Solutions Of The Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Problems? [A Comprehensive Guide] 

Hunters and people who love shooting can’t avoid the Wicked Ridge Invader 400 crossbow. Its exceptional performance places it among the top choices, especially for women seeking a reliable crossbow. But this ride has some bumps, just like any journey. But don’t worry! I have some quick solutions! Here, I will reveal the common wicked ridge invader 400 problems. I will also provide professional solutions to ensure your bow shooting remains top-notch. So, let’s dive in. 

Solutions Of The Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Problems

8 Wicked Ridge Invader 400 Problems and Solutions

I have used The Wicked Ridge Invader crossbow for a long time. I have recommended it to my friends as well to get it since its lightweight and easy to maneuver. During the hunting session, we faced a few problems, and with all the experience, I came up with some solutions to the wicked Ridge Invader 400 problems. Here is a list of the issues and some troubleshooting advice. 

1. String Breakage Problem

Problem: During a hunting session, the string can break only after a couple of shots. That will disrupt your entire session, and you won’t be able to get a good shot once the opportunity is missed. This incident can increase the chance of injuries as well. 

Bow string breakage is another problem of Wicked Ridge Invader 400

Solution: This problem involves carrying some extra string during the hunting session. But what worked for me was switching to Alpha Nocks from the Omni Nocks. Post-switching, I didn’t even have to get my string changed after 100 shots. 

2. Nock Issues

Problem: The problem with nocks, especially Omni Nocks, was a safety concern. Their actions resulted in string breakages, highlighting the need for better nock quality and potential recalls to ensure user safety.

Solution: The remedy here again is to use Alpha Nocks. That saves the string after many shots. 

3. Scope Problems

Problem: The internal condensation of the scope hampers target accuracy. Initially, You may think you are losing your targeting ability. But it turns out other people who got the Invader 400 faced the same issue. 

Sope related issues in Wicked Ridge Invader 400

Solution: All you need to do is to try upgrading the internal seals to keep condensation away. 

4. Front Dampener Quality Issue

Problem: The front dampener is pretty flimsy. You will experience some cracks or breakage while pulling off some strong shots. This will put you in a dilemma while shooting whether you should pull off a strong shot or not. 

Solution: You can’t do any DIY solution here. You must send the product back to TenPoint and address your issue. They will offer you a sturdy replacement. 

5. Bolt Durability Issue

Problem: The subpar bolt will disappoint you with its low durability. Many people faced the issue with the bolt that split in half while shooting. That can cause you hand injuries as well. Also, that leaves your crossbow completely useless. 

Solution: To fix the problem with bolts breaking easily, I recommend using stronger, more durable bolts from other companies that can handle multiple shots. This will improve your crossbow experience with enhanced accuracy, reliability, and satisfaction.

6. Weak string causing injuries

Problem: When the string breaks, it will slap back on your face. You can face fatal eye injuries as well. People face many issues like retina tearing, scarring, eyebrow stitches, and more. 

Solution: Use better nocks so that the string doesn’t break. Also, you can try a different shooting angle to save your eyes or wear protective goggles as a precaution. 

7. Cocking Device Issues

Problem: You will often hear a loud clicking noise of the cocking device. Few people also faced occasional device failure. Quality improvements are necessary to ensure a quieter and more reliable device.

Solution: Again, here, you must send the product back to the manufacturer for a quieter crossbow. 

8. Component Durability Issues

Problem: You will face problems, notably the bow handle and limbs. The handle can brake under strain, and the limbs have splinters. These concerns require improved materials and quality control to ensure longevity and safety.

Solution: Rigorous quality control checks are required to solve this issue. 

9. Vague Assembly Instructions

Problem: While assembling the product, you will have many problems understanding the handout they send with the crossbow. There is no clear direction. You will be clueless about which part goes where. 

Solution: Don’t follow the instruction manual; instead of that, follow a Youtube video. 

10. Nocking Confusion

Problem: Nocking confusion is frustrating. The crossbow had some confusing markings and instructions when it came to the nocks, which made it unclear which type was actually correct. It’s really important to have clear labels and guidance when you’re shooting something. It helps make the whole experience go smoothly.

Solution: You need to find the correct label for your Invader 400 to solve this problem. 


Why are crossbow strings prone to breaking?

Crossbow string breakage occurs for three reasons, mainly because of the material quality. The other two are on you if you are not maintaining it properly and not attaching it correctly. To avoid this problem, get high-end strings, maintain them, and use the proper nocking techniques.

What should I do if my scope gets foggy while hunting?

To avoid scope condensation, make sure the seals are not loose, and always use an anti-fog solution. Pay attention to storage; if it is moist and there can be a big temperature change, avoid the place.  

How to make the front dampener last longer?

The best way to make it last long is the material selection. Go for a sturdy material and recheck and replace when you feel it’s necessary. The dampener will show crack marks when it’s time to change it. Also, a good carrying strategy can make it last longer. 

How can I prevent confusion when nocking?

Look for the proper labels for your crossbow. There is nothing that you can do by yourself here; the manufacturers should upgrade their labeling method. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a crossbow expert or a beginner, mastering these techniques will ensure your crossbow performs at its best. I learned these over time while using the crossbow on different occasions. 

Invader 400 has always been one of the greatest crossbows for hunters. But over time, the wicked ridge invader 400 problems arose. That doesn’t make it a bad crossbow. It has its own perks. All you have to do is do some fixing to get the best result. 

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