6 Best Bow Stabilizer For Hunting of 2024

Do you really need a best bow stabilizer for hunitng or shooting? Some hunters and archers will say that a stabilizer is an unnecessary addition only used by amateurs. And while there is some truth in this, you shouldn’t shelve the idea of buying one just yet.

Bow stabilizer improves the balance of your bow as well as improve your accuracy and reduce the noise. So why wouldn’t you want such a component on your bow? In truth, there are no downsides to having a bow stabilizer installed on your bow.

But there are downsides to installing a low-quality stabilizer or one that does not match your bow. This brings us to the purpose of this article, how to find the best compound bow stabilizer for hunting and shooting. The sheer variety of stabilizers available is enough to intimidate even the savviest of shoppers.

There are many things to consider when shopping for the bow stabilizer for hunting. But in this article, I focus only on the most important factors. But before we dive into what you should look for when shopping for a stabilizer let us look at my top picks.

Being an archer, I obviously have favorites. However, my selection of the top bow stabilizers is based on performance, user reviews, and personal experiences. So without further ado here are my top six bow stabilizers.

Best Bow Stabilizer For Hunting: My Top 6 Picks

Bee Stinger Sports Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer

Key Features

  • 1-ounce end weight
  • Sims internal harmonic dampener
Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer, Black, 8"
  • Sport hunter extreme - 8 inch - lost - new 2016
  • Bee Stinger hunting Stabilizer
  • The individual 1 oz. end-weights allow users to customize their stabilizer to meet the ideal balance requirements of their particular hunting bow.

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At first glance, the Bee Stinger Sports Hunter Xtreme Stabilizer does not look like much. All you see is a basic bar with a weight at the end. But beneath this simplistic exterior is a superbly designed stabilizer.

Carbon fiber is the material that the manufacturer opted for when making this stabilizer. So you can bet it’s tough especially since it does not have any aesthetic frills or holes. It does come in a variety of color and camo options to choose from.

There are three length options to choose from, the shortest one being the 6 inches. While the longest measures 10 inches and there is an 8 inch as well. The 6 inch weighs in 3.85 ounces which is not bad.

Beneath its rather ordinary design is a de-resonator that is paired with a Sims internal harmonic dampener. This two help reduce vibrations and shock. When combined with the stability of the weights and length you get an ideal shooting experience.

Granted it is not the most eye-catching design and neither is it the cheapest, but for what it offers it is well worth it. It offers a lot of customization options as you can change the 1-ounce weights as much as you want.

NAP Apache Predator LED Stabilizer

Key Features

  • Green 3-watt LED light
  • Vibration dampening technology
  • 0.375lbs. Weight
  • 6 inches long
New Archery Products Apache Predator LED Stabilizer
  • ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE - The New Archery Products Apache Bow Hunting Stabilizer features a high-powered 3-Watt CREE L.E.D. light; This NAP Stabilizer is a great tool for avid hunters as this L.E.D....
  • ESSENTIAL HUNTING GEAR - The NAP Apache Stabilizer is specially designed for predator/hog hunting as it features green light; You can shoot what you can't see - L.E.D. lighted stabilizer from NAP will...
  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION - This NAP Apache Stabilizer has an all-aluminum construction which provides dependable use; This bowhunting stabilizer is water-resistant and has a durable scratch-resistant black...

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The NAP Apache Predator LED stabilizer is built for outdoor use specifically for hunting. From its construction to the features it offers. Weighing only 7 ounces, it is also very compact and lightweight.

Fashioned out of aluminum it is durable and also tough. And that is not all a black anodized finish protects it’s from weather extremes. Speaking of the weather, it is waterproof and can be used in the rain.

From its array of impressive features, the one feature I like more was the LED light. This green light is a 3-watt creed LED light. With it, you can illuminate your path at night for up to 100 yards. It has numerous tactical benefits for hunters.

As with any other stabilizer, it also features a vibration dampening technology. The Apache vibration dampening technology to be exact. It is thus efficient at reducing any vibrations before or after a shot.

The tactical remote activated on/off switch is another feature that I really loved. With this, it is easy to turn it on and off. It also comes with CR123 batteries included.

Trophy Ridge 3″ Static Stabilizer – Camouflage

Key Features

  • 2 customizable one-ounce weights
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Braided wrist sling
Trophy Ridge 3" Static Stabilizer - Camouflage
  • Ultra lightweight design
  • Unique design allows air to easily pass through, giving you a steadier shot during windy conditions
  • Includes 2 customizable 1 ounce weights, and braided wrist sling.

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When I think about the best compound bow stabilizer the Trophy Ridge 3 inch static stabilizer is one that always comes to mind. Measuring 6 inches long it is great for hunting. If it were longer, then it would be difficult to maneuver.

Wrapped in a soft touch coating, it helps reduce vibrations and shock. In addition to this, there are two openings in its body. The two each have a rubber spacer and allow wind and air to pass through. This helps when hunting in windy conditions.

One of its selling points is its construction. According to the manufacturer it is built using a ballistic copolymer material. It is claimed that this material is 25% lighter than aluminum but just as tough as its metallic counterpart.

In terms of color options, it comes in three main color variants; there are the solid black version and the Realtree Xtra Green camo variant. Overall, this is an excellent stabilizer that reduces vibrations and adds stability.

SAS Archery Aluminum Bow Stabilizer

Key Features

  • Aluminum design
  • Draw counterbalance
  • Vibration dampening technology
SAS Archery 5-inch Aluminum Bow Stabilizer (Black, 8-inch)
  • All CNC Aluminum Construction for Maximum Precision
  • Extreme Vibration Dampening Techonoloy for Max Vibration and Noise Reduction
  • Full Draw Counter Balance

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Different styles of archery require different kinds of stabilizers. This is something that SAS Archery seems to understand given their wide variety of stabilizers. One of the more famous offerings from the company is the Aluminum Bow Stabilizer.

This stabilizer comes in three sizes and weight combinations. The shortest measures 5 inches long while the longest measures 10 inches. There is an 8-inch long variant that is preferred by many hunters.

Unlike other stabilizers, it does not have weights at the end. However, its distributed weight does a sufficient job of keeping your bow stable. There is also the SAS vibration dampening technology included.

The SAS archery aluminum bow combines performance with an exquisite design. It is available in a number of color options. There is a black colored option as well as one with Realtree Camo. It is easy to find a stabilizer that fits your needs.

For hunting the 8 inches offers the right balance of weight and length. Although climbing onto a tree stand might be a little tricky with this stabilizer installed. The 5 inch is short and lightweight and is suited to small compact bows.

On the other hand, the long 11-inch stabilizer that weighs 10 inches offers maximum stability. However, it is too long for use in the outdoors. Thus it is best suited for target practice.

NAP Apache Bow Stabilizer 8″ Carbon Fiber and Rubber

Key Features

  • 8 inch long
  • Camo
  • Carbon fiber construction
New Archery Products Apache Stealth Dampening 8" Bow...
  • BOW STABILIZER - Designed to knock out noise and hand shock while bow hunting, the sleek yet rugged NAP Apache bow stabilizer helps reduce bow jump and improve your bow's balance
  • DURABLE HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION - The New Archery Products Apache bow stabilizer features proprietary dampening materials to snuff out vibration and silence your bow at the shot
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE - The base stabilizer greatly reduces bow vibration and noise allowing you to make the shot without the animal moving due to excessive bow noise

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The NAP Apache bow stabilizer has to be one of the most uniquely designed stabilizers on the market. It is made up of two separate pieces screwed on together. While I will be covering the 8-inch version, there is a shorter 5-inch version.

One of the many things that this stabilizer is known for is its unique and beautiful design. There aren’t many stabilizers with the same design as this one. But there is more to it than its dashing good looks.

Made primary from carbon fiber and rubber it can survive anything the weather throws at it. Also due to its unique design, it has several openings in its body. These openings allow wind and air to pass through.

As such, it is best at reducing vibrations, shock, and noise when firing a carbon arrow. Some archers have mixed reactions as to its stability. Some feel that its front weight was too heavy while others feel that there was no noticeable change.

Irrespective of this, this Apache Bow stabilizer has a lot to offer. Its customization options are a plus while its material makes it a tough stabilizer for outdoor use. Also, the rubber inserts and front weight help absorb vibrations.

Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer

Key Features

  • Carbon fiber construction
  • Three different length options
Bee Stinger Pro Hunter MAXX Stabilizer - 10" - Matte Black
  • Pro hunter Maxx Stabilizer 10 inch matte black new 2016
  • Bee Stinger hunting Stabilizer
  • Matte black

Last update on 2024-05-28 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Similar to the other Bee Stinger stabilizer on this list the Pro Hunter Maxx comes with weights at the end. You get a selection of three different weights. A two-ounce weight and two four-ounce weight which are easy to remove.

The body is made from carbon fiber, and it comes in three different size offerings. The smallest measures 8 inches and the longest measures 12 inches. There is a 10-inch version that weighs 14.4 ounces.

It comes with the internal harmonic dampener and the de-resonator that work together. They both help reduce vibrations as well as control your shots. In essence, it maintains the same high quality that we have come to expect from Bee Stinger Stabilizers.

With its customization options and stability, it is one of if not the best bow stabilizer for noise reduction. It is thus ideal for a wide array of applications from bow hunting to target practice.

How To Select The Best Bow Stabilizer for Compound Bow: Buying Guide

From the above list of the best stabilizer for a compound bow, you can select the one that best suits your needs. But how do you know which one best suits your needs? In a market flooded with all kinds of stabilizers designed for different purposes, this is easier said than done.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of things that should guide you when making your selection. These are the things that will be highlighting in this next section of the article.

Stabilizer length

As you already know stabilizers come in different length with most ranging from 4 to 12 inches long. The length of your stabilizer will have a big impact on its usability depending on what you are using it for.

For hunting purposes, a short stabilizer that is between 4 and 6 inches long will be ideal. This is because for hunting you will want something that is easy to maneuver. Any longer than 6 inches and you will have trouble moving about with your bow.

This means that the best bow stabilizer for accuracy is one that can be used in tight spaces for hunters. For target practice, the best compound bow stabilizer will be a bit longer. Ideally, a length of 6 to 12 inches is ideal for target practice where you are not confined in tight spaces.

Wind resistance

The wind can be a hunter’s best friend, but it can also be a hunter’s worst nightmare. When using a compound bow with a stabilizer, the wind can be a nightmare. This is because the wind may blow against your stabilizer and interfere with your accuracy.

This happens when you are using a stabilizer with a large surface area. To prevent this some stabilizers feature openings on their surfaces. These openings allow the wind to pass through and thus no force is put on your stabilizer.

If the areas you hunt in are prone to high winds, then I suggest getting a stabilizer with openings on its surface. Also, avoid stabilizers with large surface areas.

Counterbalancing and weight

One of the significant benefits of stabilizers is they offer a steadier aim. This is thanks to the weights at their end. The weights pull the bow down giving you a steady aim. Generally, the longer the stabilizer, the more steady your bow.Also, a heavy stabilizer will offer you a steadier weight. However, remember a long stabilizer will be difficult to maneuver out in the wild. In this regard, it is wise to have a stabilizer that is heavy enough for your compound bow.

Additional features

Some stabilizers come with additional features such as a flashlight. These added features make hunting at certain hours easier. For instance, a flashlight will be useful for night time hunting. Thus, if you hunt early at dawn, then a stabilizer with a flashlight will be ideal.


There will always be a debate on whether a stabilizer is necessary on a compound bow. Nevertheless, this debate can never dismiss the numerous benefits of having the best bow stabilizer. And given the wide variety of stabilizer options available, it is impossible that you will not find one that suits you. In conclusion, having a bow stabilizer installed on your bow has many benefits. However, not every bow stabilizer will be ideal for your specific compound bow.

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