Best Single Pin Bow Sight For Hunting: Experts Opinion!

Few things are as frustrating as missing your target while hunting with a bow. To avoid the frustration of missing a target, I recommend getting a single pin bow sight. Since there are many different single pin bow sights out there selecting the best single pin bow sight for hunting can be challenging.

It is for this reason that in this post I have decided to concentrate on this essential hunting accessory. From this article, you will get insight into why you need a single pin bow sight from my personal experience. Furthermore, I have included six single pin bow sight reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Before we get started on the single pin bow sight reviews, it is important that I first introduce you to the single pin bow sight.

Comparison Of The Best Single Pin Bow Sight For Hunting

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What is Single Pin Bow Sight: A Brief Overview

Generally speaking, a bow sight is a small sighting device that you mount onto your bow like you mount sights on your Glock 43 pistol. The sight is typically attached to your bow’s riser.

Pin bow sights as some people call them are similar to the red dot sights used in rifles. As its name suggests, the single pin bow sight has only one pin. What this means is that you are less likely to use the wrong pin as would be the case with a multiple pin sight. Also, the pin sight is designed to improve your accuracy and minimize sight clutter. If you worry about bow accuracy and noise reduction you can try a compound bow stabilizer that will compliment your bow.

So what does this small device do? And do you need it?

While it is true that you do not necessarily need a single pin adjustable bow sight, trying to hit a target without one can be frustratingly difficult. Thus, if you want to hit your target without missing an inch, get a single pin bow sight. This is especially if you are making long range shots.

Single Pin Vs Multi Pin Bow Sight

There are two main types of bow sights, single and multiple pin sights. Personally, I prefer and recommend the single pin sight to the multiple pin sight.

And the reason is simple-

You see with a multiple pin sight your field of view will be cluttered. On average, multiple pin sights have three to seven different pins. These pins can obstruct you when shooting. In fact, it is estimated that a multiple pin sight can obstruct between 40 and 45% of your picture. This obstruction can lessen your chances of hitting the target. With a single pin sight, there is only one pin, thus zero obstruction.

Multiple pin sights can also be confusing. Imagine this, you are in the field and have a whitetail in your sight, but instead of using your 50-yard pin your use your 40-yard pin. I am guessing the results will not be pleasing. With one pin bow sights, you eliminate this confusion as there is only one pin to focus on. Also, with a single pin sight, the pin is adjusted by 10-yard increments.

Thus, if you want to improve your accuracy go for a single pin adjustable bow sight.

Needless to say, when choosing which sight to buy there are some factors to consider. For example,

Which Sight To Buy Single Pin Or Multiple Pin Bow Sight?

whether you are a stalker or you hunt from tree stands. If you stalk your prey, a basic single pin sight will do.

However, if you hunt from a tree stand, then I recommend going for a pendulum bow sight. The latter is a single pin sight with a slight variation. When you are shooting from an elevated position, you will be struggling to get an accurate distance. Also, you will be fighting against the forces of gravity. The pendulum bow sight is designed to remedy these problems and make it easier to shoot a deer or other target from an elevated position.

What Are The Todays Best Single Pin Hunting Sight For Hunting

Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1: Best Single Pin Bow Sight For 100 yards

Trophy Ridge React One Pro Archery Bow Sight, Left Hand,...

There comes a time when a high quality pro type single pin bow sight is all you need. When that time comes, you can trust the Trophy Ridge React-One Pro.

Everything about this single pin sight screams ruggedness and top-notch quality. The aluminum housing of this single pin sight feels and looks solid. As a single pin sight, the trajectory formula is configured within the sight’s stationery mechanisms.

In regards to range, the Trophy Ridge delivers beyond expectations. The sight requires you to sight it in at 25 yards. However, you can hit targets from 100 yards. Another fantastic feature of this single pin sight is that it has tool-less elevation and windage.

This means it is easy to use in the field as there is no fumbling with wrenches. The Trophy Ridge React One is bright even in low lighting.

Things I Liked The Most

  • Durable and stable thanks to its aluminum construction
  • Is lightweight and can be bolted on to your bow
  • It is an affordable single pin sight
  • Comes with tool-less windage and elevation for ease of use

Things I Didn’t Like

  • Despite its ruggedness, the sight’s life span will be shortened when exposed to adverse weather conditions


  • Aluminum construction
  • Adjustable yardage knob
  • .019 size pin

My Final Thoughts On Trophy Ridge React One Pro

The Trophy Ridge React One Pro 1 Pin Bow Sight is a long range pin sight. However, I recommend using it with compound bows that can fire with speeds of 263 FPS and above. Such High speed FPS and accuracy compound bow are available under 500 dollars. Thus, I do not recommend it for bows that are slower than that. In essence, this is the best single pin archery sight for persons that use fast firing bows to hit targets at long range. It is important to note that this sight comes in two variations a left handed and a right handed sight.

HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite Review

Another single pin sight that I recommend for bow hunting is the HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite. Similar to the Trophy Ridge, this scope is constructed from 100% aluminum. Thus, it is both lightweight and rugged.

To make it easy to use HHA opted for a totally toolless micro windage adjustment system. Backing this system is a yardage dial that makes it easy to use the sight.

Apart from being easy to use, this single pin adjustable bow sight is bright even in low light. A mechanical rheostat is included to adjust the sight’s brightness. The five ft fiber optic of this single pin sight is bright.

For long range shooting the sight’s pin is .019, meaning it is visible at long ranges. Thus, while it might not be the top rated single pin bow sights, it is still a good sight.

Things I Liked The Most

  • The single pin is adjustable for tracking fast moving prey
  • Has a rugged and durable construction thanks to the aluminum
  • Can be used in different weather conditions
  • Works well even in low light conditions

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The yardage has to be adjusted physically


  • Protected fiber optics
  • Toolless adjustments
  • .019 sight
  • 1 5/8 inch body
  • Five ft fiber optic

My Final Thoughts On HHA OL-5519 Optimizer Lite

Something that is unique about this sight is that you can add a magnification lens to improve accuracy. Because you have to adjust windage physically, this might not be the best bow sight for hunting fast moving prey. However, if you want a single pin sight for use in a range, then this is the right sight for you. In fact, most online single pin archery sight reviews recommend this single pin sight.

Best One Pin Bow Sight: TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER PRO LED Bow Sight, 1-Dot Review

I have sampled quite a number of single pin sights in my time. Of the vast assortment of sights I have used and tested the TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER PRO LED 1-Dot is one of my favorite one pin bow sights. I have always been impressed with this scope.

For starters, the sight feels light and compact. Secondly, the micro adjusts feature to be easy to use and turns smoothly. The pin is a .019 pin, which is standard for pin sights within the Range Rover’s price range. The sight attaches easily onto my Hoyt bow, and the screws stay in place.

Things I Liked The Most

  • It is a cheaper alternative to other pricey models with similar features
  • The sight has an easy to adjust micro adjustment mechanism
  • The whole sight feels lightweight and compact
  • It is easy to mount onto a bow

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The pin is not as bright as that of other similarly priced sights


  • Micro adjustment mechanism
  • .019 pin
  • PWR-Dot’s Lighted central dot
  • Zero-in adjustment dial

My Final Thoughts On TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER PRO LED Bow Sight

The TRUGLO RANGE-ROVER PRO is one of the top bow sights for long range shooting. This combined with its affordable price tag makes it another single pin bow sight for 100 yards long range shooting. Also, it can make a great single pin sight for target practice.

Cheap Single Pin Bow Sight With Quality: Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight Review

The Covert 1-pin sight is one of Apex Gear’s newer releases. This sight comes with all the features you would expect from top bow sights.

Weighing 8.5 ounces, this is probably the lightest sight I have ever used. Apart from being light, it is also revolutionary and innovative. This is because instead of having one pin size it has two a .010 and a .019. Swapping between the two pin sizes is easy.

To add to its innovativeness, this sight has three pin colors, red, green and amber. With this three pin color variations, this Apex Gear model is ideal for persons who are color blind.

You get 60 pre-printed yardage tapes, and a micro adjusts windage dial. In essence, this is probably the best one pin bow sight from Apex Gear especially when you consider its price.

Things I Liked The Most

  • Is lightweight and durable thanks to its aluminum and plastic construction
  • It is bright and has three pin colors for low light shooting
  • The yardage tape is faces backward making it easy for you to see
  • The instructions that come with the sight are easy to follow
  • Great value for money

Things I Didn’t Like

The sliding pin track used to switch between colors could benefit from lateral movements


  • .019 and .010 Quick-Change pin
  • One-handed adjustment
  • Micro adjustment windage dial
  • Glow in the dark rings
  • Rear facing yardage tape
  • 60 pre-marked yardage tapes

My Final Thoughts On Apex Gear Covert 1-Pin Sight

The price of this sight combined with its features makes it the ideal sight for anyone interested in an entry level sight without compromising on quality. Also, thanks to its three pin colors it is perfect for anyone who is color blind. Bottom line, this is cheap single pin bow sight with quality in its price range.

HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site Review

The priciest single pin sight in this list so far and one of the best bow sight for deer hunting, the HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra is known as one of the best adjustable one pin bow sights.

A member of the Ultra Site series of single pin sights, this single pin sight has all the features you would expect from a HHA sight. Therefore, you can expect the same aluminum construction that characterizes all other HHA sights.

Being one of the top rated single pin bow sights, this pin sight comes with preprinted sight tapes and features a gear driven yardage wheel.

The preprinted tapes and extremely accurate and allow for accurate shooting. To dampen noise and vibrations that are common while in the field HHA fitted this model with a Mathews Harmonic Damper.

Things I Liked The Most

  • Comes with accurate Preprinted yardage tapes
  • Can withstand regular abuse in adverse weather conditions
  • Does not require any tools to operate

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The fiber optic could be better especially in low lighting


  • CNC Aluminum construction
  • Green sight ring
  • .010 pin
  • 1.3-ounce weight
  • 5 feet fiber optic
  • 1 5/8 inch housing

My Verdict On HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site

If you are wondering what is the best one pin bow sight to take on a hunting trip, the HHA DS-XL5010 Optimizer Lite Ultra Site is right up there with best single pin adjustable bow sight. This sight is designed for hunters and will serve you very well. A quick look at some single pin adjustable bow sight reviews reveals just how effective this pendulum sight is.

Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight Review

Truglo markets its Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-pin sight as the adjustable sight available. But is it the best or is Truglo making claims it cannot substantiate?

I got to try out this cheap one pin bow sight in one of my favorite bow ranges. I was impressed with the construction of the sight as well as the size of its pin. Unlike other sights, this sight has a .029 pin which is almost double the size of other similarly priced sights. The pin is green.

Also, courtesy of the adjustable bracket ring you can use this sight as an adjustable single pin sight. But that’s not all; this sight also comes with an illuminated shooter’s ring.

Thus, while it is marketed for tree stand shooting it is versatile enough to earn a spot on the list of the best single pin archery sights. Also, it can compensate for distances up to 35 yards.

Things I Liked The Most

  • Is Crafted from CNC machined aluminum making it a durable sight
  • Comes with an adjustable bracket ring making it one of the best single pin adjustable bow sight
  • Has big and visible green pin for easy spotting of prey
  • Is an ultra-light single pin sight
  • Comes with a glow in the dark ring for low light shooting

Things I Didn’t Like

  • The pendulum on this sight is designed for right-handed persons and might not be ideal for left handed people


  • .029 green pin
  • 1.8-inch inner diameter
  • CNC aluminum construction
  • Wrapped fiber optic
  • Glow in the dark ring
  • Adjustable bracket

When You Need The Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight

Is the Truglo Pendulum Adjustable Bracket 1-Pin Sight the best single pin bow sight for hunting? Well, it depends on your needs. If you shoot from tree stands, then this is the right sight for you.

Also, its price and pin size make it great for hunting as well as archery. In summary, this is a good single pin bow sight for tree stand shooting.

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