of valuables and not just handguns.

Locking bars

Relatively bigger than some of the other safes on this list, it comes 20 mm solid steel locking bars. It is thus difficult for anyone to pry it open. Speaking of prying it open, the safe is also pry resistant.


  • The interior is well lit
  • Can be used stored keys, important documents, and other valuables
  • Comes with four pre-drilled holes for easy mounting


  • Uses AA batteries which require frequent changing
  • Some users have complained of it being hard to install


Unlike some of the other products on the list, this one can be used to store more than handguns. With the removable shelf included you can store documents, and other valuables. It is thus one of the more versatile handgun safes out there.

Stealth Portable Handgun Safe PS1210EZ Pistol Box

Last update on 2024-06-14 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The unassuming Stealth Portable handgun safe is an interesting product from Stealth. While it is not as strong as others on this list, hence its position, it has a lot to offer. For starters, it is one of the most portable pistol safes on the market.


It weighs 14 pounds and measures 10.09″ x 12.26″ x 4.13”. To guarantee this kind of portability the manufacturers went with a 14 gauge steel construction. It is, however, still a hard nut to crack just like its other siblings.

Chrome locking bolt

A 1 ½ inch chrome locking bolt with a locking mechanism ensures this safe is pry resistant. This locking mechanism is protected by a steel housing inside the safe. This greatly improves the security of it.

Mechanical lock

To further make it portable the manufacturer opted for a mechanical lock. It has 1.081 different combinations. Also as an add-on, there is a chrome carrying handle that improves portability.


  • It is a very portable safe
  • Is lightweight enough to carry around
  • Maintains pry resistance even with the reduced weight
  • Constructed out of 14 gauge steel


  • Getting it to lock can be challenging sometimes
  • Cannot comfortably hold two handguns


This gun safe is obviously built for portability. And the best thing about it is that it manages to achieve its portable goals without compromising on the quality of construction. It is one of the best safes to have in your car.

Vaultek VT20i Biometric Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe

Last update on 2024-06-15 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Vaultek has two biometric handgun safes with the VT designation the VT10i and the VT20i. The latter is the bigger of the two and the subject of this review. They both are very similar in their offering, with the only difference being the size.


The one thing that the VT20i has is a bigger interior. In it, I can fit my 4-inch S&W 686+ with three mags. With the smaller VT10i, the same handgun could not fit entirely inside. A roomy interior means you can store more mags.

LED lighting

Inside you get an LED lit interior that makes locating your valuables in low light easy. And as with other Vaultek products, it also features a backlit keypad. Thus even in low lighting, you can still access your firearm with ease.

Rechargeable battery

A rechargeable battery is always welcome and was very much pleased with the safe’s lithium-ion powerhouse. It can go for up to four months before requiring a recharge and takes 2.5 hours to get fully charged.


  • The LED inside lights up for ten seconds
  • The numbers light up when you brush your fingers on the keypad
  • Is available with mounting screws
  • Is Bluetooth enabled for easy access using your phone?


  • The fingerprint scanner can be a bit unreliable
  • The mounting process is a bit hectic


Were it not for its rather unreliable fingerprint scanner this model would be a bit higher on my list. All the same, it does deliver in some other aspects. In addition, there is a backlit keypad which is an alternative to the biometric scanner.

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe

YUEMA Biometric Gun Safe, Quick Access Hand Gun Safes with...
  • 【Advanced Biological Fingerprint Identification Technology & Decent Capacity】 YUEMA gun safe, has employed the most sophisticated biometric sensor chip, which can collect about 25600 fingerprint...
  • 【Leading-edge Fingerprint & Electronic Lock Provides Easy Access and Quick Entry】Adopting newest fingerprint lock and auto-open door, the biometric gun safe creates an easy and secure opening...
  • 【Solid Steel Construction & Scratch Resistant Finish Ensures Durable Use】Made of heavy duty tough cold-rolled steel material, our gun case comes with scratch resistant finish for preventing...

Last update on 2024-06-14 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Portability seems to be what YUEMA was going for with its Biometric gun safe. Capable of being mounted, this safe is very portable and can be carried in a car. At the same time, it has ample room inside for your handgun and other valuables.

Fingerprint scanner

One of the safe’s selling points is the fingerprint scanner which is claimed to collect up to 25600 fingerprint points. While it is able to store up to 30 different fingerprints. It opens relatively fast compared to other similar models.

Backup keys

As with other biometric safes you are given the option of using a mechanical lock and key to open it. These two backup keys come in handy when you are unable to access the contents of your gun safe.

Solid construction

One thing I loved about this safe is how well built it is. The steel construction is coupled with a scratch resistant finish. With it, you get a strong safe that is impervious to scratches.


  • It is a portable gun safe
  • It is relatively easy to install and carry
  • Comes with one accessory bag included
  • Comes with interior lighting


  • The instructions can be difficult to follow
  • The lighting is not the best


The YUEMA product offers the best balance between portability and versatility. It can be used as a car gun safe and can also be mounted onto a wall. In addition, it can hold anything from jewelry to important documents.

Final Words

So how does a biometric gun safe work? All biometric safes rely on a fingerprint scanner that scans your finger to open. You have to first record your fingerprints for the scanner to remember when scanning.As such, it is important to consider a safe that has a reliable scanner. Sometimes these scanners may fail you, and that’s why most include a backup either a keypad or a key. In conclusion, biometric safes come in different shapes and sizes.

With some of the best fireproof gun safe having a biometric scanner. Biometric scanners are relatively faster compared to digital keypads and mechanical locks.

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