Best Crossbow Under 200 and 250 Dollars: Our Top 5 Picks!

The best crossbow under $200 or a little costly but under $250 can be a great choice if you want to get into the archery without breaking the bank. Spending a ton of money on a premium crossbow can be a costly mistake if you don’t know what you are doing. For a newbie like you, starting with a budget-friendly crossbow is a smart choice.

We know how hard it is to decide which one you should go with from the hundreds of different brands. The price, weight, and size can be a huge stressor for you while buying one.

The truth is we also go through the same struggles and headaches. And we don’t want you to choose the wrong one at the very beginning of your crossbow journey.

That’s why we have spent hours testing 15 different crossbows on different parameters like accuracy, build quality, speed, and ease of use. And finally, come out with the top 5 that are under $200. We will discuss all five in detail down below.

On top of that, for your convenience, we have also created a detailed buyer’s guide. This will help you understand the crossbow terminologies and types of the crossbow. Also, the factors to consider before buying a perfect crossbow.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

A Quick Comparison Of Our Top Picks Under $250

Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Crossbow Kit - 175lbs Draw Weight...
Southland Archery Supply 80 Pound Self-Cocking Pistol...
BARNETT Blackcat Recurve Crossbow Hunting Package, with Red...
Draw Weight
175 lbs
80 lbs
165 lbs
Overall Weight
5 lbs
4.75 lbs
4.8 lbs
Top Picks
Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Crossbow Kit - 175lbs Draw Weight...
Draw Weight
175 lbs
Overall Weight
5 lbs
Southland Archery Supply 80 Pound Self-Cocking Pistol...
Draw Weight
80 lbs
Overall Weight
4.75 lbs
Crossbow Under $250
BARNETT Blackcat Recurve Crossbow Hunting Package, with Red...
Draw Weight
165 lbs
Overall Weight
4.8 lbs

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Best Crossbow Under 200 Dollars

How Did We Pick These Crossbows?

Many crossbows are out in the market, and the manufacturers release new models every year. With so many options, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of choices. That’s why we picked 15 hunting crossbows less than $200, which are popular and have great reviews from other users. 

From those 15 crossbows, we then did an extensive field test of each ones. Next, we took them to the shooting range and tried each one on a target from 15-100 yards away. Finally, we compared those models based on accuracy, arrows speeds, ease of use, power, and noise.

After our research, field tests, and interviews with customers who have bought these crossbows, we picked our top five. These crossbows are powerful, accurate, and easy to use comparing price-value ratios. For small and medium games or target shooting, these are all perfect for newbies.

Review Of The Best Crossbow Under 200 and 250 Dollars

We all know that many of the best hunting crossbows on the market are expensive. But there is a wide range of affordable options for those who want to get into hunting and shooting sports. Without spending arms and legs, you can get the best unit within your budget. In this section, we will review our top 5 crossbows that passed on our test!

Review Of K EXCLUSIVE Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Black Crossbow

When we tested the K EXCLUSIVE Avalanche Anaconda Recurve Crossbow in the field, we found out why this crossbow has gotten so popular in a short time. It has got great reviews, and most people love it for its accuracy and power.

It is specially designed to gather maximum strength without exceeding your budget limits. This makes it even more attractive than high-priced models on the market today.

For a great price range, you can get an affordable hunting crossbow with great features. This model is lightweight, has all the basic necessities for a crossbow in this price range, and gets the job done perfectly. The bow itself weighs about 5 pounds.

The design of this crossbow is perfect, and it is very comfortable to be held. Also, the materials used in this crossbow are very durable. The 33” composite stock from the foot claw to the end is the best feature of the crossbow. It is light in weight and provides better support. It can be used for an extended period with good accuracy until every arrow is shot.

We put this unit through all our field tests and found out that there were no problems in performance whatsoever. Our test unit could reach more than 210 FPS comfortably with a full-strung arrow; however, the manufacturer claims that up to 245 FPS is possible for this crossbow.

The draw weight is 175 lbs. which is very light compared to other crossbows. And it can generate a Power stroke of 18.5” inches. With that, the bow can kill any small to medium-sized game you can see in front of you.

The red-dot scope came at no extra cost when purchasing this crossbow package to help the shooters with enhanced accuracy. Also, with this crossbow package, you will get 2 pairs of 16” aluminum bolts, wax, a quiver, a stringer, a sling, and a cocking rope.

The only downside we found in this crossbow is that the instruction manual is not very detailed. For experienced crossbow hunters, this is not a big issue since they already know the basics about any crossbow. But the beginner may face some difficulty following the instructions to set up the crossbow.

But if you are looking for a crossbow with low price, good quality, and good performance, this one is really worth checking out. It can shoot very accurately up to 245 FPS without freezing even after extended use without any hassle.

Barnett Wildcat Camo Recurve Crossbow Package Review

The Barnett Wildcat Camo Recurve is currently one of the best affordable crossbows on the market. Declaring this as the best because, during the test, we got the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and durability. Compared to other crossbows within the same price range, this unit performs extraordinarily. 

This crossbow is super lightweight, easy to use, and powerful enough to hunt with! If you are a beginner or seasoned hunter, this X-bow Aka crossbow will work perfectly for you!

When we put this crossbow together, we were impressed with how easy it was to assemble. The instructions are clear and concise, making sure you don’t make any mistakes along the way.

We also liked this bow shipped mostly assembled, so there is less work for you before your first shot! Our other reviewed centerfire tyro crossbow had to be put together from scratch. While this Barnett Wildcat Camo was ready to go within a few minutes.

The speed is rated at 260 feet per second, giving any medium game animal a run for its money. Also, the anti-dry fire trigger system is a plus getting within this price range. This feature prevents you from accidentally shoot an arrow without being properly prepared.

We were very happy with the accuracy of this crossbow. We were getting test shots center to center at 30 yards and getting groupings of just over an inch. This is good enough to take down your game with ease.

Weighing in at only five pounds, the Barnett Wildcat Camo is one of the lightweight crossbows we have tested for under the price range. This makes it easier to carry around for long periods. Compared to centerfire tyro at eight pounds, this is a pretty big difference.

The Wildcat Camo has a draw weight of 195 pounds, which is much higher than the centerfire tyro but easy to pull back. We suggest you use a cocking aid to make sure you can get the most out of this crossbow. According to Barnett, it can generate kinetic energy of up to 57ft pounds. Which is quite enough to take down medium to larger games.

The power stroke on this crossbow is 12 inches, which is also higher than the centerfire tyro. Also, The axle-axle width is 22″ at cocked and 28″ when uncocked, making it the perfect size for most people.

We noticed that the quiver mounts parallel to the stock, which comes off as a little awkward. We also feel that the scope included with this crossbow is decent. But the fact is it will not compete with the higher-end.

The Wildcat Camo includes a lot of accessories that make this the perfect starter kit. It includes a lightweight side mount quiver, rail wax, two aluminum arrows. Also, an adjustable 4×32 multi-reticle scope.

Considering the price-value ratio, the Barnett Wildcat is one of the best budget crossbows right now available on the market. It has great accuracy, speed, and power, all while being lightweight and easy to use. If you are a beginner or seasoned hunter, this could be your next hunting weapon!

Review Of Southland Archery Supply Prophecy 80 Pound Self-cocking Pistol Crossbow

Pistol crossbows are great for small game hunting, target shooting, and self-defense. Southland Archery Supply’s Prophecy pistol crossbow is one of the best in its class.

One of the greatest advantages of this pistol crossbow is that it does not require much energy to cock. This makes it a great option for people with disabilities or limited upper body strength. Also, unlike traditional crossbows, with short stocks and power strokes (usually around 14″), you can fire the bolt within a very short time.

At the time of our testing, we were surprised by the speed and accuracy of this mini crossbow. We got consistent results in the range of around 160 FPS, and we were able to fire the bolt after bolt with no problem at all.

The Prophecy can be fired incredibly fast for its class, having an 80 lbs draw weight and a power stroke of only around three inches.

The sheer speed and accuracy of this bow make it perfect for small game hunting. For testing, we used the included scope to aim at a target from around 20 yards away and easily take down a rabbit. We could have probably taken the shot from 30 yards away if we wanted but decided not to push it.

The self-cocking design of the Prophecy pistol crossbow makes it incredibly easy to use, even for beginners. Beginners can quickly learn how to load, cock, and shoot the bow with no problem at all. The Cobra limb system is also very durable and easy to maintain.

This crossbow also comes with a Picatinny mounting rail that can be used for mounting scopes, foregrip, and others.

we would suggest you wax your string regularly to prevent it from fraying or splitting. Also, it will be wise to buy additional strings when you buy this crossbow.

The Prophecy is a great crossbow that can be used in target shooting or small game hunting.

Review Of Wildgame Innovations XR250 Crossbow

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If you need a crossbow pack with everything you need to hunt, this Wildgame innovation XR250 ready-to-hunt recurve crossbow is the right choice for you. This model comes with everything you need to get started, including two 18″ arrows with a quiver, red dot sight, and a rope cocking device.

We decided to test this crossbow by seeing the specs it offers at an affordable price range. Before purchasing this crossbow, we had some doubts, but nothing could go wrong with it after testing because of its solid features.

Its weight is 6.6 lbs, which comes in handy when holding the bow for long ranges or high-paced hunts. The reliable trigger system gives a perfect pull, making it easier for beginners to shoot the arrow without any hassle. In addition, Barnett crafted the barrel with a slotted magnesium cast for greater accuracy, ensuring accuracy and a high impact drop point blade.

We were amazed by how fast we fired the crossbow due to its lightweight and ergonomic build. Even after shooting several times, the pull is very smooth, which can’t be found in most crossbows under its price range.

On our testing, the speed we recorded on the chronograph is 230 FPS which landed on the spot at 40 yards. But according to the manufacturer, it can be fired up to 250 FPS, so again for us, that stat is really good enough.

The single red dot sight comes with the crossbow pack, making it easy to engage the target. We also found its rope cocking device very useful. So if you are not familiar with crossbows practices, or maybe for someone who has some hectic days at work, this rope cocking device will be a blessing.

During our field test, we found that the arrows that come with the crossbow are not well made, and they bend easily. Also, the instruction manual is not really helpful with many unclear instructions; it can be tricky to figure out if you are a novice. Though there are lots of videos on how to assemble this crossbow.

Overall, using this bow is fun and allowed us to learn lots of new things on the path of arrow shooting while retaining high accuracy and advancing our firing skills.

Review Of CenterPoint Tyro 4X Recurve Crossbow Package

Are you looking for a crossbow that is affordable, powerful, and easy to use? If so, then the CenterPoint Tyro 4X Recurve crossbow may be what you need. This X-bow can be used by beginners or experienced hunters who are looking for an inexpensive way to practice their shooting skills.

When we first received this crossbow, we were impressed with the quality of materials used. The stock is lightweight but durable and can be adjusted to fit anyone from beginning shooters to adults around six feet tall.

In fact, it’s so adjustable that our 14-year little cousin was able to use it comfortably. We also liked the sleek black design and adjustable rear sight, which makes aiming a breeze.

The stock is durable and is made of compression-molded fiberglass. This stock can withstand just about anything without taking damage. Overall, this is a very well-made bow that can be used for small game hunting or target practice.

This bow is quite manageable for the young and easy to carry around. The weight of this bow is around eight pounds. So young hunters or those on the smaller side probably won’t have a problem carrying this crossbow around.

With a 175lbs draw weight, this crossbow can fire arrows up to 245 fps, which is impressive for a beginner’s bow. The arrows it comes with are perfect for target practice, but they aren’t sturdy enough to be used in hunting.

The power stroke on this bow is 10.5″. It can generate kinetic energy up to 56ft-lbs, which is more than enough for killing medium to large games.

While this crossbow is not as powerful as some of the more expensive ones we reviewed. It’s still plenty dangerous and can cause a lot of damage. For safety, it comes with an auto-safety cocking mechanism.

The CenterPoint Tyro crossbow also comes complete with a 4 x 32 mm scope. So there’s no need for extra purchases, making it even more affordable.

When we tried it out, the CenterPoint Tyro was accurate at 30 yards with a consistent shot. It’s also very quiet, and we found the four 16-inch aluminum arrows it came with were well made and durable. We would recommend using field tips for hunting and broadheads when target shooting.

You will find a rope cocker and rail lube in the box, which is very useful for making it easier to draw back the arrow. We also liked the small compartment under the forearm. Here, you can store your rail lube and other small accessories.

On the downside, this bow does not come pre-assembled, so you have to assemble it yourself. But the manual is very detailed and easy to follow.

Overall, the CenterPoint Tyro is an excellent choice for beginners on a tight budget. It’s powerful, accurate, and easy to use, making it perfect for target practice or small games.

Factors To Consider Before Buying The Best Crossbow For Under $200

If you’re looking for a new hobby or want to get into archery. The next section will help you decide what to consider before you buy the crossbow for under $200 and $250.

Type of crossbow to select:

There are 3 main types of crossbows, which are compound, recurve, and reverse draw crossbows. There is also a pistol-type crossbow available in the market. They are popular for their cheaper price option and self cocking mechanism. But they are not that powerful as the 3 conventional crossbows.

types of crossbow you can find under 200 dollars

So Which crossbow type to select for under 200 dollars?

The easiest answer is to choose between pistol and recurve crossbow. Because these are available under your budget as well as both types are easy to use and maintain.

Compound crossbows are the most popular for their stability, accuracy, and power. They are perfect for large game hunting. We have reviewed a few compound crossbows which you can avail under $300. Again remember, the quality accuracy largely depends on what you are spending.

However, compared with the reverse draw crossbow, this type of crossbow is highly sophistical and expensive. We have reviewed some reverse draw crossbows on our site. Those reverse draw crossbows can be found for under $1000. The reverse draw crossbow is a powerful crossbow and is mainly popular for its weight distribution and compact size.

Which Style Do You Prefer from One and two-handed crossbows?

Two-handed crossbows are known for their power and accuracy. They work well in any weather condition and are perfect for hunting medium to large animals like deer and elk. 

Also, this crossbow style is more accurate than one-handed models due to their design. The two-handed crossbow helps you aim better at your target. 

But, the drawback of these crossbows is that they are tough to carry around. But this heavyweight gives the shooter more stability.

pistol crossbow under 200

One-handed crossbows are popular for their compact size and lightweight design. These are perfect for target shooters and hunters who love short-range shooting. Also, they are convenient for hunters who want to practice in restricted spaces. The drawback of this style is that you get less power compared to two-handed crossbows.

Choose the crossbow depending on the height of the archer:

The crossbows come in different sizes, so you need to consider the archer’s height. But most of the crossbows are made keeping in mind the average archer, so it is better to go for compact crossbows. If you are short or taller than average height, you should consider crossbows with an adjustable stock.

Velocity ( FPS):

Velocity is an indicator of the speed at which an arrow travels. The higher the velocity, the better will be your accuracy and penetration power of the projectile. You can measure a crossbow’s velocity by checking its FPS (Feet per second).

crossbow velocity offers at under 200 dollars

If your purpose of buying a crossbow is for medium-size game hunting, it should have a velocity of above 250 FPS. But if you are just going to use it as a hobby or target practice, then a crossbow with 140~200 FPS will be good enough. But if you are going to hunt large game animals then we will recommend you to choose one from the best crossbow under $600. These are all super quality having a minimum of 350 FPS and the price are not huge or low.

It is important to keep in mind the higher the velocity, the more will be its price. So before buying a crossbow, you need to determine your requirements and choose one that suits your needs

Draw Weight:

Another important factor to consider before buying a crossbow is its draw weight. Draw weight number tells you how much force you need to apply at the time of pulling your crossbow’s string. The draw weight varies from 100 pounds to over 250 pounds.

If you are a beginner, then the draw weight of your crossbow should be around 150 pounds or below. But if you are a professional hunter or archer, the draw weight should be above 150 pounds.

Bow Weight:

The bow weight is another point that you must consider before buying a crossbow. Bow weight is calculated by adding the total weight of bow, arrow, and quiver with the weight of scope on it.

Bow weight is a key factor that determines the stability and accuracy while shooting. So heavy bow weight is preferred for hunters who need a stable shooting experience.

Noise Dampener:

A noise dampener helps to reduce the loud noise while shooting. It is an important feature if you are planning to go on hunting in the woods.

Power Stroke:

The power stroke tells you how much distance your arrow rest and firing rail to keep your string in the cocked position. The power stroke varies from 13 inches to 15.75 inches. We recommend having at least 14 inches of power stroke for accurate shooting.

Axle to Axle Width:

Axle to axle width is very important because it affects the accuracy and stability of your arrow. Also, shorter axle to axle to width helps to carry around. While longer axle-to-axle width provides more stability and punches power.


The grip plays an important role because it determines how comfortable you will be while holding your crossbow. The crossbows come with different grips, so it is better to go for a compact one.

Check What Safety Features It Offer:

Safety should be the first thing that you should check before buying a crossbow. Make sure the safety of your bow is working properly and easily accessible while shooting. Various safety features come with the modern crossbow. Such anti dry fire mechanism is one of the most popular safety features.

crossbow under 200 should have safety features


The scope is the most important accessory of your crossbow. The better will be its quality, the higher you can expect to get the accuracy while shooting. The scopes made for crossbows are very different from rifles or handguns. A crossbow scope should withstand the rough weather conditions, so it is better to buy a waterproof scope.

crossbow under 200 should comes with scopes

Ease of Use:

For beginners, your crossbow must be easy to use. The modern crossbows come with different features like cocking device, arrow track system, and foldable stock. These modern features make your shooting work easier.

Addition Accessories:

There are various additional accessories available, such as quivers, cocking devices, and broadheads. You must consider buying a crossbow with the accessories already installed.

Tips For New Crossbow Users

Budget-Friendly Crossbows are a good choice for those who want to do some target shooting in their backyard. However, before you can enjoy your new crossbow, there are a few things you need to know about using it properly. If you’re not sure what these tips are yet, then keep reading!

Know what you’re buying

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the crossbow you buy will fit your needs. This means researching which type of crossbows are best for beginners and then making sure the one you choose falls into this category. Once it’s time to go shopping, be sure to compare prices out there. You want to get the best deal you can while still finding a quality product.

Use common sense when shooting

If your crossbow is not cocked properly or too loose, then it could damage your bow and injure yourself in the process. Therefore, it’s important that before you shoot any arrows, make sure that your bow is securely cocked. You should also make sure you’re wearing the proper safety gear when shooting, such as a face mask and gloves.

Know how to properly store it

After using your X-bow for target practice or hunting, be sure to put it in a safe place where pets and young children can’t get their hands on it. Make sure that place is also dry and cool, or you may damage the bow while it’s not in use.

Keep all arrows away from children

One common mistake made by bow users is to leave their spent arrows lying around after firing them off into a target. If your kids find these, they could get injured if they accidentally pick them up and try to play with them, so be sure to keep these away from everyone while they’re not in use.

Choose the right arrow tip

While most crossbows come equipped with some type of safety mechanism on their arrows (such as a plastic cap), it’s still important that you choose the best tips for your bow. For example, if you use a small or dull tip, it will take longer to penetrate your target. On the other hand, if you have large and sharp tips on your arrows, they could damage them while shooting.

Maintain regular cleaning

Finally, no matter how careful you are with your X-bow once it’s been fired off a few times, there’s always a chance that it will get dirty. So make sure you regularly clean your X-bow so that it stays in working condition for years to come, and this may even add some extra life to the bow itself if done properly.

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