Best See Through Ground Blinds For Hunting: Our Top 7 Picks

See-through ground blinds have been around for a while; however, they have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. So should you join the see-through blind bandwagon or stick to the traditional ground blind?

Yes, obviously, you should. 

You see, unlike traditional ground blinds, see-through blinds give you a truly unobstructed view of your surroundings. These blinds are built with a see-through mesh that allows you to see outside, but animals can’t see inside the blind.

This, combined with their camouflage, means you can see game animals from all sides without them even knowing you are there. And as you might expect, this drastically increases your chances of bagging a buck or a gobbler. 

These blinds are particularly effective for turkey and deer hunting. Still, they can be used to hunt other animals as well. Now that you know why you should get yourself a see-through hunting blind, which is the best see through ground blind?

A Quick View Of Our Top Picks

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best See Through Ground Blinds

How We Picked Our Top Picks?

To help you pick the best see-through hunting blind, we have compiled a list of seven see through ground blinds to choose from. We picked these seven based on their size and tried to stick to large blinds to fit at least two people. We also considered how quiet the doors are and the type of see-through mesh used.

Differences Between See-Through And Traditional Blinds

The difference between see-through and other types of blinds is the exterior material. With traditional blinds, the material used is usually opaque, and there is no way to see through it. These blinds will have windows on the front to help you see your prey. Though, it is always true a high-end hunting gear will not determine how successful you will be on your hunt, simply put a good hunter with poor gear can still outperform a poor hunter with great gear. Also, other ground blinds for bow hunting listed on our site are also good choices to consider if you are looking for an effective blind to hunt from.

With see-through blinds, the material used is usually transparent and there is no way to hide from predators outside. These blinds give the predator an unrestricted view of what may or may not be happening inside the blind. However, it should also be noted that see-through blinds are just as vulnerable to damage as other types of blinds, so care must be taken when setting them up in remote locations.

See-through blinds feature a translucent material you can see through. Thus you can see your surroundings from anywhere inside the blind. However, wild animals cannot see through the material. Thus from the outside see-through blinds look like any other blind. 

Advantages of See-Through Blinds

  1. There are no blind spots in see-through blinds. With traditional blinds with windows, you are limited to seeing only what is in front of you. With see-through blinds, there is no such limitation as you can see from any point in the blind.
  2. With see-through blinds, there is no way for your prey to see you. With some traditional blinds where you have to open the windows, game animals can see you through the windows. 
  3. See-through ground blinds come with camouflage that allows them to blend in with the brush, trees, and other foliage, keeping you well hidden from prey.
  4. With some see-through ground blinds, you can shoot through the see-through mesh; though not always effective, it is possible.

Can Deer See through The Ground Blind Mesh

As already stated, one of the advantages of one way see through hunting blinds is that animals cannot see through the mesh while outside. As such, deer and other animals cannot see you through the mesh.

Does the See-Through Mesh Affect Arrow Accuracy

Will shooting an arrow through the see-through mesh of a see-through pop-up blind affect the arrow’s accuracy? We tested the effects of shooting through this mesh on arrow accuracy using stinger buzzcut fixed broadheads from 20 yards.

The mesh did not affect the accuracy as the arrows hit the target. From a longer range of 40 yards through, the arrow was slightly off by about an inch. So from our tests, shooting through the mesh does not affect the accuracy. We would recommend using something other than mechanical broadheads, though. 

The see-through mesh is designed to work with field points and fixed broadhead.

The Best See Through Ground Blinds: Or Top 7 Picks

TIDE Hunting Blind See-Through with Carrying Bag

The TIDE Huntington blind has three full see-through panels. These three offer a 270-degree unobstructed view of your surroundings. It is also quite large and can fit two to three hunters, though we recommend sticking to a maximum of two hunters.

One-Way See Through Mesh

The stars of the show in these hunting blinds are the three full see-through panels. These panels have a realistic outer camo pattern that allows the blind to seamlessly blend into the surroundings. And thanks to these panels, you can see all around you without having to move.

Fairly Large Blind

In terms of dimensions, these blind measures 66 inches in height and has a hub to hub dimensions of 75 by 75 inches. The floor space is 58 by 58 inches, which is pretty roomy. We found that it could comfortably hold two hunters. Having a third person inside is possible, but it will feel cramped. 

Lightweight and Good Design

When you want to shoot, you can easily lower the windows quietly. The blind also comes with a strapped carrying case, which makes it easy to carry. The metal hub and reinforced corners of the blind mean it can withstand harsh weather. 


This is one of the best see-thru hunting blinds on the market; however, it does have some cons. Firstly, the door is a bit small, making it difficult to get in and out. Also, the blind can be difficult to set up the first time. Besides that, it offers excellent value for money especially considering its price.

Rhino Blind R180 3-Person See-Through Hunting Ground Blind

Rhino Blinds are some of the market’s most popular see-through deer blinds. So we decided to have a look at the R180 3-person see-through hunting ground blind. And here is what you can expect from it.

Well Built and Designed

Our first impressions of this blind were quite positive though it isn’t the lightest ground blind by any stretch. But this is mainly due to its construction which features a rod and hub system. The blind comes with a case with a shoulder strap that can be used as a backpack. It also has a large zipper-less door, which was much better than that on the TIDE.

Two See-Through Panels

Unlike the TIDEWE blind, though, this one comes with only two see-through panels. However, the two panels offer incredible views of your surroundings. It’s a 180-degree view but still very clear, and as you would expect, animals outside cannot see through it. 

Quiet And Camoflouged

One of the best things about this blind is its camouflage and how quiet it is. The windows can be pulled down using pretty silent sliders. Also, the oversized door does not use a zipper, making it silent as well. The moss-oak camo pattern allows it to blend in well, and you can add to it using the brush loops it comes with it. 


The Rhino was beaten to first place by the TIDEWE because it offers a 180-degree viewing angle compared to the 270-degree viewing angle of the TIDE. And in terms of size, both are of the same dimensions. And overall, this is a great blind that is well-built and has some pros that you do not get with our top choice.

HUNT MONSTER See-Through Hunting Blind

The Hunt Monster blind is one of the larger options on our list. This transparent ground blind can be used for hunting turkeys and deer. It also has a unique design that allows for better viewing angles.

Built To Withstand Harsh Weather

The exterior material used to make this blind is completely waterproof. When it rains, the rainwater runs down the sides of the blind without getting into the blind. You also get the tie-down stakes and rope to reinforce the blind in strong winds. When not tied down to the ground, it can easily get blown over, so it’s a good idea to tie it down.

Three See-Through Panels

It has three see-through panels that offer a 300-degree view of your surroundings. These panels also feature adjustable windows. The windows have two zippers, and you can adjust their opening.

Large Ground Blind

As already mentioned, this is quite a large ground blind. At the center, it measures 72 inches and has a floor space of 60 by 60 inches. There should be plenty of room for bow hunters and to accommodate 2 to 4 hunters. 


There is a lot to love about this see-through pop-up blind, but there are also a couple of things we did not like. For instance, it can be challenging to set up and take down. But this was the only major issue we noted with this ground blind.

Your Choice Hunting Blind 3 Person 270 Degree See Through Ground Blinds 

The Your Choice Hunting Blind can be considered a competitor of Rhino see-through hunting blinds. So how does it compare to the Rhino blinds? Well, for starters, it is cheaper than the Rhino blinds.

Large Size

In terms of size, it is similar to the Rhino blinds though it is slightly higher at the center, measuring 67 inches. However, this is only a difference of one inch. The floor space is 58 by 58, which can comfortably accommodate two hunters.

Three See-Through Panels

It has three see-through panels that offer a 270-degree view. These panels each have a window that opens silently, and their opening can be adjusted. The inside of the blind is quite dark, making it easy for you to see prey without being detected, even when the windows are open.

Lightweight Construction

This blind is also relatively lightweight and is made of fiberglass rods that support the tent. On the outside, the mesh material is wear-resistant. This means it can withstand various weather conditions, from rain and snow to wind.


The fiberglass support poles are unlike the metal poles you find on Rhino blinds, and they may need to be more durable. However, for its price, it is well worth it and is easy to carry and set up thanks to its weight. 

THUNDER BAY 3-4 Person Hidden Threat See-Through Hunting Blind

The ThunderBay Hidden threat see-through hunting blind is another that is significantly large. It can comfortably accommodate three hunters and comes with three see-through panels. And there is more to expect from this hunting blind.

Large Interior

This blind is quite large, with a center height of 70 inches and hub-to-hub dimensions of 80 by 80. As for the floor space, it measures 62 by 62 inches. This is enough space to fit three to four hunters, though it works best as a three-person blind for comfort.

Three See-Through Panels

The tent has three see-through panels that give you a clear view of everything around you. The exterior of the mesh is made from an XJ camo polyester fabric. This fabric is quite tough and can survive wind and rain. 

Easy To Set Up

One of the surprising things about this blind is how easy it is to set up and take down. Considering its size, it easily folds and becomes small enough to put in a carrying bag. The carrying bag is included with the blind.


Is there anything we did not like about the blind? Well, the only issue we could point out is the stakes that come with the blind aren’t the best. It will be better to buy new ones. But given the price and overall quality of the blind, the added cost isn’t such a big deal.

Primal Treestands Wraith 270 Deluxe Blind: Best See Through Turkey Blind

The Primal Treestands Wraith 270 Deluxe blind is another transparent hunting blind that can be an ideal option for turkey or deer hunting. It is large enough to fit two hunters and lightweight for easy carrying.

Three See-Through Panels

The blind features three see-through panels. When inside, you can see outside, but animals outside cannot see you. The three panels give you a 270-degree view of everything around you.

Good Design And Construction

When it comes to design and construction, the blind has windows that slide silently. It has a floor space of 58 by 58 and a ceiling height of 67 inches. This should be enough to fit at least two hunters. 

Lightweight and Portable

It is easy to carry and is also very lightweight. So taking it to the field should be easy enough. The blind comes with high wind tie-downs that should keep it standing even in strong winds. It comes with a carry backpack included as well.


The zipper on the door could be better, and we found it to be a bit difficult to set up and take down. But it was mainly due to the need for more clarity of the instructions. Once you get the hang of it, it will be your one of the best ground blinds for turkey hunting.

Black Hoof Outdoors 360 Degree View Hunting Blind

Last on our list is the Black Hoof Outdoors 360-degree view hunting blind. This blind is one of the most portable blinds you can buy. It is ideal if you change locations often, as it is easy to set up and take down.

Vertical Windows And Shoot Through Mesh

Eight vertical windows give you a clear view of your surroundings. And when it comes time to shoot, you can use any of the four shoot through mesh openings. These come in the form of four triangular openings.

Added Camouflage

The blind feature a leaf pattern camouflage to keep you well hidden. For extra camouflage, the blind does have loops you can use to fix foliage or tree leaves. The blind is also large enough for easy movement while inside.

Good construction

This blind is very well made and should withstand harsh weather. On top of this, it also comes with tie-down stakes. 


There are a few things we did not like about it, though. For one, the shooting windows are too low, and you have to be sitting to shoot. Also, the tie-down stakes are short. Nevertheless, this is still a great see-through ground blind.

Things To Consider For Buying The Best see-through Blind

When looking for the best see-through hunting blind, there are several things to consider. These factors will determine how good the blind is for your specific use case.

Ease of Set Up

When you get to the field, you want to be able to set up your blind quickly and easily. The same goes when you have to take it down. Blinds with a pop-up design are easy to set up and take down. Also, check whether the blind includes additional accessories, such as tie-down stakes and ropes, to help secure it to the ground easily.

See Through Mesh and Ease of Set Up See Thru Ground Blind

The See-Through Mesh

See-though ground blinds get their names from the one-way see-through mesh used to make the exterior. Some blinds will have three panels of this mesh, while others will have two. A blind with two panels of this mesh will offer a 180-degree view.

This is sufficient for most hunters, but if you want to get a complete view of your surroundings, go for one with three panels that offer a 270-degree view.

The construction

A good see-through blind should give you an advantage over your prey and protect you from the elements. Thus the material used to make the blind should be tough enough to withstand rainwater. Polyester is the primary material used to make see-through blinds.

The fabric should be waterproof so as not to let water in when it rains. Also, tie-down stakes will help secure the blind when it’s windy, preventing it from toppling due to strong winds. 

The Size of The Blind

How many people do you want to accommodate inside the blind? If you hunt with a friend, a large blind, such as the THUNDER BAY 3-4 Person Hidden Threat, See Through Hunting Blind will be an ideal choice.

However, if you hunt alone with a bow, a smaller blind will do. Nonetheless, it is wise to go for a blind that can accommodate at least two people. This will give you enough space to draw your bow and fire.

The Camofolouge

The type of camouflage also used matters; patterns like the moss-oak pattern allow a blind to blend in well with the surroundings. Apart from camouflage, you also want a blind with brush loops where you can add foliage or leaves for added camouflage.

Silent Window Sliders

While see-through blinds give you a view of your surroundings, they also come with windows you can open to make a shot. When opening a window, you want to avoid spooking your prey. Thus the window slides should be silent and adjustable. 

Easy To Carry

You will need a way to carry your blind to the field and back home. This is why a carry bag is an essential accessory to look for. This bag allows you to carry your blind easily, and some can be carried as backpacks.

Durable Straps

Most see-through blinds come with straps at the top and on the sides that make them easy to set up. These straps need to be strong and durable as you will be pulling on them quite frequently.

The brush straps that are used on the brush loops to hold additional foliage for camouflage also need to be durable enough to hold the added foliage.

The Hub System

The hub is the shell where the see-through material is attached and gives the ground blind structure and stability. For a see-through ground blind, you want a metal hub. This kind of hub can easily withstand harsh weather such as strong winds without the blind toppling over.

Tie Down Stakes and Ropes

Speaking of strong winds, if you hunt in an area prone to strong winds you also want a blind that comes with wind tie-down stakes and rope. This additional equipment help give blind stability and anchor it to the ground even in extreme winds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can deer see-through mesh

No, the see-through mesh is designed to be one-way see-through. This means you can see through the mesh while inside the blind but animals cannot see through it from outside.

Do Ground Blinds Control Scent?

On their no, however, with the right scent-eliminating products, ground blinds can help minimize your human odor. Spray the inside of the blind with a scent-eliminating spray and practice all other scent-blocking tactics, such as washing yourself and your gear with scent-free soap.

Can I shoot Through The See-Through Mesh With A Bow Or Rifle?

It is not advisable to shoot through the see-through mesh with a rifle. However, you can do it with a bow; however, check to see if the blind’s description states that it’s possible to do so.

Should I Use A Tree stand or Ground Blind to Hunt Deer?

Both have pros and cons and will depend on your hunting preferences. A ground blind can accommodate a hunting buddy, which is also safer. On the other hand, a tree stand gives you a better view of the prey, and deer typically do not look for threats from up in the trees. So it comes down to your hunting style and preference.

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