How to Move a Gun Safe : Step By Step!

Are you planning to move to a new home? Definitely, you have to go with your gun safe. It is a very vital device when it comes to securing your firearms. I always use mine to store other vital documents as well. However, moving it is not a walk in the park, and safety should be your top priority.

To move your best gun safe, as a general rule, you have to understand the device well. Know the dimension, the brand, and weight, and collect the necessary equipment. In this article, we have outlined simple steps on how to move a 500 lb to 1000 lb Gun Safe from the house downstairs.

Techniques Of How to Move a 1000 lb Gun Safe Or More Heavy Weight Gun Safe?

Many manufacturers usually take the initiative to deliver gun safes to their clients. Some even take their time to help you fix it in your house. But this will not be the case afterward, more so when you are moving to a new home.

Fortunately, we are here to help! Here, is a step-by-step guide on how to move your 1000lb safe or more than 100 lbs. So probably you have the heaviest gun safes that cost 2000 dollars or little and don’t want to get it scratches. If not follow the steps.

Gather a team of helpers

Hiring experienced movers may cost you a lot. But it is the best option if you have enough cash. You may also seek help from friends and neighbors.


Make sure you have enough space on the truck

Remove any item on the way. You do not want inconveniences while moving the Safe.

space on the truck

Empty your safe of its content

I am sure it is not only the gun that you keep in your safe. The device can store other vital documents such as certificates, banknotes, and even jewelry. You do not want the such important stuff to get damaged or misplaced. Moreover, it will help make your safe lighter.

empty gun safe

Ensure the door is well closed

After emptying your safe, ensure it is well-locked. Leaving the door swinging open may damage it during transportation. It also protects you and your colleagues from injuries.

close door

Get the appropriate moving material

To ensure smooth movement, you need to acquire a heavy-duty appliance dolly. You may borrow or rent from the nearest local moving company or friends. As long as you know the brand, model, dimension, and weight of your safe, getting the most ideal dolly should not be a problem.


How to Move a Gun Safe with a Dolly?

Did you succeed in renting a dolly from a moving company? I hope you did. Now you are good to go. Before you lean the Safe on the dolly:

Ensure your exit is safe.

Essentially, you need to create enough space on the truck and assess the door and the structural integrity of the stairs in advance.


Cover the Safe with a thick furniture blanket

Well, you are now about to mount the Safe on the dolly, but you have to mind the safety from the walls as well. Covering the Safe with a thick furniture blanket will be very vital here. You can even go the extra mile to cover parts of the walls that the device is likely to come into contact with. Tight corners, door openings are what I am talking about.


Agree on the plans and warning signals

Planning early will help ensure that you are all on the same page. Ensure you are on the same page. You should, therefore, share your moving plans and decide on the warning signals that you will use as you move the dolly.


Load the Safe safely on to the dolly

Align the dolly on one side of the safe. Your helpers should be on the other side opposite to the side you have aligned the dolly. Have them lean the safe towards you, slightly as you hold the dolly strongly.

Strap down the Safe to the dolly

After the safe has safely rested against the dolly, let them stand straight on their own. Strap down the safe to the dolly using supporting straps or ropes.

dolly picks shoulder

Position yourself and move

After you are sure you have done the strapping correctly, tilt back the dolly on its wheel. Keep the Safe well balanced with the weight well distributed. You do not want it to tip to the floor when being moved. Have your friends keep it steady as you move the truck towards the door.

How to Move a Gun Safe Downstairs

You are finally at the door, ready to face the challenge of the stairs. This is the hardest and probably the most dangerous part. But don’t get worried, I am here to lead you downstairs!


Reposition yourselves

Have your two friends positioned at the lower part of the safe. As you direct and ensure a controlled motion, the two colleagues should kind of resist the push. This is done as they move their legs step by step backward. This will probably give you some weight to push on and thus proper balancing.

How to Move a Gun Safe Downstairs

Be sure to always communicate when navigating the stairs. Check with each other to make sure everyone is safe.

How to Move a 500 lb Gun Safe

Guidelines on moving a gun safe differ slightly depending on the weight and size of the Safe. A 500 lb gun safe is not as hectic as the 1000lb. It may require just one helper or two. Moreover, you will need a smaller dolly due to reduced dimensions and weight. Gun safes that are less than 500 USD or which are biometric gun safes usually tend to be less heavy to lightweight so moving them from one place to another will not cause you any more harm than which are heavyweight. Just as the larger one, safety is the priority. All the safety precautions discussed above apply here as well. So don’t worry about your relatively smaller safe when reading this article. We got you covered!


Moving a gun safe seems hectic if you haven’t mastered all the safety tips and procedures. With proper guidelines, support, and the right equipment, however, the process should be a walk in the park. The primary objective is to ensure that the entire operation is done in a way that is safe for both of you and the device.

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