Best Sights For Glock 43: Top 6 Glock 43 Night Sights

No gun is perfect, and even with its legendary status, the Glock 43 is not exempt from this rule. That being said, it could use some improvements in the sights department. The stock sights on the Glock 43 are nothing short of disappointing.

So the first thing you will want to do after buying your 43 is to change the stock sight. And given the wide variety of aftermarket sights available, you will be spoilt for choice. But which are the best sights for Glock 43? Because they all can’t be the best, they are bound to be some stinkers out there.

Best Sights For Glock 43

When shopping for aftermarket Glock 43 sight there are a number of things you will need to consider. The first thing to note is that fixed sights are better for the 43 than adjustable ones. You will learn more details below from the buying guide.

Well, Before jump into the detailed in-depth review and how to buy guide let’s check out the short comparison of the best night sights for Glock 43

A Quick Comparison Of MyTop Picks

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols
Bright & Tough
Glock 42 and 43
TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights...
Glock 42, 43,43X, 48
TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights for Glock...
Glock 42 and 43
TRUGLO TFO Tritium and Fiber-Optic Handgun Sights for Glock...
Green Rear
Glock 42 and 43
AMERIGLO Classic Tritium Green Tritium FRONT/ 2-Dot Tritium...
Glock 43, 43X, 48

Last update on 2024-06-12 / Please note that Prices and Availability Are Subject To Change /Paid links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

These are the Glock 43 night sights that are tested and proven. Also, I have used some of them so I have selected them based on my personal experiences as well. 

What Kind of Sights Do You Need for Your Glock 43?

Glock firearms are popular among civilians and law enforcement alike. Glock pistols come in a variety of sizes, calibers, and configurations. The most popular model is the Glock 43. It’s compact size makes it easy to conceal, while still having enough firepower for self-defense use or protection while on duty. What kind of sights should you choose for your Glock 43? Let’s find out!

The easy answer, choose a fixed sight for your Glock 43. Fixed sights give you 100% stability and are usually a better choice for low-light conditions. I recommend something with good visibility at nighttime, such as tritium or night sights. Fixed sights also help to provide quicker target acquisition in close quarters combat.

There are also many options for adjustable sights, but their visibility in low-light situations is not always as good. Adjustable sight systems have a variety of configurations and heights which give you the ability to be very precise when aiming at your target. The downside? They can take longer to acquire targets because they require more movement on your part.

Best Sights For Glock 43 and 42: Unbiased Reviews

Trijicon Night Sight Sets for Glock Pistols

  • Glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent paint
  • Subdued rear sight
  • Tritium-phosphor lamp

Most of the rifle scopes and sights being used by the military today are manufactured by Trijicon. Indeed the company has acquired a reputation for making high-quality military-grade optics.

It, therefore, should not be surprising that I picked the Trijicon Night sight sets to top my list. This set of sights are built from an aluminum polymer, meaning they are quite durable. Apart from being durable, these sights are easy to use in all light conditions.

There are three tritium sets two at the rear and one at the front. The one on the front features an orange ring that makes it easy to spot at night. The rear ones two tritium lamps that are visible at night or in low light.

Compatible with virtually all Glock pistol models, these sights are very easy to install. Also, the rear lights are subdued so as to minimize glare during the day. In essence, these sights are designed to work well in different light conditions.

The only downside is that they are quite an expensive sight like the best scope for scar 17 compared to other options. However, Trijicon products tend to be pricier. So, this is not really a downside as it is almost common sense to anyone who has ever bought Trijicon sights or scopes.

best tritium Night sights: TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights

  • Protective coating
  • CNC machined steel construction
  • Concealed fiber optic

One of the toughest and durable sights is the TFX pro tritium and fiber optic extreme handgun sights. The outer shell of this optic is coated in a rust-resistant finish. The sight itself is built from CNC machined steel.

A unique feature of this sight is the fact that it uses both tritium and fiber optic. On the front sight is a tritium and fiber optic green dot. On the rear, you get an option of either green or yellow dots.

The fiber optic is concealed by grooves and is almost unnoticeable. For fast and accurate sights, the front sight has a Focus-lock. The green or yellow dots are dim during the day to reduce glare and bright at night.

As with any other product, it is not without minimal flaws. One of the flaws I noticed is that the front sight is too long. For compact weapons such as the Glock 43, I found the front sight to be a bit too long.

This is something that other users have also commented on online. Nonetheless, the front sight does a good job of helping you acquire the targets in different light conditions. This is the main reason why it gets to occupy position two on my list of the best tritium sights.

TRUGLO TFO Handgun Sight Set – Glock 42/43

  • CNC machined steel construction
  • No batteries required
  • Concealed fiber

Closely related to the Truglo TFX, the TFO handgun set sight offers almost the same features. However, it a bit shorter compared to its counterpart. It sports the same CNC machined steel construction as its sibling.

What I particularly loved about this model is that it fits in almost all types of holsters. This is thanks to its design. There are three sights, one at the front and two at the rear, all of which have a green tritium highlight.

This green highlight lights up at night and appears as a bright dot during the day. In this regard, it is designed to work in different light conditions. And similar to the TFX model the fiber optic is concealed making it hard to spot.

In regards to installation, the process of installing the sights can take about ten minutes. Thus it is relatively simple to install these sights onto your Glock 43. It is also compatible with the Glock 42 and other Glock models.

Best Glock Sight For Combat: AmeriGlo Classic Sight fits Glock 42 & 43, Green/White

  • CNC machined steel construction
  • Green tritium sights

Almost identical in size to the Glock 43’s stocks sights, the AmeriGlo Classic sights are the perfect fit. These sights are manufactured from high-grade CNC machined steel. So you can bet they are tough.

A green and white color scheme is used to give the sights glow in the dark capabilities while remaining visible during the day. The green tritium is surrounded by a white ring that makes it easy to see in the daytime.

Since they are almost the same size as the default sights, they are a tight fit. And it will take some skilled hands to install them. Nonetheless, their compact size means they can fit in any holster without any problems.

In my opinion, they are very much similar to the pricier Trijicons in terms of quality. However, some people have complained that the tritium lamps are a bit dull. This depends on an individual though as I did not experience the same problem.

The sights are ideal for target practice as well as combat situations. In fact, they are a favorite of many law enforcement agencies. As they can match the performance of the pricier Trijicon Glock 43 night sights. For that good reason, I can say this sight is one of the best Glock sights for combat.

TRUGLO Tritium Pro Glow-in-The-Dark Handgun Night Sights for Glock 43 

  • U-notch rear sight
  • CNC machined steel construction
  • White dots for daytime use

TRUGLO sights are designed to be almost indestructible. And the Tritium Glow-in-the-dark night sights are no exemption. These sights are fashioned out of CNC machined steel. On top of that, there is a fortress finish for added protection.

Similar to all other tritium sights these do not require a battery. The Glow-in-the-dark feature is achieved by the use of green tritium paint surrounded by a white ring. The white ring acts as the targeting dot during the day.

At night or in low light conditions the green tritium paint lights up providing a brighter view. This color scheme offers super bright aiming dots at night. Some people claim that they are brighter than other pricier models.

Nevertheless, these sights are not without some minor drawbacks. One of the most common complaints from users is that the front sight tends to wear out within a short period of time.

Despite the minor drawback, these TRUGLO sights are very high quality. Without a doubt, they are some of the best sights for Glock 43. There are also smaller versions available for the Glock 17 and 16.

TRUGLO Fiber-Optic Front and Rear Handgun Sights for Glock Pistols

  • Fiber optic technology
  • CNC machined steel construction
  • Contrasting red front and green rear sights

Tritium and Glock 43 fiber optic sights perform the same functions and it is hard to say which technology is better. Thus, while the TRUGLO fiber-optic front and the rear sight is bottom on my list it is in the same level as the other listed above.

The construction of this fiber optic night sight matches that of other pricier Truglo sights. In that, it features the same CNC machined steel construction. In regards to the sight, there are three of them similar to all other Glock 43-night sights.

At the front is a single sight with a bright red color. Unlike tritium that glows in the dark, this fiber optic sight remains highly visible in all light conditions. The bright red dot is visible during the day as well as at night.

On the rear are two sights with green dots. These green dots contrast perfectly with the bright red dot at the front of the sight. These sights fit all holsters and are snag-resistant. Also, the fiber is concealed and cannot be seen by your target.

In essence, these sights use TRUGLO’s traditional fiber optic technology. As such they are built for maximum performance and durability.

Best Night Sights For Glock 43 Buying Guide

So what should you consider at when looking for the Glock 43 ameriglo sights or sights from any other maker for that matter? There are a number of things to look at when shopping for your best Glock 43 sight. These are;

Size of the sight

The purpose of buying a sight is to aid you in aiming accurately. Therefore your sight should be large enough to spot whether at night or during the day. However, it should not be too large that it snags on the holster when you are removing your Glock.

Size of the best glock 43 sight

Sime sights have serrated surfaces while others have smooth surfaces. Personally, I prefer those with a smooth surface. Reason being that a smooth surface is ideal for applying the tritium paint.

Though smooth surfaces are more prone to glare than their serrated surfaces, they offer a better surface for tritium paint.

Fiber optic vs tritium

For a sight to function at night it needs to be visible. And for it to be visible there needs to be some sort of light. In the absence of batteries, manufacturers have always opted for a chemical known as tritium.

Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen. Without getting into the boring chemistry of how it works, tritium paints glow in the dark without the need for batteries. This paint has been used on sights for years.

Fiber optic is a newer material that has made its way into night sights. Sights that use fiber optic rely on a fiber optic tube that lights up without the need for electrical power. Compared to tritium fiber optic does not last long.

However, fiber optic remains brightly visible even during the day. Also, with it, you have a wider selection of colors. So it really comes down to your preference. As I have already stated I prefer tritium as it can last for years without fading.


Though minimal the Glock 43 does have recoil and you will need a sight that can take a beating from the recoil. As such, the ideal sight is one made from either aluminum or steel. Plastic is a big No as it is more likely to break.

Construction of the glock 43 sight

Also, aluminum and steel do not add much weight to the overall gun. Some sights come with added anti-rust coatings or finishes. Ideally, the more protected the sight the better.

Consider Your Shooting Style Before Choosing The Glock 43 Sights

When choosing Glock 43 sights it’s important to consider shooting style. There are two different types of shooters; those that shoot with one hand and those that shoot with two hands. The sight needs to depend on which type you are.

Dependent on your shooting style, there will be a difference in the Glock 43 sights you buy or at least need to look into before making the purchase.

Consider Your Shooting Style Before Choosing The Glock 43 Sights

If you are a right-handed shooter and shoot with one hand, Glock 43 sights that have an inlaid front sight will work best for your shooting style. The downside is there may be some difficulty seeing the target because of how close they are together.

To help combat this issue, opt for Glock 43 sights which include a larger front sight.

If you shoot with two hands, Glock 43 sights that have a front blade and rear notch will work best for your shooting style. The downside to this is the larger size can make it difficult to conceal carry on some body types or clothing styles.

To help combat this issue, opt for Glock 43 sights which include a smaller front blade combined with a wider rear notch – which can balance out the impact of the large blade in relation to other features like elevation adjustment levers and windage adjustments levers.

As long as you understand what type of shooter you are before deciding on Glock 43 sights there shouldn’t be any trouble choosing one!

Pros and Cons of Nights Sights For the Glock 43


Glocks are some of the most popular handguns in America. They have a reputation for being reliable, accurate, and easy to use. With that in mind, many people want to add accessories like Nights Sights To make their Glock 43 easier to see at night or during low light conditions. Nights sights come with pros and cons which we will discuss here.

Easy To Install:

The first pro of installing Nights Sights is that they are very easy to install, so you can get them done at the range or in your home. It’s a simple process and only takes about 30 minutes for most people while being able to be completed successfully with no experience whatsoever. This makes it an especially good option for newbies who are just getting into firearm use.

Enhanced target acquisition in low light conditions:

The second pro is that they allow for better target acquisition in low light conditions. The Glock 43’s white front sight post reflects a lot of ambient light, but the black rear Nights Sight situates itself much more within the eye socket so it doesn’t reflect enough light to be seen as often. This makes them easier targets at night or during other types of reduced visibility situations which benefits both your aim and safety.

Improved accuracy and performance under stress.

The third pro is that they benefit accuracy and performance under stress. When you’re shooting during a stressful situation, your mind might be focused on the danger that’s in front of you instead of the sights. The black rear sight will blend into any environment so it doesn’t stick out as much to steal attention from other important things like staying alive or being able to call for help. This makes them great not only when aiming but also with larger field visibility which can happen under duress – one more reason why these are perfect for beginners!

Increased ability to identify threats at different distances:

The fourth pro is that they improve your ability to identify and react to threats at different distances. With an un-tinted rear sight, it can become difficult when trying to find a threat in the distance because of how dark everything looks. Nights sights solve this by adding contrast between objects which makes them stand out more so you’re able to react with more ease!


They have one big con: cost!

Night sights are actually very expensive when you factor in the cost of installation (which varies depending on whether you do it yourself or ask somebody else) and how many sets you need since each set only comes with two screws.)

Maintenance can be an issue:

Another con with Nights Sights is that it requires more maintenance than regular Glock 43 accessories do due to its specialized nature. You’ll have to frequently clean them so debris doesn’t get inside, and check their alignment periodically since they will need some readjusting over time from heavy use and wear.


When you aim for your gun, there are three focal planes to consider. Your eye can only focus on one at a time, and the front sight should be in focus while the rear sight is not. The idea is that the front sight will serve as the midpoint between these three points of focus:

-The rear sight system (typically two dots) should not be in focus.

-The entire gun should also be level when you aim it so that all parts are in alignment with each other.

-Your eye should only have access to one dot at a time -the dot for your front sights.

To simplify every Glock comes with a clear white dot in the front and in the back, you got an upward U shape bucket. All is just level the white dot in a way that it falls in the U shape bucket and now you can aim with the single white dot.

That’s it.


Settling on one Glock 43 night sight to buy can be easier said than done. The market is flooded with all kinds of aftermarket sights for the Glock 43. Thus, identifying the best sights for Glock 43 will require some research. All the same, the best Glock 43 sight is the one that works best for you and meets your needs. Obviously different people have different needs.

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