Best .25 Caliber Air Rifle For Hunting and Target Shooting: My Top 6 Picks

Has it ever occurred to you that while hunting coyotes, your rifle is so sloppy that it’s bad at aiming and so heavy that it lags you behind? A heavy gun with a bad trajectory can quickly expose you to dire and threatening situations as such.

In cases like this, especially hunting, a rifle with power and speed without the heaviness is your answer. And this is where the .25 caliber air rifle comes in.

It offers you a flat trajectory with great power and helps you run as fast as possible for its lightweight. You’ll have a million-dollar smile when you know that you can also use the best .25 caliber air rifle for self-defense.

To help you find your best friend in hunting and cut it to the chase, I’ve selected and reviewed the best ones you can rely on with closed eyes. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

A Quick View Of My Top .25 Cal Air Rifle Selections

Hatsan AirTact ED .25 Cal 750 FPS / 24 FPE - Brake Barrel...
Air Gun Power Type
Spring Piston
Umarex Origin PCP .25 Caliber Pellet Gun Air Rifle
Air Gun Power Type
Pre-Charged Pneumatic
Umarex Gauntlet 2 PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle, 25 Caliber
Air Gun Power Type
Pre-Charged Pneumatic
Hatsan Mod 95 Spring Combo Spring Piston Air Rifle, .25...
Air Gun Power Type
Spring Piston
Benjamin Armada BTAP25 .25-Caliber Pellet PCP Hunting/...
Air Gun Power Type
Pre-Charged Pneumatic
Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle, .25 Caliber
Air Gun Power Type
Pre-Charged Pneumatic

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Best .25 Caliber Air Rifle for hunting and target shooting

How We Picked the 6 Top .25 cal Air Rifle

It can be difficult to scoop out the best and perfect one from all those batches of .25 cal air rifles. Hence, we’ve done all the in-depth research by going through every aspect of the .25 caliber air rifle.

We went through every category, section, and type. Then, we scouted out the best ones based on accuracy, construction, power, velocity, trajectory, and durability that will suit every ounce of your hunting experience. 

So, whether you’re on the hunt for a fierce speedy air rifle or a durable and robust rifle, you’ll get it all here as we’ve got you covered.

Why Should You Trust Our Review

We know all the ins and outs of hunting as we’ve been hunting for years. And we’re well aware of how the air rifle should be and what criteria suit this line of work best. 

As we understand the importance of having the right tools, you can rest assured that we’ve scouted out only the best ones out of the entire batch.

When Should You Use The .25 Caliber Air Rifle?

You won’t go wrong with a .25 caliber for medium game hunting or wild animal hunting, no matter the occasion. Some of the most common use consists of-

Controlling Varmint

Habitation of creatures around the suburbs is rather common than it seems. And if you happen to live there, it’s no surprise that you already might be facing issues with them.

roddent control with .25 air rifle

Varmints can be toxic, and they’re prone to danger. For instance, if a possum or a raccoon intrudes on your house, they’ll spread germs everywhere. However, using a .caliber air rifle can be a great way to control varmints.

Practicing Target Shoots

Air rifles are rather popular for practicing Target Shoots. Practicing targeting improves aiming and allows an individual to learn new techniques.

.25 Air rifle Practicing Target Shoots

A .25 caliber air rifle will serve you flawlessly if you’re interested in target practicing. However, be prepared with bullets and a target you can shoot on.

Competitive Shooting

There are loads of competitive shooting arenas in the present times. Nowadays, you’ll even see events sponsoring a competitive shooting game with trophies and prizes.

.25 Air rifle for competitive shooting

And during these games, you’ll need a steady, accurate, and high-velocity air rifle with precise shooting. There’s no better option than a good ol’ .25 caliber air rifle.

Parting Shot

Gun lovers actively partake in parting shots to keep their skills and practice and sometimes even challenge their pals. 

But, of course, the enjoyment only doubles when you’re going to opt for a .25 caliber air rifle on such occasions. After all, a perfect and accurate rifle can never go wrong.

Hiking and Hunting

You can, without a doubt, use a .25 air rifle for hunting and hiking. But, whether it’s raccoons, possums, deers, or any wild animals, you can achieve a perfect bull’s eye from this rifle.

You can also use this rifle to scare off or capture wilds through its types and settings.

Tips On Using .25 Cal Air Rifle

A .25 cal air rifle can be a fun and learning experience. However, before you use it, there are some tips you should follow to avoid any complications. Like-

  • Never forget to activate the safety switch. You may disengage it when you’re ready to aim your target.
  • Always keep in mind that your rifle is loaded. Stay away from pointing out things you don’t want to shoot on. Doing so will prevent unforeseen accidents.
  • Never store or carry your rifle cocked if it’s a nitro or Springer piston design. If you don’t do so, your spring mechanism can get damaged. And if it’s PCP, make sure you keep the gas tanks filled up to specifically limited pressure.
  • Remember to wash your hands after you touch the pellets of your rifle. Always handle the shells with care, as they might get distorted if made of metal.

Best .25 Caliber Air Rifle for Hunting– A Detailed Review

After going through all the ins and outs of the best material design, construction, speed, weight, maximum capacity, in short, everything you’d prefer best, we’ve selected the six most powerful .25 air rifles you can come across on the market. Here’s a detailed review of these best air rifles to help you scoop out your favorite.

Air Venturi Avenger Caliber Regulated PCP Air Rifle

The Air Venturi has been an innovator since 2010. This brand has always been one step higher in durability and longevity, from innovating top-quality guns to making your shooting fun and safe experience.

Gun Types:

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly PCP air rifle rather than spending hefty price On PCP air rifle, the Air Venturi Avenger should be your first choice. As it’s a versatile air rifle, it’s available in all three types of air guns, including the variable pump, gas pistons, spring pistons, and the pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle.


It includes two magazine shots, which allows the hunters to own an 8-round magazine capacity on a single image. As a result, you can keep aiming at the target without worrying about the rounds. We were able to take a shot single-handedly while testing it in the field.

Accuracy, Power, and, Velocity:

This rifle can deliver the aim on the target with an intense 900 FPS through a .25 caliber rifle alone. This range is one of the best accuracy, power, and velocity ranges.

Our personal field experience and expertise found that the range stays put up to the mark and doesn’t disappoint you.


Mounting a scope is easier than ever, thanks to its 11mm weaver/ dovetail combo-tail. That means it’ll fit no matter what type of mounts you install.

Additionally, there’s also a Picatinny section, which will allow you to mount various accessories like lasers, lights, and bipods.

Why We Like it

This .25 air rifle can fill up to 3,000 psi per 210 bars with an adjustable regulator and two-stage adjustable triggers. As a result, you’ll get extremely power-oriented shoots with accurate and precise aims.

This rifle can regulate the noise levels on three levels. As a result, you can either set it to silent or loud– whatever you prefer. However, it also comes with an advanced shrouded barrel that makes it noise-dampening and backyard-friendly.

Another big breakthrough of this rifle is the safety it ensures you. Despite a loaded and power-packed performance, it has multiple adjustable barrels accompanying a safety manual. As a result, a safe experience is guaranteed when you go for this powerful .25 caliber air rifle.

Last but not least, it weighs only 3.3 lbs, which makes it extremely lightweight. This air rifle will not slow you down whatsoever.


The Air Venturi Avenger sometimes tunes up loosely adjustable, making it harder to carry for physically weaker people.

Who Needs This Product

For its amazing FPS range of up to 900 and safe adjustable triggers, the Air Venturi Avenger can be used by hunters, small fun games, and even varmint hunting. Beginners, as well as professionals, can use this powerful .25 air rifle without a second thought.

Benjamin Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle

The Benjamin Marauder is known as the Big Dog in the hunting game of air rifles. The marauders have been relevant since 2009 and completely changed the game by leveling up the PCP one step higher.

Gun type:

Regarding the gun type, the Benjamin Marauder offers the best kind, which is also known as a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) pellet gun. It comes with an auto-indexing feature, allowing you to use the rifle repeatedly on ten shots with an improved projectile.

Accuracy, Power, and Velocity:

With an adjusted muzzle velocity, this rifle shines even brighter. The muzzle velocity and the pallets can be changed and adjusted, increasing the action’s speed to an extreme level. It can power through up to 900 FPS, which performs like a high ground velocity, and will allow you to shoot your target in the blink of an eye.

It also has a shrouded barrel, ensuring repetitive hits and accurate aims to the target. We used a chronograph machine to test it out and saw our shots ranged from exactly 890-900 FPS, which is as fast and precise as possible.

Foot pounds of Energy:

In terms of FPE or foot-pounds of energy, it can generate up to 50 FPE per user. That means, both the weight and the velocity combined, this high fee range can achieve the most accuracy and effectiveness in hunting.

And to measure it, we found out through the chronograph clock that our first shot reached 30 FPE without any effort. After that, it gradually got to 48 FPE and had a tight grip, just as stated by the manufacturer.

Adjustable Regulator:

The most interesting part is that it has a built-in reversible bolt too. This term means that both left-handed and right-handed shooters can switch it on either one of the ways. As a result, this rifle is extremely efficient and flexible for all shooters.

Why We Like it

The Benjamin rifle can adhere to an air pressure range from 2000 to 3000 psi. As a result, it can be used as an economical hand pump, which will allow you up to 10 shots per fill. That means you can use enough bullets while targeting the aim while hunting.

You can shoot within 50 to 100 yards in terms of distance, which is the suitable range most hunters look for. In addition, the high FPS (900 FPS) makes the hunt speedy and sits right on the target you’ll be aiming at.

Thuds and loud noises can quickly ruin the hunting. Luckily this rifle has an internal shroud, which cancels out all the loud thuds and makes it noise-free.

Its robust and metallic composition makes it durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the stock is made of hardwood, which will give you an easier grip– making your grip sweat-free and comfortable.

This rifle is as light as a cloud when it comes to heaviness. With a size of 8.7 lbs, you’ll feel like you’re holding a gigantic beast but be rest assured that it’s super lightweight and easy to carry.


Long-time carrying might give you sore spots and stiffness.

Who needs this Product?

For its hassle-free and low maintenance, it’s one of the best .25 Caliber air rifles for hunting. From hunting large predatory animals like foxes, hogs, and coyotes to Turkeys and deer, you can hunt down without an issue. Other than that occurrence, you can also use it for pest control, small games, and even varmint hunting.

Hatsan Air Rifle

When it comes to durable products with the newest and outstanding features, the Hatsan stands first in line. With extraordinary composition and versatile build-up, the rifles of this brand give a great experience when in use.


With a simple and classic design, the Hatsan air rifle is constructed of a break barrel, which can deliver precise and single shots. Moreover, as the barrel is made up of steel, it’s not only durable but also contributes to its muzzle brake. As a result, you won’t have any splashy burns or slow aims.


The Hatsan air rifle can deliver a shot with a maximum velocity of 650 FPS lead. It also moves up to 22ft in maximum energy. This feature allows you to get precise shots on close-ranged targets. In addition, it also has an 11 mm dovetail, and its mounting scopes become easier as well.

We used a chronograph clock to test it out and automated it on our first shot. You’ll be happy to know that it reached 600 FPS and moved up to 20 yards. Then, of course, the mounting scopes and speed are just the cherry on top.


It also has two adjustable rear sights with a Quattro trigger equipped with TruGlo fiber optics. Moreover, It has an 11 mm dovetail, making its mounting scopes quite easier.


This .25 caliber air rifle is best suited for safe operation as it has a mechanism for automatic safety. With adjustable triggers, safety pads, close-range attack, and high-power FPS, you can’t go wrong with a classic Hatsan Air Rifle.

And be rest assured as we tested it ourselves by using every part one by one. So it’s safe to say; that these safety gear will come in extremely handy if you love hunting at a close range.

Why we like it

Due to the TruGlo fiber optics, multiple adjustable rear sights give compatibility during usage. As a result, you can change your back views flexibly during shooting.

Any shock or vibration is prevented for the SAS shock absorber and Trio rubber shoulder pad. This adjustment provides safety when things can go wrong in the hunt.

At times, many of the hunters suffer from sore grips due to the heaviness of the rifle. But this rifle is only 10 pounds with an added forearm mold and textured grip. Thus, you won’t suffer from sore grips anymore.

A 650 FPS range can easily reach up to 20-40 yards. You’ll hardly find a .25 Caliber rifle that reaches this distance range at an affordable price. Moreover, this simple air rifle can also perform close-ranged attacks easily.


This air rifle might generate loud noises.

Who Needs This Product?

The classic and simple composition of the Hatsan air rifle can easily be used in hunting. This close-ranged .25 Caliber air rifle will do your job flawlessly, from shooting squirrels to rabbits. Moreover, you can also use this air rifle in tactical shooting practice. At times, the military often uses this rifle for practice sessions.

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Pellet Gun Air Rifle

The Umarex is known to always come up with the most robust structure of air rifles. You can’t go wrong with a Umarex Gauntlet that always provides consistent and accurate shooting.

Gun type:

This .25 caliber air rifle is a high consistent PCP Pellet Gun. It can maximize its accuracy through its 10-round capacity of the Gauntlet. As a result, it’s always well-balanced between power and efficiency.


It has two of these eight rounds rotary magazine capacity-the ideal maximum magazine capacity for hunting. Additionally, it sustains a noise-free environment. Your soundproof rifle will help you get actual shoots on your target quite easily.  

This feature works as a big advantage to all the hunters and even people who use it in small games or recreational activities. Hence, this beast should be your go-to if you love well adjustable on your rifle.


With a speed of 890 FPS, this air rifle can shoot your target in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, it can cover 35 regulated shots from just one tank fill.

Our chronograph testing gave us a read of 800 FPS within the first shot, which was quite impressive. We covered a 15-yard field with the tank fill of just 34 regulated shots, which worked flawlessly.


It has adjustable regulators, consisting of a turn knob, adjustable comb, and an 11mm dovetail rail. For the dovetail rail, the scope mounting becomes extremely easier to handle.

Why We Like it

Powerful and consistent shots are taken for its high 4500 psi pressure hand pump. For the .25 caliber, it can fill up around 27 full power shots, which is more than enough to hunt.

This rifle can deliver more shots in less time as it has a double 8-round rotary magazine. As a result, it will save time at an extreme level.

The adjustable regulators and accessories like the 11mm dovetail, turning knobs, and adjustable comb make it possible to be handled by anyone, even someone with weak physic.

Despite having a fast-paced velocity and heavy performance, this air rifle is completely noise-free. Thus, it will benefit all the stealthy professionals in the business.


Heavy usage can cause it to leak overnight.

Who Needs This Product

Anyone who practices hunting, target shooting, hunting accuracy, competitive games, or even for fun plinking will fall in love with this powerful .25 caliber air rifle.

Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle air Rifle

The Benjamin always carries the tradition of excellent finishing, craftsmanship, durability, and high performance. Equipped with advanced airgun technology, the Benjamin’s always looks out for consumers’ priorities and safety.

Gun type:

This rifle is nitro piston-powered hunting ammunition, which is quite affordable compared to other air rifles. In addition, it ensures you don’t slip any extra compressed air.


With a velocity of 900 FPS, you’ll achieve a swifter and fast-paced aim in the blink of an eye. Meantime, it also sends its pallets up during the shoot.

We weren’t expecting the FPS to reach too high in the chronograph clock as it’s a nitro pistol. However, it went almost 800 FPS in the machine right off the bat. The velocity was fast, smooth, and precise.


It has a 2-stage adjustable trigger with an additional 3-9 x 40 mm included scope. As a result, it will allow you to make flexible changes during the hunts.

We experimented by moving in the field to see how flexible these adjustable were in physical examination. And just as the manufacturer stated, the additional trigger and included scope gave us more flexibility and time during intense hunts.


For being a nitro pistol, it’s constructed with a rifled steel barrel and a wood stock with a thumbhole style. As a result, your hand position won’t move while firing, and you’ll have a good grip on the stock for the wooden texture.

Why We Like it

This rifle is constructed with strong and durable materials like metal and wood. In addition, the wooden stock and the steel barrel are ideal materials to last longer.

The grip isn’t lost and remains sturdy for the wooden stock. No sore holds or injuries are faced for the wooden stock.

It’s a great air rifle for targeting close-ranged targets of its high velocity. (900 FPS)

It comes at a very affordable price in terms of accurate and high-performance air rifles.


It isn’t suitable for long-range hunting.

Who Needs This Product

If you play Airsoft or close-ranged competitive games, you’ll love this .25 caliber Benjamin Trail NP. You can also use it for pest control and even small game hunting. If you fall in the mentioned areas’ expertise, I recommend this high-performing air rifle.

Hatsan Model 125SN Spring Combo .25 cal Airgun, Black (HC125SN25)

The Hatsan Model 125 N spring gives you a better insight into how the Hatsan has prevailed inaccuracy. Keeping the safety and new settings in mind, the Hatsan comes up with the most incredible and strong compositions.


This rifle is composed of a synthetic wooden stock, which is known as an ideal material for gun stocks. The hardwood composition helps you have a lighter gun and puts your grip at ease.


It also has an adjustable rear sight. As a result, you can adjust it anytime based on personal preference. Moreover, it comes with a TruGlo fiber optics sight, making it even more adjustable.


This air rifle can adhere with a single shot as it’s constructed with a break barrel. For being a break barrel, it’s more robust compared to other barrels.


There’s a SAS shock absorber, which will ensure you face no vibrations or shocks during shooting.

We bought an electrodynamic shaker and ran through it to test the shock resistance. After generating shocks and determining the pulses, there was no shock whatsoever.

Why We Like it

Safety is ensured by being built with automatic safety and an anti-trap mechanism.

It’s shock-resistant and will prevent any kind of vibrations or shocks as it has soft rubber inlays and synthetic polymer stocks.

Its precision rifle barrel can adhere to heaving and fast-paced velocity as it can tolerate up to 800 FPS. It can reach up to almost 25 yards for this composition.

It delivers its maximum energy at 30feet while still being lightweight and easy to carry.


This air rifle might come to be too big for weaker people.

Who Needs This Product

This air rifle was solely made for hunting. Anyone can use this air rifle flawlessly for hunting with its accurate aim and fast velocity. You can also use it in competitive games apart from hunting.

Things to Consider Before Buying the .25 Calibre Air Rifle

When you go shopping for air rifles, you’ll notice there are a lot more rifles that might complicate your decisions. Therefore, to land your hands on the best ones, there are some factors you should keep in mind before you purchase the rifle. Some of these factors are-


Although arms of all types have been changed from time to time, the .25 caliber rifle has evolved compared to other rifles in the case of hunting.

To start from the basics, the air rifle barrel should be intact and open to tolerate burns or extreme pressure of the bullets.

If the air rifle you purchase has a wooden or aluminum construction, it’s most likely your rifle will not last long. However, metal or polymer barrels will always stay with you in the long run. A metallic barrel with a minimum of 6.35 mm should suffice in your hunting.

Air Gun Power Type

First off, in the case of the air gun power type, you should always sort out your priorities first.

For instance, an air rifle has three air gun power types. PCP, gas pistons (CO2), and springers. Each one differs from one another and excels in different sectors.

For example, gas pistons and springers don’t offer any semi modes. Instead, it provides increased recoils. However, in a better view, they last longer, don’t depend on any external power, and cost less compared to other gun types.

On the other hand, PCPs are excellent noise-free and recoil-free gun types that come with semi-modes. If you fancy precision, PCPs would be your best choice.


Different velocities can highly affect your projectile, which can affect your aim.

Some .25 Caliber Air rifles offer extended muzzle velocity, greatly affecting your projectile. However, if you want to hunt a subject at a long distance, the maximum speed and power should be from 750-900 FPS shot, which will allow you to cross a length from 40-80 yards depending on the type of the rifle you’re getting.

How Much FPE Does It Produce

FPE stands for Foot Pounds of Energy. It’s an effective measure to determine how your air rifle will perform in a hunting environment. In short, it highly affects your projectile.

For instance, a fast-performing air rifle can produce 50-60 FPE based on a 900-1000 FPS. But, again, if you’re looking for a slower pace air gun, they mostly make 25-30 FPE on a 600-800 FPS range.

Cocking Style

The spring that contracts and pulls a piston towards the rear inside is done by a cocking motion or lever. So while rifles differ and can drive pellets to even 1000 feet per second, it varies from rifle to rifle.

For instance, a .25 caliber air rifle mostly has a barrel with a break action for hunting. Thus, if you’re a stunt hunter, you’ll appreciate this Cocking style more. In addition, you’ll like it because this cocking style uses the barrel on a side lever, which pulls the compressed air keeping the barrel intact and rigid.

So, if you love yourself a good, sturdy, and durable air rifle, a break action barrel should be your go-to.

Max Fill Pressure

Firearms or rifles can operate in various atmospheres. However, depending on the atmosphere you’re working in, you might need an air rifle that can run as low as 1200 pounds per square inch.

However, when it comes to hunting, small games, or even practice sessions, opt for a .25 caliber air rifle that can comprise from 2700 to 3000 pounds per square inch (PSI).

Magazine Capacity

Every air rifle has a magazine capacity. When you’re looking for the best .25 caliber air rifle for coyote hunting or even wild animals, it’s preferable if you have at least ten magazine capacity per round.

There are rifles with even higher capacities at times, like 12 magazine capacities per shot. So if you’re hunting large animals, you can easily get your job done within a 10-12 span. However, if you want to hunt down smaller animals like squirrels or rabbits, eight magazine capacity per round air rifle is more than enough.


Hunting can get exhausting if you’re running here and there with heavy weaponry. Hence, you must look for .25 air rifles that are robust but lightweight. Usually, a .25 caliber air rifle is huge and looks heavy. But there are rifles with weights from 3 to 5lbs, which look heavy but are very lightweight and easy to carry.

Adjustable Regulator

For the adjustable regulator, you can optimize the pressure the way you prefer or the way it suits your environment best.

All air rifles don’t have adjustable regulators. However, I recommend you opt for .25 caliber air rifles with adjustable regulators to have a more flexible hunting experience.

Adjustable Trigger

Some .25 caliber air rifles have an adjustable trigger like the Quattro trigger. Due to this type of adjustable trigger, it’s possible to have flexible sideways, sturdy rear ends.

As a result, setting an overall trigger level as possible while developing the initial dear engagement. It solely depends on the type of adjustments you seek.


All the air rifles do not come with safety. However, most brands try to install protection within the .25 caliber air rifles. For instance, heavy rifles with an 800 FPS can produce shocks while shooting. But a shock-resistant pad or shouldering will easily prevent this bizarre situation.

Therefore, always go for air rifles that provide safety equipment or manuals.

Other Accessories

.25 air rifles that do not come with any accessories are usually cheap and not worth it. However, supplements like additional magazines, pellets, shoulder slings, and re-chargers can prove extremely convenient for hunting or normal practicing. Hence, it’s advised that you land your hands on the rifles that offer additional accessories.


Finding the best .25 caliber air rifle can be exhausting as there are loads of air rifles. Hopefully, you can choose your favorite air rifle from the pairs mentioned above. Now you won’t have to worry about any second thoughts and rush to the shopping!

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