6 Best Compound Bow For Tall Guys: Find The Right Fit For You

Most compound bows are designed for people of average height. And if you are taller than the average joe, you will need to do a little bit more digging to find your perfect bow. And to be honest, shopping for a compound bow for a tall guy can be challenging. 

There is a lot to think about, from the size of the bow draw length to draw Weight. So which is the best compound bow for tall guys? Let’s look at some great options available on the market that should fit someone of your above-average height.

A Quick View Of Our Top Picks Compound Bow For Tall Hunters

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Best Compound Bow For Tall Guys

How We Tested The Bows

We tested a wide variety of compound bows for how they fit taller guys. Our tests focused mainly on the cam system, draw length and draw Weight, and axle-to-axle length. These are the most important aspects to take note of as a tall hunter.

Why Trust This Review

As a tall guy, I often struggle to find a perfect compound bow. And so, for this article, my team and I wanted to put together a list of bows that work well for tall guys. The bows we selected have characteristics that make them especially ideal for tall people.

Types of Compound Bows

Types of Compound Bow Based On Cam

Twin/Double Cam Compound Bows

Twin or double-cam compound bows have two different cams. The two cams can be circular or elliptical and must be properly aligned. If they are not, it can lead to the bow being less accurate.

These types of bows offer improved power and arrow speed. However, accuracy takes a hit due to the chances of alignment issues with the cam. Typically, traditional single-cam bows are more accurate than double-cam systems. 

Hybrid Cam Bows

Hybrid cam bows are an improvement over the dual cam compound bow. You get two cams with a hybrid cam bow, but only one is attached to the limb. This results in fewer cam synchronization issues while maintaining the power and speed of twin cam bows. 

These are also easier to maintain and operate than twin-cam bows and are usually more lightweight. These are better for hunting than twin cam systems. 

Binary Cams Bows

Binary cams are newer compared to hybrid and twin cam bows. And similar to the other two, they also feature two cams. However, the two cams are opposite each other, which helps balance inequality in the cams.

These types of bows offer improved accuracy and speed. They are also less noisy. However, they can be more complex to use than the other two, which can be an issue. 

Binary cam bows are a better choice for tall guys because they are lightweight, simpler to use, and require minimal configurations. 

What Size Bow To Get For Your Height

When it comes to size, we will be referring to the draw length of a bow. To know the draw length that matches your height, stand naturally and have someone measure the distance between the tip of one middle finger to the other.

Divide the measurement you get by 2.5 to get an approximate draw length. Typically if you are 5′ 10″ or shorter, you will want a bow with a draw length of 28 inches and below. If you are 6′ 0,” you will want a bow with a draw weight of between 29 and 33 inches.

What Size Bow Should a 6-foot Person Have

If you are 6 ft or taller, a compound bow with a draw length of 31 inches will be an ideal choice. As for the bow length, you will want a bow that is 72 inches in length.

What Size Arrow Do You Need

The size of the arrows to use will depend on the draw length. However, the draw length and arrow length should be confused as being the same. I.e., just because your draw length is 30 inches does not mean you need 30-inch arrows. For a 30-inch draw length, you can use arrows 28.5 to 31 inches in length. 

As A Tall Guy, How far should your arrow be past your riser

Ideally, as a tall guy, you want an arrow that sits in the middle of the riser. This means at full draw, the end of the arrow would sit in the middle of the shelf. The test how long your arrows should be, nock a full-length arrow and draw it back.

Top 6 Best Compound Bow for tall guys

Diamond Archery Edge 320 Bow Compound Bow 

We went for the Diamond Archery Edge 320 Compound bow for the number one spot. And the reason we picked this as our top pick is its versatility. This bow can be used by beginners, pros alike, and people of varying heights.

Adjustable Draw weight and length

What you get with this bow is the ability to customize it to fit your height and stature. If you are a beginner or an older citizen, you can tweak the draw weight to fit your body’s strength. On the other hand, if you are tall, you can set the draw length all the way to 31 inches, which is the maximum draw length, with the minimum being 15 inches.

Easier to Use

We expected this to be a bit complicated, a binary cam system. However, its synchronized binary system is the best we have seen on a bow. The cams are slaved to each other, meaning you will only need to do synchronization once until you have to change the strings.

Lightweight and Accurate

At 3.6 pounds, this is one of the more lightweight bows we have tested. And it makes it easier to hold it at a target for much longer than most other bows. And in terms of accuracy, it performed well from 30 yards out. At 40 yards out, it was still as accurate with a grouping of 2 inches.


For the price, this is one of the compound bows for tall guys, mainly due to its adjustability. In terms of negatives, we did not like some of its attachments that felt cheaply made and, mainly, the sight, which you may have to change. Other than that, though, this is a great compound bow.

Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK Right Hand Compound Bow

The Diamond Archery Deploy SB RAK is next up on our list. It shares some features with the Diamond Archery Edge but also has some distinctions. It has a nice mossy oak breakup country color that will blend well with your surroundings.

Lightweight and Accurate

One of the notable features of this bow is its lightweight design. Weighing 3.2 pounds, it is lighter than the Diamond Archery Edge. This makes it an excellent option for hunting. When it comes to accuracy, it is pretty accurate. It performed well from 20 yards with consistent groupings, and with the addition of a stabilizer, it maintained its accuracy from 40 yards.

Though the Diamond Archery Edge performed better out of the box from 40 yards than the SB RAK, hence why we placed it in second place.


Similar to the Diamond Archery Edge, this bow is designed to be adjustable. Both the draw weight and draw length are adjustable. Thus you can customize it to fit your needs and body height. In terms of ease of customization, we found it easy to customize.

Decent FPS and Quiet

This is exceptionally quiet, as you would expect from a binary cam bow. And it does perform better in the FPS department than its Edge counterpart. The bow has an FPS of 330 FPS, slightly higher than the 320 FPS of the Edge.


Some of the attachments included in the RAK package could use an upgrade. The octane Stryker 5-pin sight, for example. However, this is still one of the best bows for tall guys. It is easy to adjust and incredibly lightweight.

Bear Archery Cruzer G2 Adult Compound Bow

Similar to the other options on the list, the Bear Archery Cruzer compound bow is designed for versatility. It has adjustable draw weight and length and is one of the most lightweight options on the market.

The Draw Length and Weight

You can adjust the draw length from 12 inches to 30 inches. This should be a sufficient draw length for someone 6 inches tall. As for the draw weight, you can adjust it from 5 to 70 pounds. Included in the package was an Allen wrench for adjusting the draw weight, but no such wrench for the draw length, which could have been much better.

Lightweight and Stable

One of the things that surprised us was how stable the bow is right out of the box. There was no adjustment needed to start using it. As for the Weight, at 3 pounds, it is one of the most lightweight compound bows out there.

Accurate Bow

The bow is accurate from 30 yards out. However, it is not the fastest bow on the market, with an FPS of 315. Though similar to other binary cam bows, it is incredibly quiet and excellent for hunting and target practice.


So should you buy the Bear Archery Cruzer? Yes, it is a great bow at a great price and is one of the most lightweight bows around. It is also easy to customize, and while it does have some kinks, such as missing components to attach the string silencer, it is a great bow.

Southland Archery Supply SAS Feud 70 Lbs Compound Bow

The Southland archery supply SAS Feud comes as a package with a lot included. You get the compound bow accompanied by several accessories and components. It is also offered at a reasonable price.

Reasonably Priced 

This bow costs quite cheap than some other options on the list. And looking at it, it’s clear to see where the company cut costs. It does include some plastic parts and die-cast parts. However, the overall quality of the bow is quite decent for the price. 

Adjustable Draw length and Weight

The draw length and Weight are adjustable. The draw length can be adjusted from 19 to 31 inches, which is sufficient if you are 6 ft or taller. As for draw eight, it can be adjusted from 25 to 70 pounds. 

Parts and Accessories Included

It has an IBO speed rating of 300 FPS, which isn’t the most impressive, but it is understandable for the price. In terms of accessories, you get a lot with this bow. These include a neoprene spring, string wax, a detachable quiver, and an 8-inch aluminum stabilizer.


This compound bow makes it lose marks for its 4.1-pound Weight and being a right-handed-only configuration. However, it is still worth considering, especially if you are on a budget. It could also be a handy second bow that is decent enough to hunt with. 

Salida Archery Dragon X8 RTH Compound Bow Package for Adults and Teens

The Salida Archery Dragon X8 RTH compound bow is another great option for tall guys. It is adjustable to fit people of varying heights, though. It has an aluminum frame with a nice black pro color finish.

Adjustable Draw length and Weight

If you are tall, you will love the adjustable draw length and Weight of this compound bow. The draw length can be adjusted from 18 inches to 31 inches. On the other hand, the draw weight can be adjusted from 0 to 70 pounds. There is no bow press needed to make these adjustments.

Good Size and Height

This bow’s axle-to-axle height is 30 inches, while its brace height is 6.6 inches. These should be ideal dimensions for a tall person. Also, the string length is 58.13 inches, and the cable length is 32.23 inches.

Accessories Included

The bow comes with a variety of accessories included in the package. These include an arrow rest and stabilizer. You also get a wrist sling and 12 arrows, as well as a quiver, a bow stand a compound bow case.


The Salinda Archery may not be as well known as some of the other brand name options on the list, but it is still a decent enough option. It is an adjustable bow that is fit for someone about 6 ft tall.

Creative XP Compound Bow and Arrow for Adults and Youth

The Creative XP compound bow is another that is offered at a relatively affordable price. But even at its price, the bow does come with several great features and accessories. There is a lot of value you can expect from this bow.

Easy To Adjust

Both the draw length and Weight are adjustable. But what we particularly loved about the adjusting was how easy it was to do. The cam assembly design makes it easy to adjust the draw length. On the other hand, the upper and lower assembly points make it easy to adjust the draw weight from 30 to 70 pounds.

Ready to Shoot

The bow came ready to shoot out of the box. We did have to attach the arrow rest and sight but other than that, the bow was well-tuned. The brushes on the arrow rest were a bit too much, but cutting them was easy.

Full Package

The Creative XP compound bow comes as a complete package with different accessories from a 5-pin sight, quiver, 4 arrows, and release aid to a rubber stabilizer. It also has an IBO speed rating of 320 FPS.


There is a lot to love about this compound bow. However, we also did not like a few things; for starters, at 3.9 pounds, it is not the most lightweight. Also, most of the included accessories could have been better quality. Nonetheless, this is still a great compound bow, especially at its price point.

Things To Keep In Mind For Getting The Best Compound Bows For Tall Guys

So what should you consider when buying a compound bow if you are tall? There are several things to think about, the main ones being.

Draw Length

The first is the draw length; as a tall guy, you want a bow whose draw length fits your height. If you are 6ft and over, you ideally want a 30-inch or more draw-length bow. A variable draw length is ideal, as it allows you to customize the draw length to your liking and comfort.

Draw Length Of Compound Bow

Draw Weight

The draw weight is another component to consider. Most male hunters can comfortably handle a compound bow with a draw weight of 50 or 70 pounds. Ultimately though, the draw weight will vary between hunters. A bow with an adjustable draw weight will be ideal as it will help you customize it to your needs.

Axle to Axle Length

Tall people will typically prefer bows with a longer axle-to-axle length. This provides a more extended and stable shooting platform. So what is the ideal axle-to-axle Length for a tall person? Ideally, you want a bow with an axle-to-axle length of at least 30 inches.

For target practice, a longer axle-to-axle length is preferred, and some practice bows can have a length of up to 40 inches.

The Type of Bow

We have already discussed the types of bows available based on the configuration of the cam. So which is the best for tall people? From our reviews, it is clear that a binary cam system is more suited for tall people. However, the hybrid cam system is also a good option.

The riser

The riser typically holds several attachments on a compound bow. It is designed to be lightweight while being strong and durable. Carbon risers tend to be lighter and more durable than aluminum. However, the vast majority of compound bows feature aluminum risers.


Most compound bows are designed for people of average height, usually around 5 ft 10. Tall people have to shop around for bows that suit them. And the best compound bow for tall guys needs to be versatile enough to fit people of average height and taller persons.

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