Hunting Strategy : 5 Deer Hunting Techniques and Methods

Hunting is a skill; it requires patience, good observation skills, and preparedness. Hunting is in tradition for someone, or it can be a passion. Deer hunting really tests your agility as well as your patience. There are methods, strategies, techniques, and few aspects of deer hunting, which I would like to recommend it.

There are clubs, groups of hunters who well form and trained for the season to arrive. These hunters use few hunting methods which are common among the hunters in the U.S. They particularly use the Deer Hunting time and also use the best time of day to hunt deer for quick and successful results. There are some tactics of hunting deer in the rain which is not discussed in this article. If you are interested to learn more about deer hunting in the rain and after the rain then read this in-depth researched article about deer hunting in the rain.

Five Methods Used For Deer Hunting:

1) Stand Hunting:

In this method, hunters normally stand at a post amongst the wooden terrain and are most likely to wait for the deer to travel. Especially in winter when the deer are most likely to keep eating for the nutrition because of cold, these food plots are really effective and make the hunting season effective. You can intentionally set your deer feeder to bait your deer for the purpose of hunting.

2) Walking Amongst The Woods:

In this method, the hunting is done normally walking with fields, take few steps, and waits for few minutes to take a good aim and the right opportunity to attack. In this way, It can loop the same cycle. I personally think that this method is not that effective and is more energy-consuming. But some hunters prefer to move from here to there in search of a good target. One thing you must need to consider if you love to move around the wood is well-insulated rubber hunting boots. That will keep you quiet and protect your legs too.

3) Deer Drive:

In this method, the hunters who walk through the fields from one line drive the deer to another line where a cover is ready to shoot and is waiting for its prey. Animals are really unpredictable and can really not go in the direction which we sometimes want, so it can be a problem that ways. But if it is well planned and organized it can be successful.

4) Spot and Stalk:

spot and stalk
spot and stalk

In this method, the prey is first located using binoculars with rangefinders or telescopes from a distance and then aim. Only used where there is a large visible area. Shooting can also be done from a long distance, but it would really not be convenient as if you miss the shot, the prey will be alert and as well as the other deer’s if they are in a group and will run far away from the target place.

5) Dog Hunting:

In this method, there are a group of hunters involved. This method is mostly practiced by the ones who have a tradition of hunting and so they have a big group of hunters, and they really enjoy doing this activity. Dogs run, and one group of hunters will take care of the direction while another group will target the deer.

Dog Hunting
Dog Hunting

I suggest the best method would be Stand Hunting because it saves energy as compared to the other methods. There are some particular aspects, which play a major role in the increment or decrement of the hunting rate. Factors used in making strategies for win season are Hunt Calendar, Weather Patterns, Moon Phase, and Sunrise and sunset timings.

How to Hunt : Techniques and More


Firstly, it is important to find some sort of public land in your state that allows for hunting deer.

Also, ensure that you have the manpower and resources to be outdoors and carry the carcass back to your chosen location.

If done in private, you may negotiate with the landowner to pay a fee for hunting on his land

Finding The Deer 

It is generally best to take note of the geographical area and begin by tracking deer near food sources, fields, thickets, water sources, etc.

You can also track deer by looking out for fresh tracks (usually well defined) as well as new droppings and common deer trails.

One can also ensure to look out for bedding areas and scraps along the tracks


The easiest way to spot a whitetail deer is to stand on elevated tree stands; it also reduces the chances of them seeing you.

Lock-on stands, Ladder stands, and climbing stands can also make hunting easier.

There are some best places to shoot a deer to kill the deer humanly they are:

  • Shoulder
  • Brain
  • Neck
  • Heart
  • Lung

If you are using a crossbow or compound bow​ you can also learn where to shoot a deer with a bow.

Rifle Or Bow

It depends on your choice, experience, and expertise. One thing to remember is if you shoot your deer with a rifle there are great possibilities of scaring other targets where the bow is noise-free. But it also to remember if you want to hunt your deer humanely with single-shot then I would recommend you to rifle rather than a bow.

Finally, there are some related things to consider while preparing the deer hunting techniques. You may need a good scope for a spot or target your prey

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