Types Of Rifle Cases And How To Buy Rifle Cases

Everyone has their own opinion on which is better, a soft rifle case or a hard rifle case. We are not here to tell you which is better. Rather we are here to tell you what each rifle case has to offer, as well as to give you an informed idea of which rifle case is best for your need.

The idea is to give you as much information as possible for you to make your own decision. As such, we will be looking at both the pros and cons of each type of rifle case. In addition, we will be analyzing some of the factors to consider when shopping for one.

However, irrespective of the case, having a case is necessary. These valuable accessories protect your firearms from physical damage, moisture, and theft. Also, the best and legal way to carry your tactical rifle to a gun range or to a hunt is inside a rifle case.

Types Of Rifle Cases

A tactical rifle can be carried by sling when in operation. Also, when on a hunt going from one location to another. But when not in use you will need a rifle case to transport your tactical rifle. This is where you need the best tactical rifle case. 

There are Two types of rifle cases; 

Each of has unique features and advantages; Let’s  Learn Which are the best tactical soft rifle cases as well as the best tactical hard cases for your precious guns.

best tactical rifle case

How To Buy Rifle Case Without Breaking The Bank

When shopping for the best rifle case for the money, there are a number of factors to consider. The main factors to consider are.

Durability and toughness

The best rifle case has to be tough and durable. However, the measure of durability and toughness varies depending on your needs. If you want a case to carry your hunting rifle, it needs to be tough enough to withstand the elements.

The same toughness will not be necessary for a case for going to the gun range. A soft rifle case will be an ideal choice for the gun range while a hard case for hunting.

Storage capacity

Guns vary in length, and rifle cases are built on this principle. Some rifle cases are designed for long rifles while others are built for shorter rifles. Get a rifle case that can easily accommodate your rifle.

rifle case storage capacity
rifle case storage capacity

For a long rifle, a 46-inch long case will be an ideal option. Also, it is important to know how many guns a case can accommodate. Some can adjust two and a handgun while others can only accommodate one gun.


How easy is it to transport your rifle in a rifle case? This is especially if you are traveling by air or ship. For long-distance travel, you need a portable case. If it is a heavy case, it helps to have wheels that you can use to pull it behind you.

rifle case portability


Let’s be honest; everyone has their own idea of how much a decent rifle case should cost. This means we all look at cost when shopping for a rifle case. It is always wise to stick to your budget, but at the same time, settle on a case that can meet your needs.


Whichever type of gun you own, you can never ignore the importance of a good quality rifle case. To purchase one, you must have a purpose in mind. Maybe for carrying your rifle to the gun range or carrying it to your favorite hunting ground.

How and what you intend to use your rifle case will influence the type of case you should get. Some are more suited to the great outdoors than others. Also, the number of rifles and accessories you want to carry on a regular basis.

Some can only accommodate one rifle while others can accommodate two and several handguns, as well as extra magazines. In essence, the best rifle case is the one that best meets your needs.

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