How To Bait Deer And How To Do It Without Getting Caught! ;)

Have you ever thought of using deer bait when hunting? If you have, you are not alone as hundreds of hunters use deer attractants to lure their prey into a kill zone. However, deer baiting is not as easy as it sounds. To become successful in your deer baiting endeavors, you will need to learn how to bait deer. And if in your state deer baiting is illegal, you will need to learn how to bait deer without getting caught. Fortunately, this is what this article is here for. Below are useful tips on how to bait deer and be successful at it.

Tips On How To Bait Deers And How To Do It Even Without Getting Caught

Find The Right Food

Deer feed on a wide variety of plants, vegetables, fruits, and minerals. As such, deer’s feeding patterns are dependent on seasons. This means that deer have different feeding patterns during the summer, autumn, spring, and winter.

During the month of September deer feed mainly on agricultural products such as clover, sorghum, and soybeans. Thus, if you want to bait deer in September use agricultural produce as bait.

How to bait deer

As October rolls in, Deer transition to eating acorns and other such feeds. Therefore, use acorns in the month of October if you want to be successful. In late season deer make the shift to feeding on cut beans and corn. Therefore, use corn in late season. Knowing the type of attractant or bait to use will be the first step in learning how to bait deer.

Placing The Bait : Where To Put Deer Bait

After you have identified the right bait to use, the next step will be to learn how to place the bait, and where to put the deer bait. Personally, I use corn as my bait of choice. The number on lesson in learning how to bait deer with corn is knowing the amount to place. To get good results I recommend using a deer feeder with a timer. With the feeder ensure that the corn is dispensed in small amounts regularly. Avoid using a large amount of corn in a pail. This is because deer are not used to such a feeding habit.

On the other hand, if you are wondering how to bait deer with peanut butter, it being one of the most attractants used for deer baiting, I have a solution. Since peanut butter is not a readily and naturally available substance I recommend smearing it on trees. In particular pine trees if you live in an area where there are pine trees. The scent of peanut butter will attract deer to your pre-determined kill zone. It is in this kill zone where you should place a bucket of the remaining peanut butter.

But if you want to have success with apples or carrots, heaping them in a pile is not the way to go. When I was learning how to bait deer with apples, there are several things I learned that I would share with you. One is that the best place to put apples is near thickets and not in open fields. This is especially if you are targeting large mature bucks. Secondly, crush some of the apples to make the scene more realistic for deer. Finally, whatever you do avoid piling the deer in a pile. This applies to how to bait deer with carrots.

Stand Placement

When placing deer bait, the primary purpose will be to give you an advantage over your prey. Therefore, you should pick a vantage point from where to observe the deer. The stand should be downwind from the deer bait. This is to ensure that deer are not able to pick up your scent.

Also, avoid shooting at your prey on the first day of placing the bait. If the bait is new, deer will be cautious and nervous, and the last thing you want is to shoot at a nervous deer. Place the bait for about two to three days to make the deer get used to the bait. Of importance is that you should be consistent in where and how you place your bait. Additionally, do the placement at midday and use scent blockers.

How To Bait Deer Without Getting Caught

In most states deer baiting is illegal, meaning that you can land yourself in trouble if you are caught using deer bait. Fortunately, there are several ways you can attract deer without getting caught.

First and foremost read and understand all the laws relating to deer baiting in your locality. Most laws relating to deer baiting have gray areas that you can exploit. Once you understand the laws, the next step will be to use unconventional means to attract deer.

Use A Food Plot

One of the best ways to attract deer without getting caught is to use a food plot. This means clearing a certain area in your backyard and planting foods that deer love. This can be vegetables e.g. carrots or even apples. This is a rather long term solution and may take some time.

When planting a food plot make sure the plot is located away from roads. When food becomes scarce deer will more often than not be attracted to food plots. Of worth noting is that the food you plant on your food plot should not be abundant in your area. Consult with wildlife experts and other farmers on which foods to plant on your plot.

Using Salt Blocks

If you do not want to get caught for deer baiting I recommend learning how to bait deer with salt blocks. These blocks can be purchased in most stores that sell hunting materials. Buy a cider, apple or salt block and place it inside a hole. Cover the hole and sprinkle some salt on the earth that covers the hole. It may take some time, but eventually, deer will be attracted by the scent of the salt and come to investigate. This can also apply to how to bait deer with sugar beets. The latter have a sweet aroma that attracts deer.

Using Deer Lures Such as Deer Urine

There are many different kinds of lures you can use to attract deer, from urine, pheromones, to appetizing foods. Urine especially is great for luring large male bucks to your property. When they pick up the scent of another deer, they will be interested in knowing which other deer is around. Deer urine can be got from hunting stores. To have maximum effect, spread the urine over a wide area on your property. The best time to use deer urine scent is between 8 to 10 weeks before mid-November when the deer mating season begins. Apply the urine on grass, and tree leaves. Molasses can also be used for this purpose.


There are many ways of attracting deer to your property or a pre-determined kill zone. However, not all the methods available to you are legal. Therefore, it is important that you understand your state’s laws on deer baiting. The last thing you want is to get arrested for deer baiting. Some of the techniques I have highlighted above will yield great success even where deer baiting is illegal.

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