Best Time To Hunt Deer In Different States

There are many tactics to kill a deer but the most useful and effective technique is the TIME. But how to know the best time to hunt deer? This article is all about this topic. Read on!

The first mistake made by many young hunters is that they think deer hunting only means loading the rifle or cocking the hunting crossbow and killing the deer. This is the part when you find the deer, but how to find it?

Firstly one must keep in mind the best time of day to hunt when deer are more active. Most of the experienced hunters say that they have the greatest success in the evening or the time when Sun is setting or rising.

Taking different angles and variables into consideration, here’s how to know the best time to hunt deer.

Best time to hunt deer

When To Hunt Deer At Daytime:

Many professional hunters have proved that deer are at their peak activity levels during dawn and dusk. The ideal time of day to hunt deer is dusk & early morning time. The 90% chance to get your deer is to arrive before dawn. This will not only benefit you in finding your deer but will also allow plenty of daylight in tracking it.

It is also possible that you might spot a deer during the afternoon, but remember afternoon is not the time for deer; they are lazy at this time of the day. I would suggest you go hunting an hour or so before sunup. This step will give you enough time to set up your gear for the hunt. It is better to stay put when your hunt is near you.

How Moon Phase Influences Deer Movements and How To Consider Moon Phase For Finding Deer At Night Time:

Moon phases influence no doubt deer movements. According to researchers from North Carolina States University, most of the movements are noticed at twilight. In the study, it stated that the movements in the early morning during the new moon lasted longer than on other nights.

The perfect time to hunt whitetail deer is a full moon. It is because they can more easily see in the light of a full moon. Whitetail deer become conscious during the time of a full moon. A hunter has a better chance in the morning, the night after a full moon. It is because, during the full moon deer crave for more feeding, hence providing the increase in feeding activity the next day. You can also set deer feeders to increase the chance.

The new moon has the opposite effect totally. During the night the deer feed their stomachs, and they are less likely to be active during the next day. If you are now planning for deer hunting make sure that you take the moon cycle into account.

PLACES TO HUNT DEER: Best Deer Hunting Times & Season By State

List of States With Best time of day to hunt deer



Alabama9:11 AM9:33 PM
Michigan9:58 AM10:18 PM
NY6:53 AM7:17 PM
Missouri7:01 AM7:26 PM
Mississippi6:57 AM7:21 PM
Oklahoma7:30 AM7:55 PM
Ohio7:20 AM7:53 PM
Illinois6:53 AM7:18 PM
South Carolina10:00 AM10:22 PM

N.B: But what if the day is rainy and stormy after you reached the field- if that happened read this how to hunt deer in the rain πŸ™‚


In Georgia, over 3% of the space is open to public hunting, but first, you have to get a deer-hunting license in the state of Georgia. The best time to hunt deer in Georgia is from the month of October until the start of January. In Georgia, there is a limitation on how many deer one can take in a single season.

One person is allowed to take a total of 12 deer. But there include some restrictions. If you hunt 12 deer, then the ten deer must don’t have antlers, and a maximum of two deer can have antlers. For example, if you hunt 12 points bucks and 8 points bucks you have the slot of hunting 10 does which basically not grow antlers except (female reindeer).  If you are a first-time deer hunter, my advice is to go with an experienced Georgian friend, as deer hunting is a popular hobby among many Georgians.

South Carolina:

Due to a warmer climate and non-harsh winters, finding a deer can drive a hunter crazy. It is advisable to use the best insulated rubber hunting boots to protect your feet in the winter. You can find a herd of deer one day and nothing the next day. Still, you can catch up some if you follow the season. The best time to hunt whitetail deer in North Carolina is from 20th October to 2nd November. Yes, this is a very short time. If you are planning a hunt in South Carolina, you better be ready.

Best Time To Hunt Deer In Texas:

For a Texas deer hunter, October should be your month. The best time to hunt deer in Texas is the early season. The first and last weeks of the month are best. I must mention that 1st week is the prime time because at this time deer are moving on a predictable feed pattern, unaware of any hunters in the woods.

The Best Time For a Deer Hunt in Mississippi:

Again due to extremely warm weather, the sightings of the deer are close to the minimum. But in the second season in Mississippi, the nights are significantly cooler which makes them very active under darkness. The best time for a deer hunt in Mississippi is from the start of December until the start of February.

Best Time To Hunt Deer In Kansas:

Kansas is among the best whitetail destinations in the US. The best time to hunt deer in Kansas is the month of November.

Best Time To Hunt Deer in Illinois:

The best time to hunt deer in Illinois is during the month of November. The weather is typically ideal for whitetail hunting. During this season cooler temperatures in the morning can get the deer out for trolling.


Missouri is the great state on the radar on deer hunting. The best time for a deer hunt in Missouri is from late December through mid-February. This is the prime time for Missouri bucks to shed their antlers.

Best Time For a Deer Hunt in Indiana:

Among other states, Indiana offers a better chance in deer hunting. During summers in Indiana, the movement of deer will be very low. But as the temperature goes down from 20 to 30 degrees their activity will pick up. The best time for a deer hunt in Indiana is the month of October and November.

Best Time To Hunt Deer in Alabama

Alabama is one of the hunter-friendly destinations. The total estimated deer population in this state is 1.75 million, which is why hunters love this state. The best time to hunt deer in Alabama is from October 13th to January 31st.

Best Time For Hunting Deer in Michigan

Hunting is one of the biggest businesses in Michigan. The best time to hunt deer in Michigan is from 15th November to 30th November.

Best Time To Hunt Deer in Oklahoma

The best time to hunt deer in Oklahoma is from mid-December through early January. In this season the deer are forced to feed more regularly to keep their strength. They can be easily patterned through the snow.

Best Time To Hunt Deer in Ohio

As the days get shorter, the movement of deer gets more. The best time to hunt deer in Ohio is the last three days of October and the 1st week of November.

Best Time to Hunt Deer In Louisiana

Winters are the best time to hunt deer in Louisiana. Cold weather makes deer want to move around and feed, causing patterns in the snow.

Best Time To Hunt Deer in New York

The best time to hunt deer in New York depends on its zones. The best hunting time in the northern zone is from September to the mid of December, and in the southern zone, the time for hunting is from October to mid of December.

Time & Strategy For Hunting Whitetails In States Wise


Best time to hunt whitetail deer in Louisiana – Mid October

The year 2016-17 was pretty tough for the hunters as per the reports. Cold weather makes deer move around and feed more. The temperature has to be around ’70s-’80s, especially during the rut days i.e. the breeding day so that the season can be a bust. In 2011, deer visited the feeders 19 times from which 4 of them visited during broad daylight, and 2 were right on the edges of the daylight. So the best time to hunt whitetail deer in Louisiana is 7:00 AM in the morning and 7:24 PM in the evening.


Best time to hunt whitetail deer in Pennsylvania – Early December

Deer feed on for 5 times during a 24-hour period and during cold, they feed on more, so the best days to look when the ground is wet and the shed stands out. The best time to hunt whitetail deer in Pennsylvania is 9:48 AM in the morning and 10:08 PM in the evening.


Best time to hunt whitetail deer in Indiana – Early November

Hunting in Indiana offers a 0.84% chance as compared to the other states in the country. Hunter enjoys a 50% of success rate if makes a good strategy keeping in mind the weather patterns and the best time of the day. It starts in early November and moves till November(20-26) with different areas. In midwestern states, the best times to hunt are 7:48 AM in the morning and 8:06 PM in the evening.


Best time to hunt whitetail deer in North Carolina – Mid October

In North Carolina After the openers, the season gets kick start in mid-October and then varies with time and temperature. Early November is also said to be suitable for hunting. The best time to hunt whitetail deer in North Carolina is 9:48 AM in the morning and 10:10 PM in the evening.


Best time to hunt whitetail deer in Kansas-Oct-Nov

3-4 hours in the morning and the same in the evening will give you successful results. Monster bucks are there but how to get them. Only 0.8% of its total area, is open to public hunting. The best time to hunt whitetail deer in Kansas is 30 mins before the sunrise or in the afternoon)

Therefore the Best time to hunt whitetail deer is between Oct-Dec. So these were some strategies you can keep in mind before scouting in the field. Apart from this you can also carry the necessary equipment and can use the remote camera to scout using infrared technology which can trigger photos censoring the heat. So it will eventually save your time and energy as well. Some factors like moon phases also play an important role, and I would like to inform a few moon phases when a hunt can be possible with a good success rate. The best time to hunt deer moon phase is the Full Moon, and a few phases apart from that which also play an important role are the Waxing crescent, new moon, and waxing gibbous.


Statistics show that 79% or 10.3 million of the 13.0 million hunters in the U.S have hunted for deer. On average, hunters in the United States killed 6 million deer annually. Through every passing year, the number of deer in the U.S is getting low. Deer are almost extinct in some states.

How To Calculate Best Deer Hunting Time:

To get your deer, it is better to calculate your best deer hunting time. Through many experienced hunters, this formula was given to calculate your best time for hunting. The value key will come before the formula.

Moon Phase Add 5 points for full moon morning sits. Subtract 5 points for full moon evening sits.

Temperature Changed:

for every degree of temperature drop, 2 points calculate up to 20. (2-40 points)

Wind Speed (Post – front)

0 β€” 10 Mph = 5 points

11 β€” 15 Mph = 3 points

16 β€” 20 Mph = 1 point

Top Wind Speed (during front)

1 β€” 10 Mph = 1 point

11 β€” 15 Mph = 5 points

16 β€” 20 Mph = 7 points

20 + Mph = 10 points

Extreme Conditions (During Front)

2 points for extreme weather conditions

(0 β€” 8 point)

Calm Days (before Front)

2 days = 1 point

3 days = 3 points

4 days = 8 points

5 days = 10 points

(1 β€” 10 points)

Value For Each Day (After Front)

Day 1 = full value

Day 2 x 0.67

Day 3 x 0.33

Now you have to do sum up all points and divide by seven to create the expected value of time. Here’s what your resulted points mean.

1 β€” 5 = poor to average

6 β€” 8 = good to very good

9 β€” 10 = cannot miss

For example, on the month of October 26th, the temperature is 53 degrees high and 31 degrees low. By examining the gradual decrease in temperature. You can get temperature change 53-31= 22 Now multiply 2 X 22= 44. That is +40 points.

Full Moon: +5; temperature: +40;

wind speed post front is 10 mph: +5;

Top wind speed 20 mph: +10;

Extremes: +2;

Calm days before front: +8 (you have to examine the days before the hunt).

Now add up all the points that are 70 points. Day value: 70 X 1= 70, now divide by 7=10. Now 7 is a good opportunity to get your deer.

To make a successful strategy we have to keep in mind certain factors such as Dates, Time of the day, Rut days, and the moon’s phase. Apart from these factors climate also plays a vital role. Learn how Barometric Pressure And Deer Hunting affect.

If you are planning to go early season, then go for the afternoon time as the evening time is the afternoon for the deer and so they have their meal in the afternoon which can be considered the best time of day to hunt deer in the early season.


If you are going for a deer hunting this year, I recommend taking a look at the past years, and the deer hunting in the past seasons, and use them to your advantage.

Also, remember consistency and patience are the keys to getting success in your hunt.

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