Best Hog Bait Attractant – Best Way To Attract Wild Hogs : DIY

Wild hogs are omnivores, meaning they will eat just about anything edible. These feral creatures will gladly come out into the open when they smell food. This is, of course, good news for you as it means with good bait, you will have no problems taking down a boar.

It also means that finding hog bait or lure will not be too difficult. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in the effort to find the best hog bait. But before we get into the search of the best bait for wild hogs, it is essential to consider what these animals eat.

Best Hog Bait

What Do Wild Hogs Eat?

As stated, wild hogs have no restrictions on what they eat. Feral hogs will munch on grubs, snakes, acorns, crawfish, corn, and plant roots. There are many different kinds of baits you can use for wild hog baiting. And most of the ingredients mentioned above are incorporated into most hog baits.

What Do Wild Hogs Eat

Also, while hogs can eat anything they come across, some flavors and smell will attract them more easily. Thus, even wild hogs have their preferred foods. This brings us to an important question should you buy hog bait or make your own.

Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Store-bought wild hog attractant comes ready to use and save you time. Homemade hog bait will have to be prepared, which can be time-consuming. On the flip side, you save money when you use wild hog baiting recipes to make your wild hog bait.

The Best Feral Hog Bait : Wild Hog Attractant

So which are the best wild hog bait available for purchase? Here are five of the best hog baits you can buy.

Hog Wild, Wild Beast Attractant

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The Hog wild, wild beast attractant, is one of the best-selling hog attractants on the market. But why? This bait incorporates a mixture of berries and molasses to create a lure that neither Hog nor deer can resist.

The sweet molasses will not only lure hogs but keep them within your hunting area for hours. For best result, I suggest mixing this bait with corn then leave it in a pail on an open clearing.

TINK’S Sow-in-Heat Lure 4 oz

Tink's Power Pig Sow-in-Heat Attractant | 4 Oz Bottle | 100%...
  • TINK’S POWER PIG SOW-IN-HEAT: One of the best possible boar attractants from Tink’s. Add a bottle to your hunting accessories for a successful hunt. Use this wild boar attractant for all seasons.
  • ENHANCES BREEDING URGE: This scent for hog hunting enhances the breeding urge of the boar and increases his level of aggression towards other breeding boars in the area.
  • NATURAL SOW ATTRACTANT: This product is collected from sows during their estrous cycle and is just the right amount to out-smart that old boar.

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If you want to attract large male hogs, then the Tink’s sow-in-heat lure is what to use. This lure is collected from sows during their estrous cycle. The resulting product increases a hog’s breeding urge as well as aggression towards other boars.As such, it is particularly ideal for large males who are looking to mate. It comes with an easy to use squirt-top so you will have no problems applying it onto your traps.

Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil – Wild Hog Attractant

Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil - Wild Hog Attractant
  • Pour on a tree or rubbing post
  • Sticks to trees and last for weeks
  • Draw pigs from far away

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Pigs have a powerful sense of smell and can pick out odors from as far as 7 miles. The Elusive Wildlife Pig Oil – Wild Hog Attractant is designed to attract hogs from a long way out. Naturally, hogs seek out strong and dominating odors.This pig oil can be applied on trees and rubbing posts. Apply it on a tree near your ground blind, and you will be sure of pigs coming to it. This lure can also be used on pig traps.


BIG & J PIGS-DIG-IT GRANULAR Hog Attractant, Intense Aroma...
  • Takes advantage of hogs’ strongest sense – smell
  • Long-range granular attractant
  • Pungent aroma of old stinky cheese

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Another attractant that takes advantage of wild hogs’ strong sense of smell is the BIG & J PIGS-DIG-IT GRANULAR Hog Attractant. It is a granular attractant that produces a strong stinky cheese sent, the kind that hogs cannot resist no matter where they are.Pour it on the ground, leave it and watch as hogs come to you. You can then pick out one as they munch on the stuff.

Wildgame Innovations Sugarbeet Crush

Wildgame Innovations Sugar Beet Crushed Premium Deer...
  • HUNTING ATTRACTANT - Sugar beets are incredibly effective at attracting deer, but they grow seasonally and in certain regions; To make real sugar beet available for all hunters, Wildgame Innovations...
  • REAL SUGAR BEETS - The Wildgame Innovations Sugar Beet Crushed deer attractant is available to utilize anytime and anywhere; This nutritious and palatable deer feed supplement contains real sugar...
  • HIGH NUTRITIONAL VALUE - This supplemental food comes chock-full of fat, protein, and nutrients; The attractant feed contains 16% protein and 12% fat to build strong, healthy deer and will satisfy...

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Wildgame Innovations’ sugarbeet crush attractant is used for bating deer. However, there is nothing in the baiting rule book that says you cannot use it to bait hogs. Both deer and hogs love the sugarbeets.This bait combines real sugar beets with roasted soybeans. This is enough to keep hogs coming back for more.

Code Blue Actual Urine

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Using authentic hog urine is a proven way of attracting boars. The code blue actual urine is an excellent attractant because it is made using genuine hog urine. It produces a strong smell that will have wild boars running in your direction.This attractant is so strong that you can actually smell it through its container. So, of course, caution has to be taken when handling it.

DIY How to Make Your Own Hog Bait

Hog attracts such as the Wildgame Innovations Sugarbeet Crush not so costly. If you are not willing or ready to spend money on such attractants, there is an alternative. The alternative is to make your own hog bait at home.

Here are some sure wild hog baiting recipes that you can use to make your own hog bait.

Corn and kool-aid packet

corn for baiting hog
Kool-Aid Cherry Unsweetened Soft Drink Mix, 0.13-Ounce...
  • Pack of ninety six, 0.13-ounce packets (total of 12.48-ounces)
  • Caffeine free
  • Good source of vitamin C

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Like any other animal, hogs have a sweet tooth and will find it hard to resist kool-aid. Kool-Aid mixed with corn makes for an excellent hog attractant. Use powdered Kool-Aid drink mix of any flavor and mix it with corn.

For one bag of corn used, use four packets of Kool-Aid. This will produce the consistency you want in your homemade hog bait. More importantly, you will create a bait whose smell hogs are already familiar with.

Corn and beer

One common ingredient of most hog bait is corn. This hog staple can be mixed with a wide variety of ingredients to create hog bait. One of the many ingredients you can mix it with is beer. Use a container to pour out the beer onto the corn for stirring.

corn for baiting hog
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Stir and let the combination sit for two to three days. The corn will soak the beer and will be ready for use. The end product will have a pungent smell that will attract hogs but keep other animals away.

Diesel soaked corn

A rather weird hog bait is diesel soaked corn. To prepare this attractant, you will need a 5-gallon bucket of corn, a few cups of diesel and water. Pour the several cups of diesel into the corn and add water. Let this mixture sit for two to three days.

corn for baiting hog
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The bait that you get after the wait will be a hog magnet. But no other animals will come near it. So if you have problems with other animals such as deer always eating your hog bait, this is a great bait to use.

Needless to say, baiting hogs with diesel isn’t the most environmentally friendly way of doing things. Thus only use a small amount of diesel in your bait.

Corn, yeast, sugar and drink powder mix

You can create an effective bait using a mixture of corn, yeast, sugar, and gelatin or drink powder. To make this bait take 150 pounds of corn and place it inside a metal trash can. Next, fill it with water three to four inches above the corn.

Next pour in 8 pounds of sugar, one packet of yeast, and 4 to 5 packets of gelatin or drink powder. Once you have mixed all the ingredients, let the mixture sit in the trash can for 10 to 14 days. Use a shovel to stir the mixture once daily.

Best Way To Attract Wild Hogs

Which is the best way to attract wild hogs? You can either use your own homemade bait or buy one. It all depends on your preferences, budget and needs. Most of the ingredients you need to make your own hog bait are readily available.For the best result i suggest using a combination of scent based and food based lures. The scent based lure will bring hogs to the bait and the food based attractant will keep them there.

Hog baiting vs trapping

When hunting wild hogs you can place attractants near your ground blind and wait for your prey. This will of course require patients. The alternative is to use a trap to catch a wild hog. Setting a trap for hogs may save you the time.So which is the better option hog trapping vs baiting? Well it all depends on your preference. There are those who love the thrill of stalking and waiting for their prey. For others trapping removes the necessity of having to sit in a ground blind waiting for their prey.

How To Bait Hogs Quick : Hog Baiting Tips and Tactics

Having the best hog bait might not guarantee a kill. There are useful tips and tactics on how to bait hogs that will help you attract more hogs. Here are some of the most useful hog baiting tactics that you can employ on your hunt.

Spray raccoon urine

Raccoons are scavengers who have a knack for finding food. And this is something that wild hogs are very much aware of. Therefore, it is common for boars to follow raccoons knowing they will be led to a food source.

Naturally, raccoons are attracted to the urine of other raccoons. So something you can do is spray raccoon urine around your hog bait. This will attract raccoons, and chances are hogs will not be far behind.

Avoid automatic feeders

Wild hogs are messy eaters and will have no regard for automatic deer feeders. Pigs will simply push the tripods down and spill the bait. Meaning you will have wasted money on a feeder that is now broken.

The best answer to how to bait hogs for hunting is to dig a narrow hole and place the bait in it and cover it with dirt. Hogs that will be attracted to the bait will have to spend some time removing dirt to access the sweet treats contained inside the hole.

The more time they spend trying to access the bait, the more time you have to pick out a target. Also, if several hogs have been attracted to your bait, they will have to compete to access it. This will keep them around the area for longer.

Use barrels

An alternative to placing your hog bait in a hole is placing it inside a barrel. Cut a 1-1/4 inch hole towards the bottom of the barrel. This method of baiting method results in competition as only one hog can access the lure at a time.

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  1. I mixed cheap peach soda with corn and any flavor jello . Let it soak 3 to 7 days to rot . Deer will not touch it . Pigs love it .

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