7 Best Crossbow For Women: Unleash Your Inner Huntress

Hunting is no longer a reserve of men as more women are joining in the fun today. But to enjoy the thrill of the hunt as a woman, you need to pick the right equipment. And when it comes to bow hunting, it means choosing the right bow. 

And given the wide variety of options available in the market, it can sometimes feel overwhelming trying to pick the best crossbow for women. Luckily there are several features that will guide you in your selection, which we will discuss in more detail.

But first, which are some of the best crossbows for women? Here are our top 7 picks. We selected these based on their size, draw weight, and overall weight, among other factors.

A Quick View Of Our Top Crossbow For Female Picks

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Best crossbow for women

Crossbows vs. Compound bows for women

Between crossbows and compound bows, which is the better bow for women? To answer this quecstion, we have to look at what each offers.

  • Crossbows are easier to use and come ready to fire out of the box.
  • Furthermore, they only require a little physical effort to fire. Compound bows, on the other hand, offer more stopping power and speed.
  • They are also faster to reload than crossbows while generally being more lightweight.
  • However, they are better for women because crossbows require less physical effort than compound bows and are easier to operate.
  • Not to say that women cannot use compound bows, but for the average female hunter, a crossbow will be easier than a compound bow. 

Crossbow Maintenance Tips For Women

Wax the strings:

When you buy a crossbow, it typically comes with a wax tube in the package. If there is no wax included, buy one. You will want to wax the bow’s strings and cables. Check the bow’s manual for how often you should wax the bow.

Lubricate the rail:

The rail is another critical component of the crossbow; remember to lubricate it. Do the lubrication by applying two drops of lubricant in the middle of the rail and spreading it across its length. Avoid using vaseline-based lubricants.

Lubricate the trigger box:

Another part you need to lubricate is the trigger box; apply one or two drops of lubricant to the trigger box. Lubricate all other visible mounting bolts.

Inspect the bow:

Before shooting your crossbow, inspect it first. Inspect the bow for loose bolts and cracks or twisting in the limbs. Also, check for splintering or bending arrow shafts.

Crossbow Cocking Techniques For Women

While crossbows require less physical effort than compounds, there is still some decent amount of upper body strength needed to cock a crossbow. As a woman, you will want to opt for a cocking device. 

A rope cocker will be the best option for an average crossbow of about 130 pounds draw weight. A rope cocker will reduce the draw weight necessary to about 65 pounds. This mechanism will attach to the strings and allow you to pull them.

Woman Crossbow Cocking techniques using Rope Cocker

If you feel a rope cocker is too much for you, you can opt for a crank cocking device. This is permanently fitted to the bow and makes it easier to cock. However, it can add weight to the bow and is only ideal when a rope cocker, for whatever reason, is not practical.

Which Size Of Crossbow Bolt Is Suitable For Women?

Bolts used on crossbows measure between 18 and 22 inches. The right length will depend heavily on the crossbow you are using. The manual of the bow will tell you what size of the bolt is ideal.

Best Crossbow Accessories For Women

  • Cocking Device: A cocking device, whether a rope cocker or a crank cocking device, will make it easier to cock a crossbow.
  • A scope: For accuracy, you will want a decent scope for your crossbow. This will help fire more accurately.
  • A quiver: Having a quiver will make it easier to store your bolts. A quiver will allow you to carry a crossbow and its bolts in one package.

7 Best Crossbows For Women

Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Crossbow

The Wicked Ridge Invader 400 is a pretty powerful crossbow capable of shooting arrows at speeds of up to 400 FPS. It also has quite the draw weight, which stands at 185 pounds. However, it also comes with a cocking mechanism to make things easier.

Overall Weight and Size

One of the main reasons we put this on top of our list of the best women’s crossbow is its size and weight. At 6 pounds, it is pretty lightweight, and at 35.5 inches long and 19 inches wide from axle to axle, it is not the biggest crossbow. But it is also not a small crossbow. It is just the right size for most people, women included.

The Design

If you are transitioning from a rifle, you will find this to be a relatively familiar experience. This is mainly thanks to its pistol grip and stock that makes it comfortable to hold and the shoulder. It also has a well-designed forearm that feels natural.

The arrows and speed

This crossbow comes with a pack of 3 XX75 aluminum arrows. And while it is capable of speeds of up to 400 FPS, with these arrows, we got about 380 FPS with 140 FP of kinetic energy. You can go for ten points pro-lite carbon arrows if you want more speed. But the included arrows are a better choice for hunting due to the stopping power. 


This excellent all-around crossbow should be a good option for women. It is lightweight and well-designed to be easy to handle. It also comes with Tenpoint’s Pro view scope, which is a decent scope with three reticle types and four dots calibrated at 20, 30, 40, and 50 yards. 

Ravin R10 Crossbow Package R014

The first thing you will notice about the Ravin R10 Crossbow is that it is smaller and narrower than most other crossbows. This makes it highly maneuverable in the field and only adds a little weight to your overall hunting gear.

Design and size

At 33 inches long, this is a relatively small crossbow, and it measures 10.5 inches from axle to axle when uncocked. And when you cock the rifle, the width drops to 6 inches. In terms of weight, it weighs 6.8 pounds. Slightly heavier than the Wicked Ridge Invader but still lightweight enough for most women. 

Cocking Mechanism

You do not have to worry about the draw weight with this crossbow, thanks to its built-in crank cocking mechanism. This mechanism reduces the draw weight to only 12 pounds of force. With its detachable cocking handle, this cocking mechanism makes it ideal for both men and women. 

Helicoil Technology

Ravin crossbows are famous for their helicoil technology. This technology allows the cams of the R10 and other Ravin crossbows to rotate at 340 degrees. With this system, the arrow floats freely, reducing energy loss due to friction. Also, the cable does not touch the rails, which translates to it not wearing out easily.


While the Wicked Ridge invader edges the Ravin R10 to first place due to it being lighter and cheaper, the Ravin R10 has a few benefits over our top choice. First is the helicoil system that helps improve speed and minimize cable wear. Second is the built-in crank cocking mechanism that eliminates the need for hand cocking the bow. 

BARNETT Whitetail Hunter II Crossbow

If you are not ready to invest a huge amount of money on a crossbow, there are several excellent options to choose from the budget end of things. And another of the best budget options is the Barnett Whitetail Hunter II.

Cocking Mechanism

Being a budget crossbow, the Barnett Whitetail crossbow comes with a rope cocking device included. It certainly doesn’t compare to the built-in crack cocking mechanism of the Ravin R10, but it is still pretty easy to use. Furthermore, with a draw weight of 160 pounds, it is not the most difficult to cock by hand. Also, you can use it with a crank-cocking mechanism, which can be bought separately. 

Design and size

In terms of size, it wasn’t the largest crossbow we tested, but it was one of the larger ones. It measures 32.5 inches long and has a width of 18.25 inches when uncocked. When cocked, it has a width of 16.125 inches. It also was relatively lightweight at 6.4 pounds. 

Arrows and speed

We were disappointed with the fact that it only comes with two arrows included, but for its price, we couldn’t complain too much. The arrows are 400 grains headhunter arrows; with the heavier arrows, you get about 340 FPS, which isn’t great but is decent for the price.


It is hard to beat Barnett’s quality at its price point. And while it lacks some of the fancy features you get with pricier models, it is a bargain crossbow that is well worth it and deserves to be on the list of the best crossbows for ladies.

TenPoint Titan M1 Crossbow Package with ACUdraw

The TenPoint Titan M1 crossbow is meant to be a successor to the popular Titan crossbow from TenPoint. So how does it compare to its predecessor, and is it worth it? The short answer is a resounding yes.

Speed and Power

We tested this crossbow with 400-grain pro-elite arrows from a distance of 20 and 30 yards. From our results, the average arrow speed is 332 FPS. Not bad, but hardly anything to write about. However, you can get a higher speed with light arrows such as the 370-grain pro light carbon arrows. In terms of energy, it produced kinetic energy of 110 ft pounds, which should be enough to kill a whitetail. 

Coccking effort and device

As with most other Tenpoint crossbows, this model comes with an ACUdraw cocking device to handle its 180 pounds draw weight. The device is straightforward to use and uses a cranking handle on the stock of the bow. You can also use a rope cocking device if you prefer. 

Pro-view 3 scope

The crossbow has a pro-view 3 scope that is decent for hunting. It has multiple reticle aiming points and five red and green illumination settings. It wasn’t the best scope we have seen on a crossbow, but it is sufficient for hunting.


What we got from this crossbow is that it is not suited for any one particular thing but offers a balanced package. It is lightweight enough, and is narrow and relatively compact. 

Barnett Crossbows Whitetail Hunter STR

Another budget option you can opt for is the Barnett Crossbows Whitetail Hunter STR. Similar to other Barnett Crossbows, it offers good value for money. And it comes ready to shoot out of the box.

The design

The STR in the bow’s name refers to its Step-Through Riser. The latter is made from a lightweight fiberglass composite material. Overall, the bow feels very sturdy for the price and is also quite light, weighing only 6.6 pounds.

Overall size

In terms of its size, it is not the most oversized crossbow, nor is it small. It is larger than some of the other options on our list at 34.875 inches long. Its axle-to-axle width is 18.125 inches uncocked and 13 inches cocked. It is what you would expect from an average-sized crossbow. 

Accuracy and speed

This crossbow comes with a 4/32mm multi-retick scope, which we found to be one of the crossbow’s weakest links. It suffers from low brightness and below-average eye relief. However, you can swap the scope for a better one. As for the speed, it manages a decent arrow speed of 375 FPS.


For its price, this crossbow does cut some corners. However, it is still good enough to be your primary hunting weapon. It offers about 118.6 ft-lbs of stopping power, enough to take down a whitetail. The model we reviewed also comes with an integrated crank cocking mechanism that makes it easy to cock the bow. 

Barnett Crossbows Hypertac 420 Crossbow

The Hypertac 420 is another one of Barnett’s crossbows offered at a competitive price with good value for money. This variant is the less expensive cousin of the company’s flagship Hypertac 430 model.

The Trigger

One of the best things about this crossbow is the Triggertech trigger it uses. It has a pull weight of 3 pounds has a frictionless release. Our test found it to be crisp and smooth with no detectable creep. 

Size and weight

The Hypertac 420 falls within the same size bracket as most of the other options on the list. It has a length of 35.9 inches and a width of 18.75 inches when uncocked. Its width, when cocked, is 9.1875 inches, which is quite impressive. 

Cocking mechanism and speed

At 420 FPS, this is quite a powerful crossbow, and we did expect it to have a hefty draw weight. And sure enough, it is pretty hard to cock with your hands. Fortunately, it comes with a rope cocker that cuts its draw weight by half. 


This bow can deliver an impressive 142 ft-lbs of kinetic energy, making it the perfect option for hunting. It is also quite accurate from long distances. From 40 yards, we were able to get consistent groupings of 2 inches. 

 Barnett Archery TS380 High-Speed Crossbow, with Anti-Dry Fire Trigger

The final entrant on our list is the Barnett Archery TS380 high-speed crossbow. It delivers good performance at a reasonable price. It is also lightweight and compact, with several other features to earn it a spot on our list.

Cocking mechanism and draw weight

The draw weight of this crossbow is one of the reasons we put it at the bottom of our list. At 201 pounds, it does require substantial physical effort to cock. However, it comes with an integrated crank cocking device. The cocking device reduces the draw weight by over 93%, and you will only require about 13 lbs of effort. 

The trigger

The trigger is one of the best parts of this crossbow. It is a 3-pound pull trigger with anti-dry safety. From our test, it has zero creep and feels very smooth and crisp. It also has nock sensors for added protection.

Size and weight

At 32.375 inches long, it is an average-sized crossbow. It has a width of 16.75 inches when uncocked and 13.25 inches when fully cocked. In terms of weight, it is one of the heavier ones on the list, weighing 6.9 pounds. But it is still relatively lightweight for most people. 


This Barnett Archery crossbow could be better and has some negatives, such as the crank, which has a design that takes getting used to. However, it excels in other areas and is powerful enough for hunting whitetail deer. 

Ladies, Take Control: Your Guide to Finding the Best Crossbow for You

There are several factors to consider when shopping for the best crossbow for women. These factors are;

Purpose Of Buying

In most states, crossbows can be used for hunting both small and large game, such as whitetail deer. What you intend to hunt with the bow thus matters. For taking down a big game, you want a crossbow with enough power to kill a whitetail deer. 

Ideally, you want a crossbow with at least 110 ft-lbs of kinetic energy. For the smaller game, you can use something less powerful. As for speed, you want a crossbow with more than 350 FPS for a big game.

Draw Weight and Cocking mechanism

The draw weight of most crossbows ranges between 20 and 200 pounds. If you are a woman of the average frame, you will want a crossbow that requires about 30 to 40 pounds to cock. This cannot be easy, especially if you want to hunt big game.

Crossbows designed for hunting big game will have a higher draw weight, typically 150 pounds and above. This is where a cocking mechanism comes in. This system is used to reduce the draw weight to a manageable level.

woman crossbow cocking features

A built-in crank cocking mechanism will be the best option as they are easy to use and significantly reduce the draw weight to about 20 pounds. However, you can also use a rope cocking mechanism. Overall, whichever crossbow you opt for, ensure it has some cocking mechanism or is compatible with one. 

Power Stroke Length

Power stroke length, also called the draw length, is the distance between when a crossbow is cocked and when it is resting. As a woman, you ideally want a crossbow with a shorter power stroke that will be more flexible and maneuverable. Also, a crossbow with a shorter power stroke will be easier to cock. 

Crossbow Weight

The weight of a crossbow is another thing to consider. To make your trips to the hunting field easier, you will want a lightweight crossbow. For most women, a bow weighing less than 7 pounds is lightweight enough to carry and shoulder for long periods. 

Axle to axle width

The axle-to-axle length determines how maneuverable a bow is. It also determines weight, as larger and heavier bows typically have a longer axle-to-axle width. A shorter axle-to-axle width will make a crossbow more maneuverable. 

Safety Mode

safet mode in the women crossbow

The safety features that a crossbow also has matter. You will want a crossbow with anti-dry fire triggers. Dry fire is when a crossbow de-cocks and moves the string violently. This can damage your strings, and anti-dry fire trigger help prevent this. 

A finger indicator is another safety feature worth having; this will help you know where to properly place your fingers to avoid accidents when you fire. 

Design and style

Some people might not care much about how something looks. Still, if you want to keep a particular style with your crossbow, there are a lot of lovely feminine camo patterns and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Crossbows For Women Compare to Ones For Men

Crossbows for women tend to be lightweight, more compact, and have a higher emphasis on cocking mechanisms. Crossbows for men might not have the same cocking mechanisms and can be larger and more powerful.


Not all crossbows on the market are designed for women. As a woman hunter, you’ll want a crossbow that is easy to load, light, and small enough to move easily and quickly in the field but still strong enough to kill your prey.

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