Top 4 Best Hard Rifle Case For Your Tactical and Bolt Action Rifle

So you are concern about how to protect the best level of your beloved rifle while carrying?

Easy peasy get one of the best hard rifle cases available in the market. Actually, we already listed the best available options out there in the market here in this review; you are welcome to check them.

We tested hours and hours with various types of hard rifle cases a finally settled down with these best picks. Hope you will like it.

Top 4 Best Hard Rifle Cases

When you want to protect your firearm from the elements, a soft rifle case may not be the best option. But a hard rifle case may be just what the doctor ordered. Made from hard plastic or aluminum, the hard exterior of these cases offer maximum protection from the elements.

best hard rifle case

Pelican 1750 Rifle Case With Foam (OD Green)

A quick search of the Pelican 1750 rifle case and it is clear it is very popular. Which got me curious as to why it’s such a popular model. Almost every review I read online sang its praises.

The first thing I noticed about this rifle case is that it is suited for long rifles. Inside it measures 50.5 inches long, 13.5 inches wide and 5.5 inches deep. Enough to accommodate a long rifle such as the new Ruger American rifle.

While it is designed for a single long gun, it has plenty of room left over. And if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can try and fit a second in there, maybe an ar 15. Built from polycarbonate material, it is tough as nails.

The polycarbonate exterior gives it excellent impact strength. Also, it is completely waterproof. When it gets dirty, just hose it down. Now, this is quite a bulky case and can weigh slightly less than 50 pounds when fully packed.

This might have been a problem were it not for the inclusion of heavy-duty wheels on one end. Due to its weight, I prefer wheeling it around as opposed to carrying it, which can be a chore.


  • It is completely waterproof and thus weatherproof
  • Can accommodate long guns of up to 48 inches in length
  • Is constructed from a high-ultra-impact polycarbonate for maximum impact protection
  • Comes with heavy-duty wheels that make it easy to transport
  • Four latches spaced across the lid make it easy to open


  • Weighing about 26 pounds when empty it is quite heavy
  • The latches are easy to snag and open


For shorter ar 15 rifles you might want to buy the 1700 model. This one is more suited for longer rifles. It is available at a relatively affordable price tag. And it is an excellent investment when you consider all its features.

Plano All Weather Tactical Gun Case

In my opinion, Plano makes some of the best tactical rifle cases on the market. And one of their best sellers is the Plano all-weather tactical gun case. This is an excellent option for carrying your tactical rifle.

Firstly it is completely waterproof, your weapon is kept inside a watertight foam padded enclosure complete with a pressure release valve. But what makes it the best tactical gun case is its padding inserts.

With these inserts, you can carry a rifle with multiple accessories such as the ar 15. Also, you can carry bulkier rifles. The inserts give you the freed to carry different types of rifles inside the case with ease.

The padding that comes inside this case is of excellent quality. It keeps your firearms secure inside at all times. And well protected from movement.


  • Features spring-loaded locks that keep it secure
  • Is completely waterproof for use in extreme weather conditions
  • Features customizable foam padding inserts for fitting any kind of rifle
  • Is suited for air travel


  • Is a bit narrow than other similar cases
  • Cannot fit more than two tactical rifles


Air travel can be the worst, especially if you are carrying your gun. All the tossing of your luggage can lead to your guns getting damaged. With this Plano gun safe, you do not have to worry thanks to its excellent foam padding.

Vault by Pelican – Rifle Case with Foam

Hard cases for ar 15 are built for hard use hence their names. And the Vault by Pelican rifle case is the best hardshell rifle case at its price point. Characterized by a tough exterior constructed from a high-impact-resistant polycarbonate, this is the real deal.

Slightly cheaper than the 1750, there is a lot I love about this case. For starters, it comes fitted with six-button latches. These latches offer security from unwanted intruders while making it easy for you to access your firearm.

Inside you get five layers of protective foam. The foam, in this case, is not the flimsy plucked foam you get with some other hard cases. This foam is solid and quite nicer than that of other cheaper models.

Measuring 44 inches in length, it is also quite long and can accommodate most long rifles. You can even fit an air rifle complete with a scope and all its accessories.


  • Is lightweight enough for easy carrying
  • Comes fitted with a strong handle
  • Has a roomy interior and can accommodate most rifle lengths
  • The latches offer security while making access easy
  • Is offered at a relatively affordable price


  • The case doesn’t come with wheels
  • You have to cut the foam to fit your rifle instead of plucking it as with other Pelican models


This case seems to be a more affordable version of Pelicans foam rifle cases. It differs slightly from some of the company’s other hard case offerings. However, it still maintains the quality of all its counterparts.

Plano Mil-Spec Field Locker Tactical Long Gun Case with Wheels

One of the largest rifle cases out there is the Mil-spec Field Locker tactical long gun case. Designed to fit up to two long rifles, it has interior dimensions of 54 inches long and 15 inches wide. Don’t expect it to be a lightweight rifle case though.

The inside of the case is what excited me the most. You get a high density cut to fit foam padding. With this foam padding, you can customize how you want to carry your firearms. More importantly, your guns are kept secure.

There is a watertight seal running the length of the lid. This seal is in the form of a heavy-duty gasket with 4 extra-large and wide latches. This gasket keeps moisture and other unwanted elements from ever reaching your firearms.

As mentioned before this is not a lightweight case. In fact, it is quite bulky. Fortunately for us, Plano included wheels that make it easy to transport. There is also a molded and contoured hand handle that feels comfortable.


  • Has the largest internal dimensions of any Plano case meaning more space
  • The lid has a dri-lock gasket water seal that keeps the moisture out
  • Is fitted with wheels for easy transportation
  • The high density cut to fit foam gives you customization options for your rifles
  • Has extra wide latches for smooth opening and closing of the case


  • It’s quite heavy
  • It is too big to be acceptable in some airlines


A case that can accommodate two long rifles has to be pretty special. And that is exactly what this Plano model is. It comes with all the features you would need from a tactical rifle case. And despite its size and weight, it is an excellent option, whose size and weight are justifiable.

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