7 Best PCP Air Rifles Under 1000 and 1500 Dollars: Experience The Accuracy, Power, and No Recoil

You may already know that PCP air rifles are best known for – their quick shot cycle, no recoil, and the capability to propel the pellet faster than any other type of airgun powerplant. But what about the disadvantages? One of the biggest ones is that PCP air guns can be quite expensive if you want something top-of-the-line. However, we’ve got good news for you! In this article, we’ll be looking at the best PCP air rifles under 1000 dollars, so you can find one that fits your budget and meets your needs.

A Quick View Of My Top PCP Air Rifle Picks Under 1000 And 1500 Dollars

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best pcp air rifle under 1000 dollars

Why Should You Trust This Review?

And among hundreds of different PCP air rifles, we picked the best five for you based on the data & findings of the research we conducted recently. We have tested and reviewed a bunch of PCP air rifles to find the best for you, so you can rest assured that what we’re sharing with you here is 100% accurate.

How do we select our top picks?

To add, what we did especially, we sorted out the best five available under $1000 that may suit your desire and go hand in hand with both your needs and budget. To your utter surprise, even we were in search of finding PCP air rifles under $200 without spending a fortune. But unfortunately, we were not successful, and all the five rifles in this review are priced higher than that.

Why Would You Prefer PCP Air Rifles Over Others?

Even if you aren’t an expert in the industry of guns & rifles but in any way involved and love hunting or shooting, you may already know that PCP air rifles are nearly three times more popular than other available gas piston or spring rifles in the market. 

Why? Let’s have a glance at why you would want to prefer PCP air rifles over other available guns and What the advantages you may enjoy with your pre-charge pneumatic gun!

  • In PCP Air Gun, there exists very little recoil and maintains the rapidity in terms of the shot cycle.
  • PCP air guns are way faster than other guns, and it avails the gain in downrange accuracy (Obviously only if you are worthy enough to use them).
  • Creates a very little to non-remarkable flip in the scope.
  • PCP air rifles possess a wide array of uses. You may use it for different purposes, to fulfill multiple intentions… {(Like hunting, small range hunting, different types of games, especially the game category that is based on a large scale of distance) and to cover a diverse range of actions)}.
  • Quick follow-up shot ability.
  • PCP air guns will be the least affected air rifles by temperature, which means that PCP air rifles are less temperature-sensitive.  
  • Maintains a lot more consistency compared to other guns.

Today’s Top 7 Best PCP Air Rifles Under 1000 and 1500 Dollars

N.B. I have not ranked any items. All the items I reviewed here deserve to be the first pick and only may differ, concentrating on necessity and budget.

Benjamin Armada Air Rifle

Do you know why Benjamin Armanda was so quick in getting revolutionary momentum in the market? Yes, indeed, this America built in Armada generates approximately 1125 FPS velocities while it was claimed to provide 1100 FPS with 21 foot-pounds of energy.

Accuracy, Power & Speed :  

However, if it is about the accuracy, we don’t think you would find any better than this Benjamin Armada.

We managed to achieve a half-inch group at 60 yards straight out of the box during our test, and it charged little sound, which you may enjoy with your pre-charge pneumatic gun. 

While operating the ground test, we found that even with very lower pressure (around 2375 psi), it can take down small game, such as squirrels and gophers, very easily, even from 80 yards away. Moreover, this Benjamin Armada also boasts quick follow-up shot ability and maintains a lot more consistency than other guns.


The design is also very progressive. Apart from the sleek look, it is also equipped with a 5″ Picatinny rail on top for adding optics and other attachments that you might need while hunting or shooting at large-sized targets. The AR Style buttstock is also adjustable to your liking.

Remarkable Specifications:

The reversible bolt stock is one of the impressive specifications of the Benjamin Armada AR Style rifle. This allows you to use left- or right-handed as well as position your finger correctly behind the trigger for improved accuracy during firing.

Furthermore, this gun also has Mil-Spec grips, giving it a more comfortable and secure grip. Other remarkable specification includes ambidextrous stock, built-in air pressure gauge, 215cc air reservoir, depinger, bipod, etc.

Amazing stuff about this one that may allure you to buy this one:

  • The machined receiver owning 5 inches of Picatinny rail space above the action allows you to add additional optics or attachments.
  • With different barrel types, it is supposed to deliver 16 consistent shots per fill. But in reality, it serves more as per the findings from the ground test we conducted (nearly 35 shots per fill). Let us assure you that the consequences will appear before you use this one. And you may thank us later.
  • You may thank us for being very much privileged and impressed with its speed (1100 FPS), accuracy, and the lowest noise level possible. It can be adjusted to generate different levels of velocities and to get different layers of speed.


Be very patient with the bolt action. And for left-handed airgun enthusiasts, the suggestion is to stay mentally prepared to add or buy some extra services to ensure smooth the bolt replacement. And those who would love to practice ‘single shot’ with their gun, please, add an Air venturi single shot adapter. 

Benjamin Bulldog .357 PCP Hunting Rifle With Reversible Sidelever Bolt Action

The name of this product (air-rifle) of the Benjamin series already says a lot about it. The smoothness and the easy-to-carry vibe of this air rifle may leave you awe-struck.

Accuracy, Power & Speed:

Have you ever heard of the torque or impulsive force? This Benjamin Bulldog .357 is more like that, as this easy-to-carry air rifle possesses ample power to take down even around 325 lbs. target game. All you have to do is just make sure that the bipod, Bugbuster stuff, and tactical light are pretty well organized in favor. 

While we used it, we found that the one worked utmost accurately even after assuring non-remarkable damage to the air rifle. And it now offers more precision, accuracy, and shots per fill than the previous version. It’s a beast within 90-100 yards, and furthermore, within 150 yards, it travels straight to the target. 

When we were concerned about the lead pallet velocity, as it’s one of the most critical aspects of using an air rifle, the Benjamin Bulldog did not frustrate us, corresponding to the velocity rate. Instead, it offered nearly 910 fps which is already quite impressive. In the end, it’s all about getting that slack-free trigger pull and making sure that you’re suitably equipped with all the quality ammunition to keep things going smoothly.


Looks matter! Doesn’t it? If it matters to you as well, Goosebumps! This Benjamin Bulldog offers a durable synthetic design and finish. Plus, its sleek matte black finish gives the rifle a premium classy modern look that is sure to turn heads wherever you go!

Also, the overall compact size of 36 inches allows you to take this beauty anywhere without feeling obvious about it. In addition, the high-quality build and finish make sure that it will last as long as you need it to and is a great value for your money!

Impressive specifications:

  • The barrel of this air rifle is constructed with alloy steel. And the perseverance and robustness of alloy steel are known to all. Also, alloy steel is rust-resistant, so you can expect the rifle to stay in top condition even after regular use.
  • The plastic frame material of this air gun is no doubt magical as it contributes to making the gun less weighty. 
  • Its reversible side lever bolt action makes both the left and right-handed shooter equally comfortable and efficient.
  • The 910 FPS velocity is simply amazing and will leave you feeling like the king of the hunting field!

Amazing stuff about this one that may allure you to buy this one:

  • It weighs only 9.2 pounds, and Finding a less weighty one with utmost efficiency would undoubtedly be a tall order for anybody up for taking the challenge.
  • This air rifle is seriously quiet compared to others in its class- meaning you can stealthily take down your prey without worrying about disturbing them. Benjamin uses baffle-less SoundTrap technology, which greatly reduces the firing noise and vibration!
  • While we used it for research, this crazy beast Benjamin Bulldog kept our impression in possession through precision. You also may feel the same soon after buying it.


For the sake of the reliability of our experiment, we attempted to use an automotive-type compressor to charge or revitalize it. Consequently, we strongly suggest everybody not to follow this way and instead use the hand pump. The addition of a scope and tall mounts also may help and, to some extent, can be one of the prerequisites.

Some may find the rate of shots per fill not convincing enough. We found that the fps and psi both decrease gradually, but the point of hope is that it doesn’t get down that much. Only slight changes! But it changes and decreases. So fingers crossed, but the convincing accuracy may captivate your impression.

Umarex Hammer .50 Caliber PCP Powered Pellet Gun Air Rifle: The most powerful one.

Previously, we stated that Benjamin Armada managed a revolutionary momentum, and finding a less weighty one than Benjamin Bulldog .357 would be a tall order for anybody. However, let us assure you that Umarex Hammer itself is the revolution. Weighing only 5 pounds (with additional parts, it may weigh around 8.5 pounds) and offering a blazing 1130 FPS with a 320-grain pellet, this little powerhouse is the perfect hunting companion.

Accuracy, Power & Speed:

Accuracy somewhat depends on the sniper as well. Nevertheless, some of our friends who previously used this Umarex Hammer .50 claimed it is the ‘most powerful production air rifle on the planet.’ But we had to witness it in real! So, we put this air rifle as well onto the test. And indeed, it is the most powerful one! 

This is a significantly less weighty comfortable airgun with a suitable power level to handle the larger games. Its FPS is head and shoulders above the competition, which cannot help but make you want to take it into the field immediately! When it throws the pellet out of itself, it makes sure that the pellet that is about to be released howls, roams, and travels through the air with such precision and no weight and invests all the power precisely onto the target to put it down This is no toy; it’s a serious piece of hunting equipment that has been designed with precision in mind and will provide you with years of satisfying shooting experience.

And when it’s about speed, this Umarex Hammer is incomparable because of its lightspeed valve, innovative and compact production, the space of a dual-chamber magazine, and proprietary (not less than 1150 fps). In addition, you can be charged at up to 4500 psi. It is named hammer for a reason! When we were using it for our research, the power mounted on the target was equivalent to the power adequate to put a big game on the ground.


A horn on the hammer! Exaggerated? It’s a good feel gun and is offered in multi-color.

Impressive specifications:

It possesses:

  • one Picatinny rail (lightweight machined aluminum rail) for optics mounting
  • a modern stock blueprint M-lock for accessory mounting a 24 cubic inch carbon fiber air tank
  • carl Walther precision barrel
  • sound-absorbing composite barrel shroud
  • Lightspeed valve and safety blocks.

Amazing stuff about this one that may allure you to buy this one:

  • It is a three full power shots gun. It can make 4 full power regulated shots, including one finishing shot (utilizing one full tank power).
  • For safety purposes, this gun comes with two safety features. One is magazine lock-out which means the gun won’t fire if the magazine is not properly inserted into the air rifle. Secondly, it also has a trigger block safety which means that the air rifle will not fire if the trigger is not pulled fully back.
  • One of the most convenient things about this gun is that the owner of such a gun won’t need to put on the hearing safety as it makes nearly no sound.
  • The high–pressure air pump available within or for the use of the gun doesn’t require oil or LFR for cooling.
  • Accuracy? We managed to hit a golf ball from a distance of nearly 100 yards.


While we put multiple Umarex Hammer into the test, we saw a few pellets traveling on the lower surface of the air after shooting. However, operational success depends on the sniper’s skills.

The gun is potent, and this is why anybody near can be susceptible to disastrous consequences as the lead may explode out of the back (applicable for only the one misfunctioned). However, overall, our experience was excellent with this Umarex hammer. Also, Be very cautious about the leakage of the tank.

AirForce Condor PCP Air Rifle, Spin-Loc Tank

If you are looking for a pretty enjoyable good looking mid-range air rifle and that also gifts beastlike performance within 50 yards, then no air rifle can serve your purpose more than ‘Airforce condor PCP.’

Accuracy, Power & Speed:

Don’t you think 1450 fps is something groundbreaking corresponding to power or speed? And yes, within 50 yards, the Airforce condor can produce devastating impact shots. With a velocity of up to 1450 fps, you can easily take down a medium-sized game at a range extending beyond 100 yards or so. 

However, in terms of accuracy, we found the pellet sometimes deviates a little away after it starts traveling the windy pathway crossing 50 yards of distance. While we endeavored using longer & larger pellets, we found the beast machine (Airforce condor) generating lower velocities. Even though the manufacturers claimed the concerned Airforce Condor to be able to produce the maximum speed of 1450 fps, it ended up producing nearly 1500 fps while the ground test. 


It’s a rifle that possesses a veneer-like smooth surface in the outer part of its possession. It has three different layers and consists of three distinct parts and looks so premium.

Impressive specifications:

  • It is equipped with a rubber buttplate which helps in steadying the gun.
  • This is almost lightweight, only 6.1 lbs in weight.
  • The trigger pull is 3.0 lbs, and the length of the barrel is 24 inches.
  • It maintains the bolt action and owns a 490 cc cylinder 
  • The triggers feature is two-stage non-adjustable, 
  • This whole rifle body typed machine avails 5 lbs cocking effort.

Amazing stuff about this one that may allure you to buy this one:

  • “50 shots per fill” is undoubtedly an amazing feat to reach… And Airforce Condor exactly has that.
  • Astoundingly easy to load.
  • Offers great flexibility for being lightweight.
  • Reasonable price in terms of what it offers.
  • Based on the different use, the power can be raised and diminished.


This air rifle makes a sound, and some people may not prefer it, and at the same time, some may enjoy it well. However, following the consequence of our field test, if especially we are supposed to comment, we would say that adding a repeater and a regulator could have been an added advantage. In addition, the inclusion of different bolt-on grips for different sizes of hands can also be of great help.

Benjamin Akela BPA22W .22-Caliber PCP-Powered Multi-Shot Side Lever Hunting Air Rifle, Bullpup

This Benjamin Akela is such an air rifle that it gets stock out whenever it hits the market as it is specially designed and manufactured for hunting and different shooting sports.

Accuracy, speed & Power: 

Can you imagine an air rifle making up to 60 shots per fill, which is also at 3000 PSI? Sorry, you don’t have to imagine it! The brown king Benjamin Akela is the one we are talking about

It delivers pellets up to 1000 fps with 32 FPE. So when we put this gun into the ground test, we found this real! 

Within 30-50 yards, we found this one to be working accurately, and with 15-22 grams pellets, it demonstrated the highest consistency.


This item weighs only around 7.75 pounds which is quite manageable for carrying around. We already declared it the brown king. Its majestic looks will no doubt be alluring to you. It’s a beautiful woody with a magical fit and finish.

Impressive specifications:

  • Shrouded steel barrel, 
  • 12 shot rotary magazine, and 
  • Turkish Walnut stock, which is balanced and adjustable; 
  • the barrel material is alloy steel. 

But especially the features that keep this one a little aside and ahead are

  • the side cocking lever
  • power adjuster knob, and 
  • Picatinny mounting rail. 

Amazing stuff about this one that may allure you to buy this one:

  • If you enjoy the traditional craftsmanship and, at the same time, expect your airgun to be equipped with ultra-modern technology, then this one should be your top pick for you. If you want to leave none and desire to have both in one, this is the best one we may suggest to you.
  • PCP powered & Break barrel; availability of different compatible magazines & tools.
  • Robust, sleek, hardwood, durable synthetic, modern styling, and traditional craftsmanship.
  • Ensures high performance, executes the intended intention perfectly and exceeds standards. While we were using it, it never leaked even a single time.


Be cautious about the scope. For nitpick, you might struggle with the regulation or maintenance.

Benjamin Kratos BPK25W .25-Caliber PCP-Powered Multi-Shot Side Lever Hunting Air Rifle

Yes, this is one of the best .25 cal PCP air rifles. And this brownish one weighs around 8.30 pounds.

Contrast, design, specifications & discussion:

It is nearly the same as Benjamin Akela (the one above). It also does make sound, but both the Benjamin Akela and Benjamin Kratos are equipped with integrated sound suppression.

And both the rifles of the Benjamin series possess adjustable cheek pieces, shrouded rifled steel barrels, adjustable trigger shoes, 10 shot rotary magazines, and both can make 60 shots per fill at 3000 psi. A beautifully furnished one with a nice finishing of wood and metal.

Accuracy, power & speed:

We tried approximately all types of pellets we found available and near us for doing an accuracy test, and the result was extraordinary. This rifle is not regulated as it is made to put power into the display.


  • Cycling jams will be rare or non-existent. 
  • It is the most noiseless 25-caliber air rifle.
  • Its ultra-smooth side lever cocking will leave you amazed. 
  • 900 FPS is an easy gain, literally flawless with every action.


Be a little careful with the Allen screws, as while operating, we found barrel slides forward, and sometimes screws may jump out. Still, if you can make sure that the screws are well tightened up (with the provided tools, it’s possible), it is one of the best beasts in the business out In the market.

Benjamin Marauder PCP Air Rifle, Synthetic Stock

Amongst all the air rifles we tested earlier for the sake of helping you find the best-suited one for yourself, this Benjamin Marauder PCP has been the cheapest one, especially with price but surely not the one that compromised the quality.

Accuracy, Power & Speed:

As per manufacturers’ claims, this Benjamin Marauder owns the ability to generate nearly 1100 fps. However, while we used it for the field test, it exceeded even the expectations. 

The significant part is that filling the Marauder air gun between 2500-2600 (more than 2500 and less than 2600) may help you reserve the best possible accuracy. Even Though maximum velocity can be adjusted at different levels, our suggestion remains those mentioned above. The choked barrel actually spearheads more accuracy for this airgun.


Vintage, classy, adorable. 

 Impressive specifications: 

Things that made the difference in Benjamin Marauder are as follows: 

  • Soft rubber recoil pad buttplate, 
  • the repeater function, 
  • manual safety measures, 
  • .177 caliber, 
  • 20″ barrel length, 
  • 32 max shots per fill ( though we found it making more shots while the test occurred), 
  • 215 cc cylinder. 

What mostly redirected the value of this airgun was it’s 

  • shot repeater; basically, the shot repeater we are talking about is availed with the auto-indexing feature.

 Amazing stuff that may allure you to buy this one:

  • The presence of the Choked barrel to reserve utmost accuracy.
  • Adjustable to gain different velocities.
  • Built-in manometer.
  • Increased aluminum breach that makes the circular loading magazine easier.
  • No compromise corresponding to quality, accuracy, and expectations. And we feel like it even costs less than it deserves. 

The Concluding Remark:

Here we presented you with the best PCP air rifles under $1000 and 1500, which may best satiate your desire and needs. And listen! You won’t have to toot your own horns after buying any of these rifles we reviewed here. Your Zest will talk on behalf of you. 

And we firmly believe that your pleasure matters first! Thus, we found the best air rifles available amongst hundreds of others in the existing market for under $1000 and $1500 only for your convenience. Best of luck with your Zest!

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